Silverstone ST56ZF PSU

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The first unit buzzed like a nest of angry bees, but a quick look on the web and a replacement sample from Silverstone proved that this was an isolated incident. So if you're not into a lot of glam, not…

Build Your Own HTPC

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While AMD’s stock heatsink/fan unit that they ship with their retail processors nowadays is quite robust, sporting heatpipes and a copper base, it still isn’t what we’d classify as a powerful cooling solution. It gets the job done all right,…

AMD Announces More K8L Details

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A major push for AMD’s K8L design is in “modular” component design – meaning everything from L3 cache to memory controllers are developed as individual components and linked together with reusable, robust designs. To some extent, processor design is already…

OCZ PC4000 Gold GX XTC 2GB

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Overall, the OCZ PC4000 Gold GX XTC 2GB Dual Channel kit is a pretty impressive memory kit. The modules come with one of the most unique memory heatspreaders in the planet, which did a great job in keeping the modules…

Matrix Orbital MX620

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The Matrix Orbital MX620 is a wonderful mod to add to your system. You no longer need to have your desktop cluttered with programs telling you that you have mail, what the weather will be like tomorrow and all your…

UK firm to unveil wall-socket PC

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Containing all the electronics needed to run as a low- to medium-power PC, the Jack PC, as its name suggests, will fit into a standard size wall socket. The entire PC sits on two layered circuitboards. It contains an AMD…

AMD 65nm CPU in action

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Our man Chris Morley sent along these shots of AMD’s new 65nm parts in action. The pictures below show off both mobile and desktop parts as well as that funky cool wafer shot.

A-Data To Announce DDR3 Module

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A-Data will be announcing DDR3 modules at Computex 2006 on June 6, 2006. This comes only two weeks after AMD launched its DDR2 supporting socket AM2 processors. DDR3 is slated to be the DDR2 successor and promises greater bandwidth and…

Epox Unveils 945P Based Conroe Motherboard

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Epox has unveiled a new motherboard that supports upcoming Intel Conroe Core 2 processors. The Epox 5P945-GLI is based on the last generation Intel 945P chipset and ICH7. This is unusual as Intel only sanctions Broadwater 96x and 975X chipsets…

No CrossFire on Intel Broadwater 96x Chipsets

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It is unknown if ATI has any intention of supporting CrossFire with the 96x family of chipsets in the future. The outlook is quite bleak since ATI has its own enthusiasts Intel CrossFire platform. With the upcoming RD600 it looks…

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