Quiet PC Media Center system kit

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Probably the biggest downside with the D.Vine is that you don’t actually save any money by building it yourself. If a basic MCE system is what you’re looking for, this is a relatively pricey way of achieving your goal. But…

AOpen i945Ga-PHS

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AOpen is offering a wide range of products, many of them geared toward living room multimedia. The dual-core capable AOpen i945Ga-PHS is a motherboard designed to be used for building a Media PC. Its outstanding feature is integrated VGA with…

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU

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Since these days the Athlon 64 3200+ isn't a just released CPU and AMD seems to have once again forgotten to send me my twenty page PR folder with the pretty graphs and a listing of all the…

Sytrin Nextherm PSU460

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When we reviewed the Sytrin Nextherm ICS-8200 air-conditioned ATX enclosure early last year, we were not only impressed by the superb chassis itself and cooling capabilities, but also the bundled power supply. In fact, the power supply…

Athlon FX-60 review

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Rather than rushing a "launch" review we have been using this CPU for a month now under a vast array of heavy duty tasks ranging from online fragging to video encoding, so we will be giving you the verdict on…

AC Ryan BlackFire Fans

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If you know modding, chances are you know AC Ryan. They make a lot of cool modder related supplies, but it's not all just for modders. Need a new fan for your system? You don't want the plain old black…

Thermaltake Eclipse DV V6000

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I have to applaud Thermaltake here. They have once again innovated and not just released ‘another’ case. The integrated slim optical drive in the front is really cool, and makes for a great media case, if you have the room.…

Intel shows off its quad core

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Just as the bragging rights for dual-core chip supremacy are dying down, Intel gave the first glimpse of a quad-core chip coming next year. Clovertown, a four-core processor, will start shipping to computer manufacturers late this…

True 3D Display Technology Demonstrated in Japan

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The Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) announced an exciting breakthrough in optoelectronics -- a working three dimensional display. The display does not rely on any sort of optical illusion or disorientation. Instead, infrared lasers are…

ATI fanbois pursue Nvidia's maths

@ 2006/02/10 read/post comments(1)
NVIDIA released its latest sales material showing its GTX 512 card is beating the X1900XTX. That is what Nvidia wants its customers to believe, but we can tell you that XTX tops Nvidia's performance in most of the…

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