ASUS M2R32-MVP vs ECS KA3 MVP Extreme: CrossFire Xpress 3200 Shootout

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Looking at the two boards for overall value, the first place to start is price. Using various price search engines, we found the ASUS M2R32-MVP being offered for anywhere from $144 - 159. The ECS KA3 MVP Extreme weighs in…

Buffalo FireStix PC2-9200 1GB DDR2 Memory Kit

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If you're looking to squeeze every ounce of bandwidth out of your high performance gaming machine, you can't go wrong with the fastest memory currently on the market... this Buffalo FireStix PC2-9200 running at a scorching 1150MHz!

Antec Nine Hundred Advanced Gaming Case

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The one thing no-one who owns this case can complain about is the ability to cool a hard working set of components. There isn't a noisy and in-efficient 80mm fan in sight, my arch nemesis, and that monster

NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT HDCP Compliant Preview

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Everyone must surely remember the introduction of the GeForce 7900 GS a month and a half ago by NVIDIA. At the same time NVIDIA also announced another card that would replace the GeForce 7900 GT. The GeForce 7950 GT bring…

HIS X1300 XT IceQ Turbo

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The X1300 XT is a new budget card, basically a revision of an older X1600 series video card. For this reason and because we took a look at the X1650 Pro, which is also quite similar, just a few days…

Asus P5W64 WS PRO Motherboard

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The P5W64 WS Pro comes with a list of features that is currently not available in other Core 2 Duo motherboards such as dual Gigabit LAN, quad PCI-E slots, heatpipe cooling, eight SATA and support for 8GB memory. If you…

Cooler Master Case Give-A-Way

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Thats right TechwareLabs hasn't stopped after the last contest and we are bringing you two cases this time. The Centurion 540 and B540 cases. mATX and BTX form cases. Two lucky winners will br drawn from all entries in this…

Futuremark Tour and Interview

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I'm sure that I don't need to write any long, rambling introduction to fill you in on the world of Futuremark - Amongst the enthusiast (and indeed wider) community their name is ubiquitous, and synonymous with the world of PC…

Geforce 8800GTS spotted in the wild - benchmarks ahoy

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MUHAHAHAHA Got it. A few phone calls, and found what I was looking for £376, but that's what happens on RipOff UK Any way, a few benchies 3DM01, all default, 1024x768…

Cooler Master introduces nVIDIA G80 SLI certified 850W Power Supply

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Cooler Master is about to release a new power supply: the Real Power Pro 850. This PSU is the first in the world to have 6 separated +12v lines. The Real Power Pro 850W will be released in Europe as…

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