Netbooks comparator

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These diminutive sub-notebooks have become the unexpected sales hit of the laptop market. Asus kicked off the trend with its original Eee PC, and following the popularity of that device other manufacturers have been scrambling to make their entry into… Go To Full Article

Three $300 X58 motherboards compared

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Hey guys, Anand here. I'm writing this sub-section, not at Gary's request, but because I felt it was necessary. Over the past year I've watched the number of motherboards Gary gets to review go down, and the amount of time… Go To Full Article

AMD Reduces Pricing of ATI Radeon HD 4870 to $199

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ATI, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, on Friday said it had slashed price of the ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics card and said that at least one online store will have them available for end-users at $199 price-point… Go To Full Article

CPU-Z v1.49 Version Released Featuring Support for Phenom II

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After adding support for Intel Core i7 processor in October, this latest version mainly adds support for Phenom II and new Intel Core 2. V1.49 has also improved loading time and added new online validation process. Main updates… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Provides Optimized Driver for Grand Theft Auto IV

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NVIDIA now releases an optimized driver for Grand Theft Auto IV, the 180.84 beta - XP: - XP 64: - Vista: Go To Full Article

GTA 4 Performance Compared on 13 CPUs

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PCGH tested the performance of CPUs in the PC version of GTA 4. Regardless of several severe problems we gathered results for 13 processors. Go To Full Article

Thermalright True Copper Ultra-120 Extreme CPU Heatsink

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AcousticPC has sent me over the Thermalright True Copper Ultra-120 Extreme CPU Heatsink - Limited Edition, or TRUE Copper for review. This thing is huge, coming in at 1900Grams or about 4lbs, it's enough to bust some motherboards, but if… Go To Full Article

Lian Li 750W Maxima Force Series Power Supply

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While I have been familiar with and impressed by cases from Lian Li for years, I did not know exactly what to expect from one of their power supplies. I assumed that the same high standards and attention to detail… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Spedo chassis

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On paper the Thermaltake Spedo should be one of the best cases we’ve looked at this year, combining a whole range of desirable features like an excellent cable routing system, easy access drive bays in a highly configurable setup and… Go To Full Article

Foxconn X58 BloodRAGe Overclocks DDR3 Like No Other

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Foxconn X58 BloodRAGE sets the world fastest Intel Core i7 DDR3 OC record Blood RAGE, the latest member of Foxconn’s Quantum Force family… Go To Full Article

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