Core 2 64-Bit Performance Evaluated

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For the past 10 days there have been a lot of discussions over the internet that the new Intel processors with Core microarchitecture cannot boast the same high performance in 64-bit modes. However, is it really true?

4-Way GeForce 7600GT Roundup: Asus, MSI, Leadtek and Gigabyte

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If you're looking for an affordable mainstream card, the GeForce 7600GT is probably your best choice. It's performance is comparable if not better than the GeForce 6800GT, particularly if you're running at derault settings without AA and AF. As we…

DFI confirms ATI RD600 for Conroe + photos of nForce 590 SLI IE

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Yesterday as most men and their dogs know, AMD and ATI announced their intentions to join forces and create a “Processing Powerhouse”. We won’t see any products from the new company utilizing both AMD and ATI technology until 2008 however…

Brateck LCD Monitor/Plasma TV Adjustable Swing Arm

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LCD monitors have quite a few advantages over their ageing CRT brethren. One of the most pronounced is their extremely shallow desk footprint. Today we take that space savings one step further with a low cost wall mount LCD swing…

AMD & ATI - Some Questions Answered

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Peanut butter & chocolate? Or oil & water? No matter what your thoughts are on AMD's acquisition of ATI, we have some information from AMD and ATI that will answer some of your questions about the merger

ATI's Intel chipset deal amounted to 80 percent of its chipset revenue

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WE FIND IT a bit of a giggle that ATI has the highest-performance and the most overclockable Intel Conroe chipset with its RD600 just around the corner. Naturally, since the AMD hook-up, ATI's Intel chipset dominance is set to vanish…

Power VR headed back to a desktop near you

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WE CHECKED Imagination Technologies' latest roadmap and to our surprise we learned that, after years of absence, the company is ready to reintroduce desktop and portable Power VR cores. Its previous offerings, the Kyro and Kyro 2…

Intel Launching 'Merom' Notebook Processor

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Merom, Intel's notebook processor, will be joining in the festivities at their upcoming launch event. This chip will continue to use the Core 2 Duo brand and should display additional improvements in performance and power consumption over the current chips.…

Intel Xeon 5160 'Woodcrest' CPU & Armari Magnetar X2

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Woodcrest is the core name for the new Core-powered Xeon, looking almost exactly like Conroe on paper and physically too, but sliding into the 771-pin LGA socket rather than the 775-pin version on more mainstream consumer boards. We take one…

GALAXY GeForce 7600 GS makes no noise thanks to Arctic Cooling

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GPU Cooler from ARCTIC COOLING on GALAXY’s GeForce 7600 GS DDR2 „PASSIVE“ Optimized Cooling Solution for NVIDIA’s GeForce 7600 Series Pfäffikon / Switzerland, 18.07.2006: Swiss cooler manufacturer ARCTIC COOLING develops passive cooling solution for… Go To Full Article

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