Gates: End to passwords in sight

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For years, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has had his sights set on the password as the weak link in the computer security chain. Now, with Windows Vista, Gates feels he finally has the right weapons to…

Hiper TypeR 580W Power Supply

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Although you may not have heard of Hiper, over the past few years they have produced some of the finest power supplies available to the mainstream user and enthusiast alike. However, their new TypeR range of PSUs is scheduled to…

EA to Create Battlefield 2 Carpool Lanes

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Redwood City , CA – In the upcoming Battlefield 2 patch 1.2 EA Games plans to create special road areas only accessible to car-pooling vehicles. The new change will reduce congestion and make it easier for… Go To Full Article

Xplorer Beta 1 allows access the XBOX 360 Hard Drive

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Here it is! The highly anticipated release of Xplorer360. This is beta software and needs testing. What better way then let you guys find the bugs! Too many features to list but here are a few: Go To Full Article

Intel: A Core New Low? AMD vs Intel article

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While it is difficult to tell when Intel lost the initiative internally, it is not difficult to tell where it began losing it relative to the competition. That occurred in 1998, with AMD’s launch of the K6-2. Until the K6-2,…

Sapphire on HDCP and HDMI

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Following our previous report discussing Firing Squads HDCP article we’ve been contacted by Sapphire who presently have some experience with this issue. Sapphire are currently in the process of ramping their mass production of a line of low profile X1600…

Intel to Ship 60 Million Dual-Core Processors in 2006.

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At the demonstration of the world’s first x86 quad-core microprocessor Intel’s chief executive officer unveiled ambitious plans to ship as much as 60 million of dual-core processors this year, which is expected to significantly popularize the multi-core technology in general…

Samsung Produces 3.20GHz GDDR4 Samples

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Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest maker of memory, announced that it had developed GDDR4 memory chips that can operate at speed of 3.20GHz, nearly two times higher compared to memory frequency on today’s graphics cards.

Spiderman gets engraved on Aspire case

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After some 40 hours of work, here is the final result. Some might say that it doesn't take much to impress a nine-year old but I aimed high and the end result exceeded even my expectations. Needless to say, my…

Pushing the Frame Rate Envelope

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Depending on how much bandwidth will be available, more quads (in terms of ROPs) can be used. But we think in this case, NVIDIA should address AA performance instead of using more G70-like quad. Even at it's best, the GeForce…

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