IC designers may delay USB 3.0 chip launch

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Taiwan-based IC design houses ASMedia Technology, a subsidiary of Asustek Computer; VIA Labs, a subsidiary of VIA Technologies; and Etron Technology as well as the US-based Fresco Logic originally planned to offer USB 3.0 chips for use in motherboards by… Go To Full Article

Intel server share falling

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Chip-giant Intel's lead in the server market is being squashed by AMD. Latest figures from beancounters Trefis show that while Intel has maintained its leadership position in the server processor market, it has lost significant market share points to rival… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Hohm and a whole-house power monitor

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But beneath the tone, Hohm is a serious and interesting service. On its own, it looks a lot like other sites offering energy efficiency tips, but its real power comes from its ability to tap into your actual home energy… Go To Full Article

Samsung Epic 4G Review: The Fastest Android Phone

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The latest in the list of attempts at perfection is Samsung with its Galaxy S. And I must say, Samsung’s take on Android is quite possibly the most unique I’ve seen. Unique compared to other Android vendors that is.… Go To Full Article

3D Blu-ray & HDTV adoption grows slowly, but the future is bright

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The home entertainment industry has undergone constant evolution and major change over the years as technology and consumer demands also change. The recent introduction of Blu-ray high-definition helped spark further innovation in the industry that now features streaming entertainment, set-top… Go To Full Article

GeForce GTS 450 listed in Europe @ €150

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The incoming card is powered by the 40nm GF106 chip and has 192 CUDA Cores, 4 Polymorph Engines, a 783 MHz GPU clock, a shader clock of 1566 MHz, a 128-bit memory interface, 1GB of GDDR5 memory @ 3608 MHz,… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD 6300 card pictured too

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Boasting a black PCB, the spied card has a low profile, a passive cooler, a 64-bit memory interface and 1GB of VRAM (DDR3), DVI and (maybe) HDMI outputs. No word on clocks or stream processor number but it 's probably… Go To Full Article

Evolving The AMD Brand Portofolio

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The voice on the other end of the call said, very clearly “You’re doing what?” “We are replacing the “ATI” brand with “AMD” across our market share leading Radeon graphics family, starting in the fourth quarter of… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD 6000 Card Pictured

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Here is the first picture of a working prototype of the AMD Radeon HD 6000 series "Cayman" graphics card. This particular card is reportedly the "XT" variant, or what will go on to be the HD 6x70, which is the… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Worried About Geforce GTS 450 Leaks, Releases GT 420 Without Fanfare

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GeForce GT 420 is a low-profile card, which is based on GF108 cores,build with 40nm manufacturing process. It features 48 CUDA cores, 2 GB GDDR3 memory,128-bit memory interface,core/shader/memory clock/ are 700/1400/1800MHz respectively. It supports DirectX 11 as well as OpenGL… Go To Full Article

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