Johnny Depp to Lend Voice to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow

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June 23, 2006 (Rockville, MD) ¾ Bethesda Softworks® today announced that award-winning actor Johnny Depp will lend his voice as Captain Jack Sparrow in the upcoming video game, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow. Slated for a…

AGEIA PhysX Physics Accelerator Review @ X-bit labs

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The rubber ball jumps off the floor, the water fills the gaps, the bomb ruins the wall, the fragments of broken glass scatter all over – there are millions of examples like that in our everyday life. However until recently…

Social sites can help ads reach youth

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Rather than blasting a generic message, marketers could tie their pitch "to why kids are there in the first place" — to express themselves, connect with friends and discover popular culture, said Shawn Gold, MySpace's senior vice president for marketing…

Prey Demo Tweak Guide

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Prey is one of those games which no matter how much people go on about, you really do think is all hype. Apparently the game was originally conceived in 1995 but is only being released this year due to a…

Silverstone ST75ZF: PSU for Quad-SLi!

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The new Silverstone ST75ZF PSU arrived the Editorship from Technic3D. See you in the following Review a PSU for Quad-SLI with 750W.

ATP Pro Max 1GB Compact Flash Card

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Flash memory can be found pretty much everywhere today, in almost every consumer electronic device from cell phones, digital cameras to video games. Many companies out there make flash memory, but which is right for you? What qualities do you…

EPoX EP-9U1697 GLI

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It is not often that we see a lower-priced product compete with a higher-end product; thanks to EPoX and ULi, we have seen it! The ULi M1697 chipset, paired with EPoX's awesome EP-9U1697 GLI board, performs greatly…

OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply Review

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OCZ Technology has released a new line of power supplies dubbed the "GameXStream" series. Currently available in only 600W and 700W configurations, these power supplies are meant for serious PC enthusiasts, gamers, and power users. Both models are SLI-Ready and…

Thermaltake Eureka Aluminum Case

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The Thermaltake Eureka Case looks great with excellent features. It has 5x5.25" and 2x3.5" external drive bays, and 5x3.5" internal drive bays. There is plenty of room to work on the inside and the motherboard tray is removable. The included…

Ultra MicroFly Micro-ATX Case Review

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Once upon a time, finding a versatile compact case that you would be proud to be seen with was nearly impossible. Then in buzzes the Ultra MicroFly Micro ATX Case. This attractive, all-aluminum case can house any micro ATX motherboard,…

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