Reality check on Xbox 360

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In the days following last week's debut of Microsoft's Xbox 360, video game fan sites and the mainstream press seemed to be in a race to outdo each other with reports of problems with the new consoles. Go To Full Article

INTEL Xmas Gaming Giveaway!

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10 lucky UK residents can each win an Intel Pentium 820 2.8GHz Dual Core Processor and an Intel D955XBK Desktop Board. For more details on how to win, visit the competition page Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro Athlon64 Heatsink

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The Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro is a novel lower-noise AMD Athlon64 heatsink for socket 754, 939, and 940 processors. It replaces the AC Freezer 64 heatsink which came before it, and improves on the design slightly. This new cooler… Go To Full Article

Crowning the Affordability King

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The beauty of PC technology is that, unlike cars for example, the entry level model rarely makes you sacrifice all that much over the more expensive offerings. With desktop PCs, entry level and mid-range solutions are usually a GPU and… Go To Full Article

Gartner sees less demand for IT specialists

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Demand for IT specialists could shrink as much as 40 percent within the next five years, according to Gartner analysts who unveiled a list of key trends for 2006. According to the market researcher, businesses will… Go To Full Article

Overclocking Overview

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Most people overclock out of thrift, and the satisfaction of pushing the hardware's limits. These people (myself included) are out to purchase the slower (and less expensive) hardware to yield better performance than their higher-priced equivalent. Example: Say I buy… Go To Full Article

Saitek ST90 Joystick

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Saitek makes some great products, not long ago I reviewed the Cyborg Evo Force joystick. The Cyborg would be considered high-end. Today I have what some would consider low end, not cheap but lower priced. I have the Saitek ST90,… Go To Full Article

Logitech MX5000 Laser Cordless Desktop

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The recently released MX5000 laser cordless desktop we're going to take a look at this time is the latest in a long list of Logitech's desktop products. With impressive specifications and an extensive list of unique features, the MX5000 promises… Go To Full Article

Mid-Range Graphics Card Round-Up

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With the arrival in our offices of a retail GeForce 6800 GS, from Leadtek, we thought that the time was ripe to take a look at what you can get for around the £150 mark. ATI might prefer to see… Go To Full Article

Noise Cancelling/Reduction When It Comes to Headphones

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Noise-cancelling headphones use tiny microphones that identify the noise or sounds outside the headphones and then work to cancel out the sounds. Noise-reduction headphones (also known as noise-isolation headphones) reduce sound by being a barrier through which sounds cannot pass.… Go To Full Article

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