Home Made Sukhoi Su-27 RC Jet Takes Flight

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This no model, but a fully functioning RC jet. The Sukhoi Su-27 was the Soviet Union’s counterpart of the F15 and this 1/6.5 scaled version measures eleven feet long and is fully controllable. As if the 80-page build log wasn’t… Go To Full Article

Fermi Architecture GPUs Will Only “Hit the Full Stride” in Q2 – CEO of Nvidia

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Nvidia Corp. will finally start selling its highly-anticipated GeForce GTX 400-series graphics cards as well as other products based on the code-named Fermi architecture and GF100 (NV60, G300, GT300) graphics processing unit (GPU) in the first quarter of fiscal 2011,… Go To Full Article

Sapphire’s Radeon HD 5850 Toxic Edition: Our First Fully-Custom 5850

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The launch of the Radeon HD 5000 series has been a noticeably different than other major GPU launches in the last half-decade. Process problems over at TSMC and a lack of a competitive card from NVIDIA has resulted in a… Go To Full Article

Sapphire HD 5450 512 MB GDDR3

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Sapphire's new HD 5450 seems to be the dream come true for all media PC users. It is passively cooled, which means no noise, can be turned into a single slot low-profile card and includes native HDMI and all the… Go To Full Article

A-Data DDR3-2200G 2 x 2 Go Kit, so fast (FR)

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We continue our series DDR3, freshly launched two weeks ago. Our initial question was to discover the impact of timing and frequency on the new memory standard. Our finding was rather fast, it seems that the frequency is more vital… Go To Full Article

Top Budget to Mid-Range Graphics Cards

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While the gaming landscape seems to have shifted toward consoles in recent years, many feel PCs are still where the action is. Naturally those looking to experience the hottest video games in all their glory will need the appropriate hardware… Go To Full Article

Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 Toxic

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AMD's Radeon HD 5850 may not be the company's highest-end card, but it still packs a wicked punch. Plus, when overclocked, and overclocked well, it can come close to the peformance of the top-end HD 5870. With the design of… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 10.2 Windows 7 Performance Evaluation

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To be honest, I don't even have to look at the performance of these drivers to recommend them. If you saw our article regarding upcoming features the other day called Future ATI Catalyst Drivers - Why you should be excited!,… Go To Full Article

XFX XPS-650W Power Supply Review

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The XFX XXX Edition 650W power supply is certainly worthy of consideration for use in any high gaming system and will easily handle any single high-end graphics card gaming rig with plenty of room to overclock. There are a total… Go To Full Article

G.Skill PI DDR3-2000 C7

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If you're looking for some high performance memory modules for your new Core i5/i7 system, then today's product will certainly interest you. We're looking at a set of G.Skill PI 4GB DDR3-2000 CAS7 modules that look very sleek and run… Go To Full Article

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