Liberty ELT500AWT Modular Power Supply

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Enermax has put forward a Modular Power Supply from their Liberty Series for review and I would like to thank them for supplying this product sample. Their line of Power Supplies, Liberty, is fully modular allowing the customer/user to maintain…

ECS KA3-MVP AM2 Motherboard

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The KA3 MVP is a solid and stable motherboard that will do the job in any system, and do it well. Whether you are gaming or just wanting to get into the new AMD AM2 processors, the KA3 MVP won't…

A-Data 2GB PC2-8000 Vitesta Extreme Edition

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If you are thinking of jumping onto the PC2-8000 bandwagon, there is surprisingly much more choice now than there was just two months ago. Like other PC2-8000 kits we have tested, A-Datas is seriously fast, but is it worth your…

Symantec finds flaws with Vista

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Vista is being given an improved networking stack, including support for IPv6. However, Symantec has found a number of security flaws as well as features that Symantec believes could put users at risk of attack. In particular, the company highlights…


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Out of the packaging, the ICECONE CPU Cooler takes a page out of the famous Zalman flower design but builds upon the design characteristics by adding several distinct changes. The ICECONE uses a series of copper fins around the diameter…

Intel Core 2: The effect of memory timings

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It seems that memory timings do make a little bit of difference, but not as much as we were expecting, in all honesty. We think that a lot of this is down to the fact that Intel's Israeli design team…

Mushkin announces new HP-550 Watt PSU

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Denver, CO, July 18, 2006- Mushkin Enhanced, a leading manufacturer in high-performance computer components, is proud to announce the addition of the HP-550 Power Supply to its power supply product lineup. "With the successful May launch of our XP-650 PSU… Go To Full Article

Intel: Rockin´ to the Core

@ 2006/07/18 read/post comments(2)
It looks as though Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) just couldn't contain its enthusiasm any longer. The company has lifted the nondisclosure restrictions on advance samples of its upcoming Core 2 (Solo and Duo) line of chips, so the lucky few computer…

Dell 2407WFP vs. the Samsung 244T

@ 2006/07/18 read/post comments(1) has compared two 24" Full HD monitors equipped with fast 6ms panels, the Dell 2407WFP and the Samsung 244T. The first one is the successor of the 2405FPW and the second one, the Samsung, has in fact the same…

Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP 30” LCD Monitor

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We recently bought 2x 30 inch monitors for our gaming setup. The choice for the Dell 3007WFP came down primarily to availability here in Australia but we also looked seriously at Apple's 30in Cinema HD display. In this first look…

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