Dell trails IBM, HP in server satisfaction

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Consumers apparently aren't the only ones bent out of shape about customer service at Dell. A survey of U.S. server buyers found that Dell dropped from first place to third place in terms of satisfaction in… Go To Full Article

Linux PCs: Customer service or lip service?

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Thinking about buying a new Linux-based home PC? Happy hunting. While for years mainstream computer makers such as IBM, HP and Dell have been professing their love for alternatives to Microsoft Windows, the overwhelming majority of… Go To Full Article

Corsair DDR PC-3500LL Pro 2GB

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This memory has lots of performance, reliability, stability, and bling-bling with 18 LED's in each module. While the memory timing of 2-3-2-6 is blistering fast, this memory can be pushed beyond it’s default speed. It comes in a 2GB kit… Go To Full Article

SinTek 500 SLI 500W

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The power supply is the most important piece of hardware in your system. A newcomer by the name of SinTek steps into the competition with their modular power supply. Do external adjustable potentiometers sound good? Review… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Golden Orb II

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A few years ago, Thermaltake introduced a heatsink known as the Golden Orb. Aside from it's unqiue round design, it was also extremely affordable. It was quite a success and much to an overclocker's delight. Today we… Go To Full Article

Free Stuffs

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Cooler Master has teamed up with InsaneTek to bring another great contest with free goodies. Hurry up on check it out before it's too late." Contest URL: HEY,… Go To Full Article

McAfee Wireless Home Network Security

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So what if you can’t tell WEP from WAP, or WPA from AP? You no longer have to – or so claims McAfee, speaking about their new Wireless Home Network Security software. McAfee has been kind enough to… Go To Full Article

Apple Pentium M clone ditches Windows

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The price stands at quite affordable $399. For that money, you will get a Linspire powered version (offered by default), while consumers wishing to stay in Billy's dreamland need to shell out $499. Of course, the bundled version is Windows… Go To Full Article

How not to cut a 80mm fan hole

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Dynatron A22 V-Shaped Skived Athlon64 Heatsink

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Skiving is a relatively new metal working technique, and it is very similar to the act of hand planning a block of wood except that 'shavings' are shorter and remain attached. The benefit of a skived heatsink has always been… Go To Full Article

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