Mushkin HP2-6400 Memory

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With DDR2-800 still in the early stages, PC users have to often pay a lot more for the latest and greatest memory products. The Mushkin High Performance (HP) Series memory is just what the doctor ordered. Mushkin offers the HP2-6400… Go To Full Article

Two Weeks with the Wii

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Coming into this no-longer-next generation of consoles, Nintendo announced they were aiming for a Revolution, and then confused everyone by renaming it Wii. Their actions left a lot of people wondering if the company still had what it took to… Go To Full Article

A quick look at AMD's quad-core Barcelona

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Last week, AMD showed off a working quad-core processor at an event in San Francisco. The company had promised a quad-core demo by the end of the year, and they did manage to deliver, even if all the audience saw… Go To Full Article

ATI Tray Tools

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ATI Tray Tools ATI Tray Tools is a small utility that can be found in the windows tray which then allows instant access to options and settings. Quite handy and quite a small download. Go To Full Article

[M] Swiftech H20-Apex Ultra Watercooling Kit Review

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Swiftech is an institution in the water-cooling field. They are a true pioneer bringing water-cooling into the homes of many countless PC-enthusiasts. Today we review their H20-220 Apex Ultra, a water-cooling kit anyone can love. Based on the APOGEE water… Go To Full Article

Intel Testing 32nm CPU Prototypes

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Intel's director of technology strategy Paolo A Gargini yesterday described the US chip giant's development of its 32nm process as being "in good shape." Speaking at the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) forum being held in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Gargini… Go To Full Article

AMD to cut FX-70 prices

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word has reached us that they are going to cut $100 off the price, presumably to $499/699/899, in very short order. Since it is officially launched, I can't say it is a pre-launch price cut, but it is probably a… Go To Full Article

AMD Barcelona numbers break cover

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The short story is four cores, 1.9-2.0GHz in 68W form, 2.1-2.3 in 95W and 2.4-2.5 in 120W guise. Cache is 512K * 4 + 2M of L3 for a total of 4MB if you want to count it that way. Go To Full Article

ATI has new entry-level chip for Vista - X1050

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ATI HAS a new chip that is set to replace the X300 and X550 chips on the market. It will be clocked at 400MHz core and 666MHz memory. It supports both 64- and 128- bit memory interfaces. Go To Full Article

Synology Cube Station CS-406

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"A small footprint, terabytes of capacity, RAID redundancy, ADS support and stylish design make the CS-406 the Swiss Army knife of NAS Appliances. With built in features such as create your own website, schedule data backup, digital media adaptor for… Go To Full Article

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