Accelerate Video Encoding with your Video Card's GPU

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We have largely become a desensitized society. We have a phenomenal amount of advertisements and product hype blasted into our ears and our eyes on a daily basis, promising that Product X is the latest and greatest thing.ever! The computer… Go To Full Article

30 Days with Windows Vista

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Comparisons, conjecture, and controversy. Microsoft's new operating system is here, but is it ready for primetime? We spend 30 days with Windows Vista to see if it's worth the leap or if Microsoft should go back to the drawing board. Go To Full Article

New Apple MAC Pro comes with 8 Cores

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Meet the latest addition to the Mac Pro family: The world’s first 3.0GHz, 8-core Intel Xeon-based Mac Pro. Consider the bar officially raised. Go To Full Article

Laser TV to Take On Plasma and LCD

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Plasma and LCD represent the two main technologies of choice for today’s high definition televisions, but by this time next year, a third technology, called laser TV will emerge in hopes of bringing the best picture quality yet. Go To Full Article

Dell 2707WFP: Looking for the Middle Ground of Large LCDs

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On the surface, then, we basically have the Dell 2407WFP with a slightly larger panel and a new backlight that improves the color gamut. Alternately, we have the 3007WFPHC with more inputs, a smaller panel, and a lower native resolution.… Go To Full Article

Remedy Interview - Alan Wake

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Following on from the first part of our chat with Remedy, YouGamers continues talking to the team leaders. This time we focus on their current project - the eagerly awaited and already critically acclaimed Alan Wake. This game looks to… Go To Full Article

OCZ Unveils PC2-9200 Reaper HPC Series with Passive Heatpipe Cooling System

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OCZ Technology Unveils PC2-9200 Reaper HPC Series, the World’s Fastest Memory with Passive Heatpipe Cooling System Sunnyvale, CA—April 3, 2007—OCZ Technology… Go To Full Article

Hiper Case Fan Roundup

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In the days when motherboard makers make cases and memory makers produce power supplies, why not have a power supply manufacturer start a case fan line? Enter Hiper, a recently well known maker of unique, performance oriented… Go To Full Article

WEP security totally broken

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SECURITY EXPERTS say that the WEP protocol for security LANs is totally broken and should be dumped on sensitive networks. Boffins at Darmstadt Polytechnic said that WEP uses the RC4 stream to encrypt data which is transmitted… Go To Full Article

Intel Quad Core gets speed bump next week with QX6800

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WORD HAS REACHED our tender ears that the Intel's quad-core QX6800 will be floating around sooner than you think unless you think it will be here before next Monday. When it arrives, it will not be without flaws however.… Go To Full Article

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