Nvidia EVGA 7600 GT CO card pictured

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The core is clocked at 600MHz while the memory clicks at an astonishing 1580MHz. The RAM is branded as K4J52324QC-BC14, which should be set at 700MHz (DDR3-1400), but as this is an EVGA OC card, 780MHz (1560MHz) shouldn't be beyond…

SLI Head-to-Head: Monarch Micro-ATX vs. Shuttle SFF

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The twist comes in the inclusion of a system that isn't a Small Form Factor design in the strictest sense of the word. We have the latest Shuttle SN26P SLI-capable unit, and we also have Monarch Computers' latest foray into…

Live from Taiwan: Cebit 2006 Preview

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Cebit 2006 in Hanover, Germany is certainly Europe's premier Electronics show. Some would even say that it's the best Consumer Electronics show in the world. Cebit is fun to attend, but it is spread over many buildings in a city…

5.46 GHz – One of the fastest PCs in the world on display at CeBIT 2006

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asetek (DK), Kingston Technology Europe Ltd., and Western Digital (US) have joined forces to build and demonstrate one of the fastest commercially available PCs in the world at CeBIT 2006. The Dream Machine, equipped with top picked hardware running CPU…

AMD Shows off Three new Sockets at Spring IDF 2006

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The Turion 64 X2 will be using AMD’s new Socket-S1, the mobile version of Socket-AM2. The 754-pin mobile Socket-S1 has a dual channel DDR2 interface like the 940-pin desktop AM2 socket. You may be wondering how AMD was able to…

Vizo Master Panel and Memory Heatsinks

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We are taking a look at two different products in one article today. First up is Vizo's MasterPanel which allows you to hook up your hard drives outside of your case. Secondly, we are taking a look at their memory…

Gainward BLISS 7800 GS GLH 512MB Vido Card

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In this article I aim to find out if this supercharged 7800 GT clocked at 450/1300 can, as Gainward claims, compete against the mighty X1800 XT and if by some miracle it does, should you buy one anyway? All will…

DFI RS482 Infinity Motherboard

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Most people would not mention the words mATX and overclocking in the same sentence. Most people would use a mATX board for SFF and HTPC builds, not for extreme overclocking. But DFi has released the RS482 Infinity that offers awesome…

OCZ XTC DDR2 PC2-4200 Dual Channel Memory

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PC gamers have always been on the bleeding edge of technology. As a matter of fact, PC gamers have been the driving economic force creating the need for monster video cards faster processors, and PC evolution in general. DDR2 memory…

Battle of the 64-bit Budget CPU - Sempron 64 vs. Celeron D 64

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Intel’s value market was unchallenged for some time with the demise of Duron, but now it’s starting to show again that AMD can put its muscle into both high-end and value segments, and still give the users what they want.

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