The screen you'll be using tomorrow

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The first Toshiba (co-developed with Canon) SED HDTVs will be hitting the market Real Soon Now for you've-got-to-be-kidding prices. But only ten years ago a VGA (640 by 480, sixteen colour) active matrix LCD monitor could set you back $AU5000,… Go To Full Article

ABIT AG8 Motherboard

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So how well does the ABIT AG8 rate?! Well, I have to say it is probably one of the better ones on the market. Can it get better? YES! But, you say, Turbo, where can this near heavenly motherboard possibly… Go To Full Article

Vantec Stealth 520W Power Supply

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The Vantec VAN-520A Stealth power supply has a few nice features that should guarantee it a very successful lifespan in the stores. The ability of the powersupply to manage all three fan speeds is pretty good, as this can be… Go To Full Article

Creative Zen Micro 5Gb MP3 Player

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Today i'm trying out the Zen Micro Mp3 player from Creative. As stated in the specs it can hold up to 5Gb of mp3/data and can be used as an organizer and fitted with wel put together software makes it… Go To Full Article

Rock Xtreme TI laptop

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Desktop Replacement laptops are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that the components contained within them are now more than a match for many high end PCs. The laptop we have in for review today is the… Go To Full Article

XGI Volari V3XT

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The Club3D Volari V3XT has been something of a disappointment for us... In both WMV HD and DVD play back, we experienced large amounts of lag, which rendered the films un-watchable. The gaming performance was poor to non-existent in the… Go To Full Article

Coolermaster cool drive Lite

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Everyone knows that the components can’develop PC s very much heat. Most think with this topic however only of its CCU or diagram map and donate only to these components the necessary cooling. In addition, non removable disks can develop… Go To Full Article

Mod: Alien Queen Water Resevoir

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A student contacted me a few months ago, asking for help on a mod she was building as part of a senior thesis--sorta. So being the nice guy I am I thought to help as her mentor in the program.… Go To Full Article

Adobe Swallows Macromedia

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This merger closes the final pages of the third chapter of the history of professional graphics tools on the desktop, were such a book to be written. Chapter 1 would document the emergence of the Macintosh, and associated small independent… Go To Full Article

ATI Chips Comparison Table

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With more and more graphics chips being released every day it became very complicated for the user who does not follow the video card market to know the differences among all ATI graphic chips in the ... … Go To Full Article

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