ATI Radeon X1800XL showing up in greater numbers online

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ATI's Radeon X1800XL video cards are starting to show up in greater numbers at online retailers. Anandtech's Realtime Pricing Engine has picked up on the card starting as low as $374 shipped from NewEgg. ATI first announced these cards a… Go To Full Article

Newegg announces immediate availability of 6800GS

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In keeping with their recent tradition of having video cards featuring their latest GPUs in stock on the day of announcement, Newegg reports that video cards featuring NVIDIA's 6800 GS GPU are available as we speak. It truly is refreshing… Go To Full Article

G71 is the Playstation 3 RSX chip

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NVIDIA CALLS its 90 nanometre graphic core of Playstation 3, RSX. This graphic chip is set to work at 550MHz and Nvidia can guarantee that a million chips will work at this speed as it's not that challenging at this… Go To Full Article

3DMark's world record shattered... again

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IF YOU FEEL that your spanking new AMD powered gaming rig is the best one in the world, think again. Swedish hard-core overclockers, daily residents of site kindly named "Hardware Asylum" broke a 3Dmark world record.… Go To Full Article

Geforce 7800GTX 512 MB to cost $649

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NVIDIA'S flagship Geforce 7800 GTX card with 512 MB is expected next Monday the 14th of November,and we have some pricing details about how many greenbacks this card will cost. Nvidia has priced this card at… Go To Full Article

Build Your Own Linux-Based Satellite

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For $10 million, SpaceDev is offering a Linux-based microsatellite that can be controlled over the internet using any laptop or desktop computer. The Modular Microsat Bus utilizes such things as plug and play USB, Ethernet, and other standards, while providing… Go To Full Article

Unsecured Wi-Fi to Become Illegal?

@ 2005/11/07 read/post comments(2) is carrying a story for a draft proposal for law in Westchester County in New York state that would outlaw unsecured wi-fi connections. Public internet access would require a network gateway server with a firewall and also require home/business… Go To Full Article

Dell Sells Processors by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

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Dell, the world’s largest supplier of personal computers who exclusively uses processors by Intel Corp., officially sells chips made by Advanced Micro Devices via its web-site as “desktop accessories”. Dell traditionally “evaluates” processors by AMD, according to… Go To Full Article

No Liquid Metal Coolers to Hit the Market

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A designer of advanced cooling technologies – nanoCoolers – recently said that it would not commercially produce its liquid-metal cooling solutions introduced earlier in 2006. Instead, the firm will concentrate on the so-called thin-film thermoelectric solutions. A product introduced this… Go To Full Article

mCubed T-Balancer miniNG

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exhaust price increases took and are not an important place within the silent range always also today not to exclude with the mini g present the company mCubed a control, which sets more contrary to many other available models on… Go To Full Article

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