Patriot 2GB PC2-6400 DDR2 Memory Kit

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the Patriot Extreme modules can currently be found for under $200 with some rebates floating around that make the memory well worth the buy. If you're looking for a great bang for the buck memory kit that can perform very… Go To Full Article

NZXT Precise 850w Power Supply

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A power switch is located on the rear of the unit, as well as a switch for the +12v rail which can be set to split or combined. This is the first power supply I have seen that offers such… Go To Full Article

Sapphire PI-AM2RS690MHD AMD RS690 w/ HDMI

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Sapphire's latest motherboard is based on AMD's RS690 chipset which features integrated VGA and HDMI output onboard. The board is an excellent choice for media PC systems since it is MicroATX and supports audio via HDMI. Performance is almost equal… Go To Full Article

HT Omega CLARO 24-Bit Sound Card

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HT Omega, Inc. is among the first companies to offer authentic high-fidelity sound at a true 24-bit level of performance. The world class Oxygen 8788 based audio processor by C-Media supports most all industry standards for 3D computer sound; including… Go To Full Article

Memory Prices Plummeting

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Since more memory is the one thing you can pretty much assume is needed in any Vista system, new system or upgrade, you have to suspect supply is exceeding demand. Go To Full Article

Nexus releases heatpipe Fanless Northbridge Cooler

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The Nexus NHP-2200 is fully constructed out of copper to get the best possible performance. By using almost pure copper material we managed to squeeze out the best possible performance. Enjoy a cool, stable and quiet Northbridge! … Go To Full Article

Gigabyte & ASUS Call Off Joint Venture

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On Aug 8, 2006, GIGABYTE and ASUS together announced they have entered into a joint venture to produce GIGABYTE branded motherboards and graphics cards. The remarkable handshake of Gigabyte‚Äôs Chirman Dandy Yeh with Johnny Shih, CEO of ASUS, has astounded… Go To Full Article

[M] NZXT ZERO ATX Case Contest

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In cooperation with NZXT we are proud to announce this give-away contest of a high end ATX case, the ZERO. In Liquid3D's review this case proved to supply tons of airflow at low noise levels. Now this case can be… Go To Full Article

Modify your Scythe Infinity mounting system

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The Scythe Infinity is a great air cooler but the mounting system leaves a lot to be desired. Thankfully it lends itself to easy modification (nothing permanent) that allows you to set a mounting pressure that will yield optimum heat… Go To Full Article

Thermalright announces heatsink monster: IFX-14 CPU Cooler

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* Larger surface area than any other heatsinks (140mm x 120mm) with option to install one or even two 140mm fans * Designed for better air… Go To Full Article

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