Logitech Harmony 525 Universal Remote

@ 2005/11/14 read/post comments(0) As well as being able to switch between devices the 525 has a button at the top called, ‘Activities’. From here you can access specific pre-defined tasks, so that you it can do…

Sony DRU-810A Optical Storage Drive

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'The Sony DRU-810A is the company's follow-up to their first Dual Layer DVD writer, the DRU-800A. As you can imagine, not a whole lot has changed between the two models. You get updated software, faster read/write times and hopefully better… Go To Full Article

ATI to release X1800 and X1800XT for AGP?

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Today we published two news with interesting informations. First is that the VF700 is compatible with X1800. We don't know if the X1600 are too but wil check. We will publish later some temperature mesurements. We also… Go To Full Article

ToCA Race Driver 3 Demo

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- ToCA Race Driver 3 Demo Go To Full Article

PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 510 Express/SLI Power Supply

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"The PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 510 Express/ SLI is a no-nonsense black 510Watt (650Watt peak) power supply. The woven sleeved cables eminating from this PSU include no less than (6) SATA HDD connectors and (2) six pin 12V connectors… Go To Full Article

Cooljag SFO-H (68YC) Skived Athlon64 Heatsink

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"The Cooljag SFO-H (68YC) stands out because of its one piece skived copper construction with four milled exhaust ports in the base. The heatsink is intended for use with socket 754/939/940 AMD Athlon64 and Opteron K8 processors, and comes with… Go To Full Article

PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 510 SLI PSU

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Link: Content: "All in all, the Turbo-Cool 510 Express / SLI power supply is a well built power supply. Although it was actually rated at 510W, it easily takes down other 600W power… Go To Full Article

'Dungeons & Dragons' goes virtual

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For the time being, though, Turbine and Wizards of the Coast are gambling that players will flock to D&D Online instead of other online fantasy games because of the lure of the D&D name and because it is largely about… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte to volume ship quad PCIe x16 SLI

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Gigabyte Technology recently introduced the GA-8N-SLI Quad Royal, claimed as the world’s first SLI-enabled motherboard equipped with four PCI Express (PCIe) x16 slots, with volume shipments to kick off from the end of this month, according to the company.… Go To Full Article

Intel to debut Broadwater 965 chipsets in 2Q 2006

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Intel plans to introduce its 965-series chipset, codenamed Broadwater, in the second quarter of 2006, according to unspecified sources that reviewed the chip giant’s latest roadmap. In terms of applications, Intel’s 965 chipset series, which support DDR2… Go To Full Article

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