The Facts About MySpace

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The latest hangout for tweens and teens isn’t the mall in downtown or any particular club, but rather the chaotic world of cyberspace, at a website called As the hottest social networking site on the web, MySpace has accumulated…

ForceWare 84 Series Roundup

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The software always had a great influence over our hardware. We always like to see the manufactures keep updating their software and to solve bugs and to introduce new features. But it’s not the case with NVIDIA, in every week… Go To Full Article

EVGA 7600GS 256MB Video Card

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The EVGA 7600GS 256MB Video Card comes in two different flavors: Active cooling, and Passive cooling. This review is for the Passive cooling model. The card is fantastic for silent computer setups or in a Home Theater PC for watching…

netKar PRO v1.0 Demo

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A natural evolution of the freeware project netKar, netKar PRO is a PC based racing car simulator with realistic physics, aimed both to professionals in the racing business and to racing enthusiast all around the world. It's aimed to offer… Go To Full Article

ECS C19-A SLI nForce4 SLI Intel Edition Motherboard

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ECS C19-A SLI motherboard is one of these affordable nForce4 SLI XE-packing motherboards, and it's paired with the nVidia MCP51 Southbridge. In terms of expansion, the motherboard boasts two PCI Express x16 slots for single or dual videocard configurations, two…

Game executive plays real-life Grand Theft Auto

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Computer industry moguls and car crashes are no strangers to each other. In 1983, Dennis Barnhart, co-founder of the PC clone company Eagle Computers, killed himself the day his company went public when he crashed his Ferrari into the Lexington…

Your Own PhysX Demo

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Following our Ageia PhysX Editorial last week, a somewhat lengthy thread covering the editorial took off in the HardForum. Following the feedback, we finally had a reader that was able to purchase his own BFGTech PhysX card. Soon after that,…

NV Talks About 7900GTX OC Lockups

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PCPerspective has word back from NVIDIA regarding the problems people have been having with overclocked 7900GTX cards locking up. While most of us know that overclocking can lead to an assortment of performance / stability issues, the average user who…

Spray paint your chips

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Fabrication of semiconductor products is a very expensive business. With photolithographic techniques due to reach 45 nm in the next iteration, the cost of chip fabs is going up, not down. The costs center around three main areas: optics, vacuum,…

AMD Athlon FX-60 vs. X2 3800+ - Game Performance Compared

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Today we are going to compare the FX-60 and X2 3800+ against each other. We know now that the FX-60 is going to be the faster processor but what we want to have a look at how much extra performance…

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