Hiper Type-R 480W PSU

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Hiper’s midrange offering in their high performance Type-R series is in the form of the M Label 480W (HPU-4M480). We have tested it thus far to be very a respectable power supply and stands strong among the big names. Couple… Go To Full Article

Would you like an X1800XT?

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Well would you? Thats the question ATI are asking today to the readers of Driverheaven. But this is a competition with a twist as they want something back in return. Confused? Dont be, follow this thread into our forums for… Go To Full Article

AMD Socket-M2 CPUs and Intel 945 motherboards to up DDR2 demand in 1Q

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DDR2 memory has been strictly an Intel affair for the past year which has limited its widespread penetration into the marketplace. With the introduction of AMD's Socket-M2 processors in the first quarter of 2006, however, demand for DDR memory should… Go To Full Article

Put Blu-ray in your PC next month

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If you're itching to cast an early vote on which next-generation optical disc format will ultimately triumph, you'll have your chance next month. AOpen, a Taiwanese PC and peripheral maker, plans to begin shipping Blu-ray drives for PCs in November.… Go To Full Article

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 DoS Exploit

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Whitedust Security are reporting on a new exploit for Firefox which apparently affects all versions of the browser from 1.0.7 down. From the article: "If this exploit has made it out into, or indeed been retrieved from the wild is… Go To Full Article

Intel slashes Laptop PC power-up times

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Intel unveiled a new technology on Monday that significantly reduces the time it takes for a notebook PC to power up or access programs, while improving battery life to boot. Intel's new Robson cache technology ensured… Go To Full Article

ATI cancelled RV530 orders in summer

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IT'S NOT every day we hear an executive say that he and the company he leads chickened out. Yet ATI told the press that the key reason why it won't have its RV530, Radeon X1600 generation of cards till December… Go To Full Article

Maxtor ups OneTouch external harddrive to 1 TByte capacity

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Maxtor today unveiled its new OneTouch III "Turbo Edition" external drives at the Digital Life Expo in New York. The device comes with with RAID 0/1 and file synchronization capability and extends the consumer OneTouch line of drives into high-end… Go To Full Article

Shuttle XPC M1000 - HTPC Done Right?

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Microsoft, Intel, AMD, and just about every other major player in the home computer market have at one point or another talked about convergence. The goal is to have the "computer in the living room" rather than in a back… Go To Full Article

AMD Outlines Future Technology Directions

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AMD's new CTO, Phil Hester, led a brief session about AMD's future technology directions, where he sketched some of the company's microprocessor plans. Afterwards, we had the chance to ask him a few questions, as well. … Go To Full Article

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