Ubuntu 10.10 Review

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Ubuntu 10.10, codenamed Maverick Meerkat, emerged from its burrow this month with some important changes. The user interface got a lift from some theming improvements and a new default font. Usability got a nice boost from a wide range of… Go To Full Article

Samsung launches a pair of DisplayPort monitors

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WITH MOST COMPUTER displays these days using 16:9 panels it's refreshing to see that Samsung has decided to launch a pair of good old fashioned 16:10 displays, both sporting DisplayPort interfaces to boot. They might be intended for business use,… Go To Full Article

Rumored price drops coming for Geforce GTX 460 and GTX 470

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Word on the street is that NVIDIA is changing UMAP pricing on the GTX 460 1GB and the GTX 470 for the better, from the consumers perspective anyway. Expect to see some fairly big price drops in the next couple… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 to be 20% faster than GTX 480 ?

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20% is a realistic improvement. Indeed, if Nvidia meet the original target for GF100 - 512 SP @ 750 MHz, that is alone worth a 10%-12% increase. Combine this with an improved GDDR5 memory controller and faster speeds, some minor… Go To Full Article

70 Terabyte inside homemade fileserver, wooden box with tons of fans

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What would you do if you had no space on your computer to store films downloaded from the Internet? Exactly! Build a huge storage of hard disks. Just as one Russian guy did - he combined hard disks to get…

The Windows Phone 7 Review

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Windows Phone 7 is a significant departure from anything Microsoft has ever done in the past, from a UI standpoint that is. In my opinion it’s more beautiful than anything else on the market today - including Apple’s iOS. That’s… Go To Full Article

OCZ IBIS 160Gb SSD (with HSDL)

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What OCZ has done is to slap 2 x Sandforce controlled 80Gb SSDs (PCBs) and configured then in RAID 0 mode using a Silicon Image RAID controller. These PCBs are then housed in a 3.5" inch anodised Aluminum casing, and… Go To Full Article

Upcoming H.A.W.X. 2 pre-release benchmarks favors NVIDIA over AMD GPUs?

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Yesterday we got an email from NVIDIA about a new H.A.W.X. 2 benchmark and the company encouraged us to use it on upcoming reviews. Today we got an email from AMD asking us not to use it on upcoming products. Go To Full Article

Futuremark releases 3DMark 11 "High Temple" Tech Video Demo

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Futuremark®, the developer of the world’s most popular benchmarking software, today released a new trailer for 3DMark® 11, the latest version of their industry standard benchmark for real-time 3D graphics. The "High Temple" tech demo trailer shows advanced tessellation and…

New 32nm Pentium in Q1 2011

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Intel Pentium G6960 will launch for the current LGA1156 platform and house two CPU cores with a 2.93 GHz clock frequency. This means that the processor will replace the current Pentium G6950 leading the Pentium family. As… Go To Full Article

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