Logitech V400 Laser Cordless Mouse

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The V400 is designed to be a road warrior mouse, according to Logitech. The statement is bold, no doubt. While we’ll certainly assess the device in normally used conditions, the most exciting feature appears to be the dual laser design.…

IcyDock MB452 3.5" External HDD Enclosure

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Well, unfortunately, I have to say that I've seen better HDD enclosures in my time. I do not see anything special about this unit other than it’s e-SATA, which is fairly new technology and most of you probably don't even…

Shuttle SD36G5M XPC

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We’re just writing to let you all know that we’ve just posted a new article at HotHardware.Com where we evaluate the features and performance of Shuttle’s new VIIV compliant SD36G5M XPC small form factor system. The SD36G5M may be based…

Additional members of the GeForce 7 family?

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Today we had the chance to speak with a very reliable, unofficial source who is very familiar with some of Nvidia’s plans. The same source gave us some news regarding additional members of the GeForce 7 family. Since this source…

ATI Radeon X1800 GTO 256MB Video Card

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For the X1800 GTO preview back on March 9, I only had time to run 4 cards through 3 games. I’ve been benchmarking around the clock until just last a couple weeks ago and now have 11 cards to compare…

E3 Booth Babes Day 1

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Who says the booth babes were dead at E3 for 2006? Our walk around the halls found the booth babes were alive and well - They're just wearing more cloths than normal. However, they're still well worth checking out! Enjoy!

Snapshots of Abit Fatal1ty AN9 32X Nforce based Socket AM2 motherboard

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AMDZone has posted pictures of the Abit Fatal1ty AN9 32X Nforce based Socket AM2 motherboard.

Hands-on with the PS3's Heavenly Sword

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It's the "Media Early Access" time here at E3; two hours when some members of the press can hit the show floor and hopefully get some hands-on time. So naturally I went to Nintendo's booth to get some hands-on with… Go To Full Article

hands-on time with Nintendo's next generation titles

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LOS ANGELES ( – Nintendo hopes its new controller will be intuitive for people who are new to gaming or returning after a long absence, but it takes a while to get used to it. In advance… Go To Full Article

Samsung SH-S162L DVD+RW Burner

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With the DVD format wars still raging the smart money right now is firmly rooted in the current generation drives. Today we look at a current gen 16X Dual Format , Dual Layer DVD burner that offers a full-hand feature…

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