Samsung Begins to Produce Hybrid Flash Memory Using 40nm Process Tech

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Samsung Electronics said on Tuesday that it had begun to produce an 8Gb Flex-OneNAND fusion memory chip, a proprietary memory device that provides both SLC and MLC NAND in a single cost-efficient chip, using 40nm process technology. Samsung’s Flex-OneNAND has… Go To Full Article

IntelBurnTest v1.9 Further Improves PC Stability Testing

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Linpack by Intel(R) is an extremely stressful program that will put even the most powerful X86/X64 CPU in the world at its knees. Load temp under Linpack will be up to 22*C higher than the competing software Prime95. Go To Full Article

XFX Geforce GTX 285 and 295 Tested

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It is a widespread opinion among PC enthusiasts and devoted gamers that a graphics card upgrade must be accompanied with an upgrade of the whole platform in order to provide enough CPU power to the graphics subsystem so that the… Go To Full Article

Windows 7 Starter Targeted At Netbooks, the cash cows

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As you might recall, we learned last month that the cheapest Windows 7 flavor available worldwide will only support running three applications concurrently. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft will target that release at netbooks—even though cheap little laptops should have no… Go To Full Article

[M] CPU, VGA and Laptop Coolers At Cebit 2009

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Come take a look at the latest CPU, VGA, Laptop and System coolers which were on display at Cebit 2009 from Arctic-Cooling, Scythe, Thermaltake, Glacialtech, Gelid and Spire. From a 200mm Godhand CPU cooler to a 1U cooling wonder, Cebit… Go To Full Article

Intel Celeron D326 and Core 2 Extreme X7800 EOF

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Intel has recently added two more processors to its black list, the little place where chip go before they are discontinued. The models planning their retirement this time are the 90nm 2.53 GHz Celeron D 326 and the tray version… Go To Full Article

Intel Nehalem EP in the house

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We just thought you’d like to know that a pair of Nehalem EP CPUs arrived in the office today. Nehalem EP is the codename for the Nehalem-architecture Xeons that will replace the Core-architecture Xeon 5400-series later this year. Go To Full Article

Atom Z540 1.86Ghz costs twice as much as the Atom Z530

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Currently the Z530, a 1.6GHz Atom with 512KB cache, FSB 533 and 45nm development process sells for $65, and the N270, a CPU with the same spec, is selling for $44 and is very popular among netbook manufacturers. Go To Full Article

Running the Windows 7 beta on a MacBook

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Now that we all have our beta copies of Windows 7 to play with, Ars thought it was time to take Vista's successor for a spin on the Apple side of the street. After all, it isn't every day that… Go To Full Article

Samsung also goes 1.5Tb, power friendly drives start shipping

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The EcoGreen F2EG uses just three 500-gig platters, or one fewer than Seagate's 1.5TB Barracuda 7200.11. (Seagate does make 7200.12 drives with 500GB platters, but those only reach up to 1TB just now.) Samsung boasts that the… Go To Full Article

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