OCZ ModXStream 780W Power Supply Review

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The choices are becoming endless when it is time to choose a power supply for todays demanding computer components. The consumer has several things to consider, loudness, output, efficiency, and usability to name just a few. Today… Go To Full Article

Sunbeamtech Quarterback ATX Case Review

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Sunbeamtech is one of the many manufacturers that regularly releases new cases to keep up with a rapidly changing market. One of their latest models, the Quarterback, is an ATX midtower style case that includes many of the features that… Go To Full Article

5 high end DDR2 Memory Kits Compared

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Well DDR2 still has its place, it may not be the main memory for the Intel platform for much longer but it’s still the mainstream for AMD, and for the time being P35 is happy to run with DDR2 until… Go To Full Article

[M] NVIDIA 7300 GT Video Card Overclocking Contest Update

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We've added a worklog from Troman to our ongoing 7300 GT Video Card OC article; he does some fancy volt modding and risky capacitor moving to allow for extreme aircooling. He finishes of with a Dry Ice session to push… Go To Full Article

SuperTalent Unveils Extreme-Speed DDR3 Memory Modules

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SuperTalent Technology, a leading maker of high-speed memory modules, on Monday unveiled so far the world’s highest-speed DDR3 products. The new module kits compliments already broadly available families of extreme-performance DDR3 memory from various makers. SuperTalent’s W1866UX2G8 dual-channel kit can… Go To Full Article

Phenom 3Ghz demo surrounded by FUN

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Getting back to the tech itself, there were some interesting things to make note of. First is the whole cherry picking tempest in a teapot. When asked, multiple people told me that the parts were sorted but not heavily. There… Go To Full Article

Hiper adds USB ports on their Power Supply

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HIPER HAS launched a range of PSUs with USB ports shoved in the back. This will be of significant advantage to those who don't quite have enough USB ports on their machine already. There are four USB 2 ports which… Go To Full Article

All ATI margins for VGA are in the toilet

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It turns out that the margins that ATI's partners are making from these cards are ''around 5 percent'' in the mid range segment and that for a while ''All ATI margins for VGA are in the toilet''. It is getting… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 7.8 will fix Source Engine

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IN THE PAST couple of releases of Catalyst drivers owners of Radeon HD 2000 cards got quite a lot of bug fixes, but there was one major bug that plagued the gaming experience of good part of those 13 million… Go To Full Article

Nvidia still working on 8800 texture slowdowns

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IT SEEMS THAT Nvidia's Geforce 8800 series of graphics cards suffers random slowdowns, and this can be particularly problematic for owners of the Geforce 8800GTS 320MB, the cheapest 8800 out there. The problem lies in fact that the G80 GPU… Go To Full Article

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