Leadtek WinFast PX7800GTX TDH MyVIVO Extreme

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The WinFast PX7800GTX TDH MyVIVO Extreme has a slight difference to the regular version. The regular version comes with a 3D clock of 430MHz/ 1200 and the Extreme version comes preclocked to 490MHz/1250. What we want to know is it…

Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7 VGA Cooler

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Put the card back in your system, plug the adapter into a 4 pin molex, and plug the fan in. The white connectors are low speed, the black ones are high speed. From my experience with the VF-700CU, low speed…

NVIDIA GeForce 7900GT 256MB On Linux (no benchmarks)

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The speculations flying around the Internet in recent months in regards to the GeForce 7900 series can now come to a close. This morning NVIDIA is unveiling the new GeForce 7900 series GPUs that packs a fair…

Jetart all in one VGA cooler

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Jetart, although not a particularly mainstream company, have been growing steadily in popularity and notoriety throughout the cooling world over the past couple of years. They have produced such fantastic graphics card coolers as the JASCH1, which in XSR’s own…

Will the real PlayStation 3 launch date please stand up?

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With the XBox 360 officially launched and the Nintendo's Revolution still under wraps, the anticipation game for Sony's next-generation PlayStation 3 console has reached a fever pitch. With no official word from Sony itself (other than the words "in Spring… Go To Full Article

Gskill 2gb F1-4000usu2-2gbhz Pc4000

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G.Skill is becoming a big name in the overclocking scene, I had the pleasure of playing with 2GB (2x1024Mb) modules from GSKILL, the F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ. PC4000 HZ. Some people managed to do more than 280Mhz at 2,6 volts. We'll do some…

ATi CATALYST 6.3 Released

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BugFixes: • 3DMark06: Setting the display to 2560x1600 with AA set to 4x no longer results in graphic corruption being noticed when running the HDR tests. Further details on this resolved issue can be found in topic… Go To Full Article

Mac Mini - Nintendo NES Mod

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Beyond Super Famicom and NES style DS mods, recently someone also gutted an actual NES. They tossed out the old 1.7 Mhz gear, filled it up with a 1.4 Ghz Mac Mini and added a slot loading DVD writer. It's…

Topower sues Asustek and other for PSU patent infringement

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Topower Computer claims a patent for its 20+4 pin ATX power supply was approved in the US in September 2005. The company is looking to settle the infringement cases through patent royalty payments or strategic alliances for use of its…

Meet CL2, the Google calendar

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The TechCrunch blog has gotten ahold of some screenshots and a copy of the beta testing agreement for CL2, the long-rumored calendar application from Google. After a series of doctored shots, this certainly looks like the real deal, and you…

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