ATi To Roll Out 65-nm RS700 In 07

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The new RS700, which is designed for the Intel platform, will support DirectX 10, Shader Model 4.0 and unified shader mode. ATI will have a leg up in the advanced integrated chipset market as rival Nvidia has not yet announced…

IBM Claims 10% - 20% Yield “Lucky” for the Playstation 3 Cell Processor

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In an attempt to offer the most powerful game console on the planet and ensure that the PlayStation 3 games are unique, Sony decided to put a very advanced Cell processor inside the machine. But now it transpires that to…

Man controls PC with 96 protruding electrodes attached to brain

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A man paralysed from the neck down by knife injuries sustained five years ago can now check his email, control a robot arm and even play computer games using the power of thought alone.

ATI RV560 and 570 Crossfire plans

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After spending many a night out in Asia we heard some very filling little beans.... When speaking to one of the many AIB partners, we learnt some information about ATI's upcoming 560/570 GPUs.

AMD will drop Athlon 64 X2 prices to compete with Intel Core 2 Duo

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The spokesperson said AMD refuses to lose price/performance leadership with the launch of Core 2 Duo. As a result, AMD will reduce prices in order that performance-per-dollar metrics will remain competitive with, if not outperform, Intel's. This measure will keep…

When Worlds Collaborate: AMD Acquires ATI Technologies?

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Advanced Micro Devices, who has been withdrawing from all the everywhere, except the x86 microprocessor market, may enter several new markets at once, if it acquires ATI Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of standalone graphics chips, as the rumors suggest.…

Dell Inspiron/Latitude/Precision fan control utility

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I8kfanGUI is a graphical Windows application to show the internal temperatures and to control the fan operation on the Dell Inspiron/Latitude/Precision notebook series. It's running under Windows 2000 and above operating system versions (Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista).

Intel Woodcrest - the Birth of a New King

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For the past two years Intel has been holding workshops in Oregon, where they invite a few of the hardware sites to view their upcoming technology. In May of this year, AnandTech made their way up to Oregon to have…

AMD Initiates Shipments of Chartered-Built CPUs

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Advanced Micro Devices on Wednesday said it began revenue shipments of its central processing units (CPUs) produced at Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing in June, 2006. The company indicated that product yields at Chartered are mature and the chips are compliant with…

The Quick INQ guide to designing motherboards - Part 2

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WE'VE ALREADY had a bash at the process of getting a motherboard’s schematics together in our previous article, so now let’s look at the next step - working out how it will look. A high-tech process…

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