Ultra Suing Retailers Selling Modular Power Supply Units

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Ultra Suing Retailers Selling Modular Power Supply UnitsWell, friends, it looks like Ultra's at it again; according to some information that just fell into my inbox. No longer content to just sue manufacturers of modular PSU's, they're going after retailers… Go To Full Article

[NL] Tones Lanceert AMD Dragon Platform Desktop

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- AMD Phenom II X4 810, 2,6 GHz, Socket AM3, 4MB Cache, 95W - ANTEC Three Hundred - ANTEC 550w voeding voor een probleemloze, stabiele werking van… Go To Full Article

$6000 Acer Desktops Recalled Due To Overheating Problems

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GAMING BOX BUILDER ACER has been forced by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall a number of its top-end Predator desktops because they present a burn hazard to users. The machines, which were sold between… Go To Full Article

DVD region code blocks British Prime Minister from enjoying Obama's gift

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"Oh, bollocks." No, we can't definitively prove that Gordon Brown said that after witnessing a "Wrong Region" code when inserting a DVD given to him by Barack Obama, but we're sure something of the sort was uttered. You see, the… Go To Full Article

ASRock A780GHM/128M AMD 780G+SB710 Mainboard Preview

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ASRock has introduced a few AMD 780G mainboards in the past. As it is a mature chipset, we won't spend time looking at the north bridge. Our readers should already be aware what 780G offers. This north bridge offers an… Go To Full Article

DX11 Video Cards from ATI and NVIDIA by the end of 2009

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Industry sources have told us that both Nvidia and ATI are planning to launch their DirectX 11 cards before the end of the year. Windows 7 will bring the new DirectX 11 to market, and manufactures hope that Windows 7… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 275 Official Specs Look Promising

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The chip works at 633MHz core and 1164MHz memory and just like the GTX 285 it has 240 shader processors. It still has a 448-bit memory interface and uses GDDR3, and at this point it definitely looks… Go To Full Article

Intel said to be prepping 2.0 GHz Atom Z550 CPU

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With the Atom dominance expected to continue, even with the competition from ARM, VIA and others, Intel is reported to be planning the introduction of a 2.0 GHz version of its low-power 45nm CPU. Named Z550, the MID-targeting processor would… Go To Full Article

AMD Dragon Platform Goes Dancing...

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[M] Coolermaster V8 CPU Cooler Tested

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Coolermaster's latest heatsink is inspired by the car industry no doubt, the V8 features 6 U formed heat pipes, 4 of them dissipate heat to a large tower-style fins collection, while the remaining two heat pipes are connected to two… Go To Full Article

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