G.Skill F1-4000BIU2-2GBHV DDR500

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The need for 2 GB of RAM is coming soon with the introduction of Microsoft Vista which is said to use as much as that. The G.Skill F1-4000BIU2-2GBHV is aimed at enthusiasts and gamers. It's a great memory for about…

FB-DIMMs slow down Intel Bensley servers

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BENSLEY WAS DELAYED not due to any problems with the platform itself, that was done months ago, but due to FB-DIMMs. Yes, those pesky FBDs are late, hot, and in short supply, so several big box slingers,…

Vista 2007. Fire the leadership now!

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It certainly sounded like Microsoft leadership committed to us, our customers, our partners, and our shareholders that Vista would be out in 2006. -- Slip! -- We should have asked for more…

The Odd Couple? hy Dell bought Alienware, and why they'll probably screw it up

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If I were the Alienware people, I'd keep the Dell people out of my managerial and executive spots at gunpoint, because once they start seeping in with their Dellness, that will be the beginning of the end.

Father of Net regrets the double slash

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SIR Tim Berners-Lee, the "father" of the world wide web, has told Brian Runciman from the British Computer Society that he really wished that he had not invented the double slash for addresses. Berners-Lee said that after…

Storage takes starring role in tech gizmo sales pitch

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As consumers fill gadgets to bursting with digital photos and music, storage is becoming a selling point for tech products. Storage capacity used to be an obscure feature that interested only technophiles. But now — thanks in…

Intel Pro Platform will soon arrive

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WE TOLD YOU about Intel's 'Pro' platform, think a Centrino for business PCs, about a month ago. With the what out of the way, we can tell you the when, and that is April 27, give or take a day.…

Asus EAX1300PRO Video Card

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The world of computer enthusaists can be broken down into two different types of people: hard-core gamers, and everyone else. I don't want to categorize anyone, but it should be obvious that having a powerful graphics processor…

Corsair 2GB XMS2 PC2-6400 PRO

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If you are seeking out a new DDR2 kit, then make sure it's at least 2GB! The 6400PRO from Corsair boasts the fast speed of DDR2-800 with timings of 5-5-5. Best of all though, it rolls in at 2GB and…

Cooler Master CM Media B260 mBTX Case

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The Cooler Master CM Media B260 mBTX Case is a very sharp looking unit, and as well suited to serve as a typical desktop as it is to be an HTPC. In addition to the looks, the system has the…

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