Overclocked EVGA 7900 GTX versus X1900 XTX is close call

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EVGA, just for an instance, released its 7900 GTX 512 card clocked at 690 MHz core and an absolutely whopping 1760MHz memory. The card is equipped with a quad heat pipe cooler, and looks almost identical to 7800 GTX 512…

Some very early benchmarks Conroe 2.4ghz vs 2.7Ghz A64 AM2

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cpu @ 225*12=2700mhz (multiplier cannot be changed in the bios) AMD's Stock cooler , vcore=1.32v~1.36v varies ram @ 333mhz 5-5-5-5-15 1T 1GB*2 dualchannel mobo = nv C51G OS=xpsp2 with patch + nv 8.252 drivers

ATI’s Main Partner Sapphire Watches into Rival’s Direction nVidia

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After making numerous complains about supplies of high-end graphics processors by ATI Technologies, its main add-in graphics cards partner Sapphire Technologies said that it could use graphics chips from the rival Nvidia Corp. some day to fulfill the demand for…

Making a AT Test PSU

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Modders are always looking for a way to test lights, parts, or LEDs for lighting effects. No one uses the AT standard anymore but those Power Supplies are still available, either from old machines or real cheap. For $12 USD…

Thermalright V-1 Ultra

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A name that is synonymous with computer enthusiasts and overclockers when it comes to cooling manufacturers is Thermalright. While Thermalright has experimented with GPU and Chipset coolers in the past, their product efforts primarily focus upon AMD…

Thermaltake Matrix VX Case

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One of the first things that will grab your eye on this case is its sleek looks. Then, when you lift it, you will be amazed! This case is designed to be light in weight. Speaking weight, wow! At only…

BFG GeForce 7600 GT OC SLI

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At a price point of about $250, BFG's GeForce 7600 GT OC is the new replacement for the venerable GeForce 6600 GT. Based on the recently-released G71/G73 series, which in turn is a member of the very speedy and efficient…

Asus TA-370 / TA-252 / TA-212 Enclosures

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Today we would like to introduce to you three mid-range system cases from ASUS that may look quite ordinary at first glance but boast the highest quality design and very convenient assembly when you get to know them better. Learn…

Interview with PDP Systems/Patriot Memory

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Today we would like to offer you an interview with the CEO of PDP Systems/Patriot Memory. We have already reviewed the memory products from this company on our site multiple times, and today we got a great opportunity to ask…

The most adorable spambot killer ever

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Enter Oli, and his moment of "thinking outside the text box." While computers are getting better and better at optical character recognition, one thing that they still have great difficulty doing is recognizing the contents of pictures. Oli, who runs…

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