PC Upgrade Planning: 2006 Edition

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Now that it's officially springtime, our thoughts turn to . . . upgrading our PCs. That's not exactly romantic, to be sure, but upgrading your PC system affects your bottom line directly. Plan poorly, and you're stuck with…

Starforce DRM reboots your PC

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REPORTS are claiming that DRM maker Starforce has released a copy protection system that reboots your PC if you do something it doesn’t like. According to Futuremark the DRM installs a driver that gets the highest level…

HWiNFO32 v1.60 Released

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A new version of professional hardware information tool HWiNFO32 has just been released. The following changes have been done in version 1.60: - Added SiS350 Mirage Graphics3. - CPU benchmark is now multithreaded and runs… Go To Full Article

Intel Pentium D 920 and Pentium D 930 Processors

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Let’s see how Intel’s shift to 65nm Presler core has affected the youngest dual-core Intel processors. This article offers you a detailed study of the performance and overclocking potential of the new Pentium D processors. Maybe it is high time…

Intel, SiS, Via Technologies to Support DDR2 800MHz Officially

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Ready or not, the DDR2 800MHz speed-bin is set to be supported by the majority of chipset designers, including Intel Corp., this year. At least, this has been a plan so far, according to documents seen by X-bit labs.…

XFX XGear Multimedia Gaming Headset

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We decided to try out XFX XGear multimedia gaming headset that has a very special vibration feature implemented. Whenever you hear an explosion or shoot within a game or movie, the headphones begin to pulsate, which definitely adds immersion and…

AMD Unveils Details about AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+

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Advanced Micro Devices has quietly published specifications for its yet unannounced microprocessor called AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+. The chip has not been released and is even not listed in the roadmaps, so, the processor may actually be available only…

Antec Super LANBoy ATX PC Enclosure

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Antec's Super LANBoy Enclosure is for those of us that need to carry around our PC's to a LAN Party or who just want something lightweight, and a bit of case mod action without the work. Is it all show…

Cebit 2006 Pictorial

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Like each year the CeBIT in Hanover opened also this time its gates, so that the IT industry can present their newest achievements of the public. Technic3D was with altogether 5 editors on 5 days locally, in order to collect…

HSPC TechStation is the DawG PounD Giveaway

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The DawG PounD Giveaway has been away for awhile but it is back in action now. Xoxide is throwing us a bone with the HSPC TechStation. This highly sought after bench makes finding the best overclock a breeze. It's also…

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