Corsair TEC-Based Cooling Solution for Memories

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During CES 2009 Corsair displayed their forthcoming TEC-based water-cooling solution for memory modules. We were able to take a good look on this system. We saw a system with this solution working. We were impressed to see that temperature on… Go To Full Article

ASUS Rampage II Extreme, "Fast & Furious" Review

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After the ASUS P6T Deluxe OC Plam left a very good impression because of good performance and overclockability we are now happy to test the ASUS Rampage Extreme II. On this Board you'll find a lot of overclocking features and… Go To Full Article

nVIDIA GTX260 vs. ATI HD 4870

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One month ago we have tested XFX GTX260 Black Edition graphics card based on GTX260+ version of nVIDIA GPU, and we concluded that ATI HD 4870 offered better price/performance ratio. In last month nVIDIA and ATI have dropped prices for… Go To Full Article

NZXT Guardian 921 Mid Tower Case Review

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NZXT Releases another in their line of budget Gaming "crafted series" Chassis. The Guardian 921 is a follow up to the original Guardian and is "Designed with futuristic and sleek curves" but does it follow up with the same flaws… Go To Full Article

Thermalright TRUE Copper Heatsink Review

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Well then, when it comes down to it, this TRUE is a bit of a paradox. It's a very heavy beast that performs to... some degree of fantastic, though to be honest, it really could be better. There are absolutely… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Products Tested: Geforce 285 GTX, Geforce 295 GTX, 3D Vision

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Geforce 295 GTX & Geforce 285 GTX - - - MSI 55nm N295GTX… Go To Full Article

Fast Food Makes You Lose Friends

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An unusual promotion is underway with fast-food restaurant, Burger King where if you dump 10 of your Facebook friends you'll get a free Whopper. With the promotion, you must install a Facebook application on your page called 'Whopper Sacrifice' which… Go To Full Article


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A movie dedicated to all the hardworking Engineers out there. Consisting of a plot that makes absolutly no sense and leaves you clueless of what you just watched. Go To Full Article

Asus launches 18.4 inch gaming notebook with HD4870 X2

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Asus launches 18.4 inch gaming notebook with HD4870 X2 The ASUS W90 represents a shift in the manufacturing and designing of the notebooks of today, where style plays an equally important role as performance. In…

Fix Windows 7 MP3 Cut Off Corruption Issues

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The first hotfix for Windows 7 is now officially released. The Update for Windows 7 Beta (KB961367) is the first publicly known update the Microsoft released for Windows 7, albeit the official beta will only start in 2 days. KB… Go To Full Article

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