Gigabyte Radeon X1600-XT with Silent-Pipe II

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The Gigabyte Radeon X1600XT with Silent-Pipe II is definitely the most value-for-money graphic card for gamers who want to enjoy the noiseless operation of the Silent-Pipe cooling. From our benchmark results, the X1600XT out-perform the 6600GT and…

Thermaltake Matrix VX VD3000

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Thermaltake's latest case, the Matrix VX VD3000. Proud of its purpose, it's advertised right on the box as being "Perfect for Lan Parties". After some close inspection, you'll see what they mean. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, lets…

ATI Catalyst 6.4

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Call of Duty 2 improves approximately 1.4-2% on Radeon® X1900 and Radeon® X1800 Crossfire™ configurations. Gains are slightly less (1.3%) for non-Crossfire™ Radeon® X1900 and Radeon® X1800 products FarCry improves 2-3% on ATI Radeon® X1900 non-Crossfire configurations.… Go To Full Article

Crysis Q & A

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How many hours of gameplay are you figuring on? Will it exceed Far Cry's play time? Cevat Yerli: No it's about 10-12 hours, roughly in this range, but remember there's more replayability and every minute has been… Go To Full Article

DFI Leaves Overclocking to the Expert

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For those of us who want our cake (serious overclocking) and eat it too (dual graphics SLI), DFI offers its LANPartyUT nF4 SLI-DR Expert motherboard. If you're part of the "set it and forget it" school of personal computing, you…

AMD worms out of injunction on building new HQ

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A spokesman for SOS said the AMD development would be the first tranche of a scheme that would annihilate the natural beauty of the area. AMD's corporate colour is green

Asus EN7800GT TOP Silent 2DHTV/256M Videocard

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The temperature readings on the Fluke digital thermometer started to rise, albeit less than expected! Much to our surprise, the heatsink fin temperature rose to just 45C, and the GeForce 7800GT reported a maximum temperature of 70C. What is remarkable…

Introducing the Dell De-Crapifier…

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It’s a sad state of affairs when you buy a new computer these days and it comes pre-loaded with a ton of garbage software that brings your new machine to a crawl. If anyone’s bought a Dell PC in the…

Firefox Tweaks, Extensions & Optimizations

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Over the last few months I have noticed people complaining about Firefox and the memory ‘leaks’ and how much memory Firefox hordes for itself. I have spent days and days (edit: hours) scouring the internet for all the tweaks, hacks,… Go To Full Article

MSI K8N Diamond Plus Motherboard

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While not the first board to hit the streets using the nForce 4 SLI X16 chipset, MSI brings out their own feature rich enthusiast board to compete for your hard earned cash. Just how does the K8N Diamond Plus fair…

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