Top Cheap Russian AllofMP3 Alternatives

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The Russian government has closed down AllofMP3 and those who are trying to access its sister site, MP3Sparks, may be disappointed that the site also seems to have disappeared. But never fear, those Russians have plenty of alternatives. We take… Go To Full Article

Intel Phasing Out Xeon 5000 Series

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With the low acceptance of Dempsey and Paxville MP processors in the server market, the phase-out plan will assist Intel in simplifying its product lines and will benefit server vendors and ODMs, noted the sources. Go To Full Article

MSI P35 Platinum Mainboard

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MSI P35 Platinum mainboard is one of the most beautiful solutions on Intel P35 Express chipset. The designer team did a great job, for sure. But did the engineers do a great job as well? We decided to take a… Go To Full Article

Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 DDR2 2GB Memory Kit

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The last time we looked at Ballistix tracer memory from Crucial it performed great and received our Editor's Choice Award. This time we are taking a look at the faster PC2-8500 memory running at 1066MHz. If you didn't check out… Go To Full Article


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In particular for its housing well-known manufacturers 3RSYSTEM dispatched today a very interesting processor radiator, which orders apart from the 120mm-Tower-Layout over four Heatpipes and enormous amounts at aluminum lamellas to us. The characteristic iCEAGE 120 are however the ''Direct… Go To Full Article

Antec MX-1 eSATA & USB 2.0 HDD enclosure

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The Antec MX-1 is part of the new Veris brand and features a very unique design. You get eSATA and USB 2.0 connectiviy inside a solid plastic & aluminum enclosure. It is a bit larger than most enclosures, but features… Go To Full Article

GIGABYTE 3D Galaxy II Water Cooling Kit

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Are you looking to get into water cooling, but are not quite sure where to start, or want something a little more than a pre-built cooler? Well we may have a solution for that - The GIGABYTE 3D Galaxy II… Go To Full Article

Ultra X3 1000W Modular Power Supply

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What separates the Ultra X3 1000W Modular Power Supply from the many other's that are on the market is it's completely modular. Some power supplies within the 1000W range claim to be modular, but the main motherboard leads are still… Go To Full Article

World of Warcraft Geek Has 46 PCs running the game

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If you count the number of PCs, you'll get 47. My girlfriend controls 23 and I control 23. The other one is a server. All but 2 of those pcs are diskless. It got to the point that… Go To Full Article

AMD Invests $7.5 Million In Transmeta

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As part of the investment, AMD will receive preferred shares of Transmeta. After the announcement, Transmeta shares rose 24 cents, or 34 percent, to 94 cents in late trading. Shares of AMD rose 20 cents, or 1.4 percent, to $14.39. Go To Full Article

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