VIA Denies Intel Pentium M Bus Licensing: Clarifies Socket 479 Processor Details

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VIA Technologies on Wednesday retracted an earlier claim of its representative who said the company’s future processors would be compatible with Intel’s Pentium M platform infrastructure. The company said while the chips will have 479-pin packaging, they would not use… Go To Full Article

ASUSTeK to Make Add-In-Cards that Boost Physics Performance in Games

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ASUSTeK Computer said at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) it would launch add-in cards that would feature AGEIA’s PhysX processor. The products will boost performance of physics in certain next-generation computer games that support AGEIA’s technology. AGEIA’s… Go To Full Article

ATI Records “CrossFire” Trademark: Multi-VPU Technology Possibly Got Its Name

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ATI Technologies has applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for registering CrossFire brand-name. Currently it is unclear what the trademark should mean, but it is highly possible that CrossFire will be the official brand to mark the company’s… Go To Full Article

Catalyst Roundup 2005

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Das sind die bisher getesteten Treiber: Catalyst 5.1 Catalyst 5.2 Catalyst 5.2 ( Catalyst 5.3 Catalyst 5.4 Catalyst 5.5 Omega 2.6.25 … Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon 4400+ Dual Core Air Cooling Overclocking Test

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Quote from Taiwan Coolaler 4400+ dualcore Air Cooling Test Environment : Open Case, Room Temperature 27 degree C M/B ¡GDFI NF4 Ultra D §ïSLI BIOS:510-1 MEM ¡GG.SKILL TCCD 512mbx2… Go To Full Article

Danger Den Chrome Version MAZE4 GPU Water Block

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Overall, the Danger Den Chrome Version Maze4 GPU water block is performing very well during in the testing section. The package includes all the necessary components for proper assembly. Furthermore, it was totally silent during the operation.… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master AquaGate Mini R80

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One unique aspect of the Cooler Master AquaGate Mini R80 is the inclusion of an integrated pump and reservoir housing. This all-in-one solution works well with case interiors tight on free space. There are two outlets that… Go To Full Article

Aspire X-QPack Case @ Viperlair

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Those of you looking to build a SFF PC from scratch will want to give the Aspire X-QPack a close look as it offers more in terms of options from most pre-built SFF PCs. Overall, it's a decently… Go To Full Article

Wireless Insecurity

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One wireless encryption standard isn't worth even trying, and that is Wireless Encryption Protocol or WEP. WEP in fact is so easy to break that our editor Humphrey Cheung wrote about how to do it. We posted these articles not… Go To Full Article

XBOX 360, Playstation 3 or Nintendo?

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What console will you buy?

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