Multimedia headset with attitude

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The Synapse has twin earpieces with individual touch-sensitive controls, is mutable with a single tap and volume adjusts with the swipe of a finger. It has twin throat microphones to enable discrete conversations via your mobile phone and it isn’t…

Enermax Liberty 620W Modular Power Supply

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Most people are familiar with the very popular Enermax "Noisetaker" line of PSUs, and with good reason as they are good quality. Enermax has decided to take it one step further releasing a new power supply that incorporates a 120mm…

Thermaltake Tidewater Dual VGA Cooler

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I find it hard not to really like the Tt Tidewater unit. It certainly brings performance to the table from several perspectives. In low speed trim, its operation was all but silent. The fit and finish of the components was…

Budget Dual-Core Goodness - Pentium D 805

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The D 805 is a low cost (currently as low as $130 CAD), lower performance version of the 820/830/840 family of dual core processors. Unlike its more expensive brothers, it is meant to be used with a 533MHz FSB, and…

GeForce Go 7900 GTX: For Hard Core Gamers on the Go

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High-end laptop PCs for gamers are getting lighter, though they're still the behemoths of the mobile PC world. The original Dell XPS notebook weighed 9.25 pounds, was a full 2 inches thick and had a relatively puny 15.4-inch screen. The…

ThermalTake Rhythm HTPC Case

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"2005 was the year the Home Theatre PC (HTPC) look took the hardware industry by storm. Manufacturers the world over spent time and money designing and developing cases, coolers, silencing solutions and everything else that a do-it-yourself PC enthusiast would…

TITAN Robela - Case with build in water cooling

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We just published our review of the big and awesome watercase of Titan : The Robela. With a full pre-installed watercooling system, does this 300 € case worth its price ? We tried to know in a complete review.

Intel Will Not Ramp Up Quad-Core Chip Production Quickly

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As a result of not very fast adoption rate of dual-core processors by new software that still does not take much advantage over the dual-core chips, as well as increased complexity of quad-core processors, the ramp up of quad core-chips…

DDR prices up as shortage kicks in

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DDR memory continues to be in short supply, DRAM Exchange said in its weekly report on the fervid memory market. That's on the spot rather than on the OEM market, the Dramurai are all hoping against hope…

ThermalTake Aquabay M4 HDD block

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For testing all I can really do is compare temperatures as measured by the onboard sensor on the hard disk in the cooler and in the 3.5” bay. For stressing the HDD I ran PCMark 04 HDD test on loop…

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