So long Noiseblocker®, welcome Coolink: the originial blue fan is back

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So long Noiseblocker®, welcome Coolink: the originial blue fan is back and more affordable Taipei / Wien, December 15th 2005 - Rascom and Kolink today introduced the new SWiF (short for 'Silent Whisper Fan') fan… Go To Full Article

More than 325,000 Xbox 360s already sold

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The Xbox 360, which is largely sold out across the country, sold 325,902 units in November. Some major retailers, including Best Buy, have confirmed they will begin selling additional units Dec. 18. Suffering from the success of the Xbox 360… Go To Full Article

Hybrid Hard Disks and Beyond

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Last Tuesday, IDEMA hosted a symposium in entitled "HDD Dynamics: Interfaces, Electronics, Architecture, and Reliability". IDEMA, which stands for International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association, is a trade association representing 340 companies from the $30 billion disk drive industry.… Go To Full Article

ATI RD580 to launch with R580

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ATI PLANS to introduce a new motherboard and new graphic card together. They both have very similar names but R580 is a graphics chip while RD580 is the motherboard. We have already reported that the R580 will have… Go To Full Article

Socket M2 is dead, long live AM2!

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AMD IS preparing for a shift towards DDR-II memory, while still keeping the production of Socket 939 processors "according to demand". A new Socket has 940 pins, but it isn't compatible with existing Socket 940 solutions (no suprise there). Go To Full Article

ATI AMD's chipset business rockets sky high

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WE MANAGED to see some Mercury Research chipset numbers. We were shocked and you may be as well. Like everyone, we expected that Nvidia is rocking Athlon market and that ATI might have a design or two. Go To Full Article

Two's Company, Four's a WOW! Sneak Preview of NVIDIA Quad GPU SLI

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Thanks to the PCI Express (PCIe) interface, combining two graphics cards in an SLI configuration is easily achieved. Just plug two identical GeForce 6 or GeForce 7 cards into the motherboard, and connect them with the SLI bridge connector. The… Go To Full Article

The ATI & NVIDIA South Bridge Royal Rumble

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Recently we began the quest for the best dual graphics platform. As a matter of course, ATI's Radeon Xpress 200 Crossfire Edition challenged NVIDIA's nForce4 SLI X16 chipset, since these two are the platform choices for anybody who wants serious… Go To Full Article

Intel Products to Power BMW Vehicles

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Intel Corp. and the BMW Group on Wednesday announced a comprehensive partnership that includes technology, co-marketing and Intel’s sponsorship of the BMW Sauber F1 Team. Intel technologies will be deployed throughout the BMW Group and its worldwide dealer network. Additionally,… Go To Full Article

AcBel 500W power supply with power management LCD

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