AMD to 'cut' Socket 754 Sempron prices

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AMD is planning to charge up to 15 per cent less for certain Sempron processors from early next month. So claim those ever chatty sources from Taiwan's motherboard manufacturer community, as cited by DigiTimes. … Go To Full Article

"Xbox 360" name confirmed for the next generation xbox

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British sources have confirmed that the next generation Xbox is indeed called Xbox 360, that the logo is a simple, round nexus, and that the console itself has a concave design - and a platinum white finish. Go To Full Article

Gamer processor share shows AMD, Intel equal

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VALVE Software has updated its Steam Survey, and the results make for interesting reading for followers of the hardware market. The survey itself measures the different types of hardware that gamers play Counter-Strike with. Currently, there are 850,000-ish… Go To Full Article

VideoLAN might disappear due to patent legislation

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VideoLAN is seriously threatened by software patents due to the numerous patented techniques it implements and uses. Also threatened are the many libraries and projects which VLC is built upon, like FFmpeg, and the other fellow Free And Open Source… Go To Full Article

Half-Life 2: New Deathmatch maps

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Three Half-Life 2: Deathmatch maps are now available via Steam. These maps were created by the three players who won our recent HL2M mapping contest. If you have HL2 Go To Full Article

Intel takes Centrino to North Pole

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CHIP FIRM INTEL said it has installed a wi-fi hot spot at the Barneo Polar camp, which is about 80 clicks from the North Pole. The Pentium M chip runs pretty cool compared to Pentium 4s, although up there… Go To Full Article

MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI

@ 2005/04/14 read/post comments(1) MSI has a been a long time support of the Athlon line of CPUs with motherboards from back in the Slot A days. As one of the tier 1…

ULi Unveils World's 1st TGi Chipset

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Taipei, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE) - April 13, 2005-- ULi Electronics Inc. (ULi) unveils M1695 north bridge- the latest low power and high performance HyperTransportTM PCI ExpressTM tunnel chipset for all the AthlonTM 64 based processors including Socket 754, 940 and 939…

ASUS VENTO 3600 PC Case Review

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Please meet one more exclusively looking system case from ASUS. Remarkable design, bright color, very easy and convenient assembly and sufficient cooling even for a high-end gaming system, this is what you get from this baby. Read more in our… Go To Full Article

3 Million Xbox 2 Consoles This Year

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Market and equity research firm Goldman Sachs believes Microsoft Corp. will ship three million of Xbox 2 consoles already this year, which will put the company into a much more favourable position in the U.S. market compared to Sony, who… Go To Full Article

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