Dell to Introduce AMD Desktops Says Citigroup Analyst

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In what might be the next major move by Dell, the company is expected to introduce desktop computers using processors from AMD by September of this year. According to Citigroup Inc. analysts, talks with component manufacturers have revealed that Dell…

US Government Drops Purchase of Lenovo PCs

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DailyTech previously reported that the US government was under some fire from within for considering to purchase computers manufactured by Chinese-owned Lenovo. Today, it appears that the US government has decided to drop its plan to spend roughly $1.3M USD…

Preview Of The Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 - A Core 2 Duo (Conroe) ready motherboard

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A week ago at Computex in Taipei, Intel officially launched the P965 desktop chipset. In case you were wondering why there is so much hype revolving the P965, it is the latest desktop chipset released that will support the Intel…

Budget Watercooling and Other Cooling Items - Worthwhile or Waste?

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For my birthday this year I received something that was a bit unexpected - a Thermaltake Bigwater SE Liquid Cooling System. But before I installed it and started the overclocking fun, I had to get a few more parts together.…

The New Theater 650 TV Tuner Solution from ATI

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TV Tuners are becoming more and more popular as home theaters and computers start to merge. Already, many countries outside the US are making the move to integrated computer and home theater/entertainment centers in their homes instead of separate components,…

Intel - Santa Rosa - Desktop Platform Detailed

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Intel has been pushing forward in a very strong way with platforms, ever since Centrino was introduced. A collection of different technologies brought together for some designed purpose was much more interesting to Intel from a marketing standpoint than just…

New Mouse Optimized for MMO and RTS from Razor

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XYZComputing has a review of Razer's new Krait mouse which is specifically designed for massively multiplayer online gaming as opposed to the usual design focus of first-person shooters. From the article: 'The criteria for an appropriate mouse for each style…

Tuniq 2 PC Case

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So are you looking for an upgrade for that old beige case? Or maybe you just need a change... Well today for review I have an interesting case that is backwards from the normal case, the PSU is on the…

Sunbeam Tech Nuuo 550 SLI PSU

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While Sunbeamtech maybe best known for their computer accessories they now have added power supplies and high-end computer cases to round out their line-up. The power supply we are reviewing today is their model Nuuo 550 watt SLI version, so…

Microsoft's Moore sets record straight on 360 compatibility

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"What I said was 'nobody was concerned about backwards comparability anymore' meaning that based on what we said at E3 in 2005 when we said that the best-selling games would be backwards compatible, but quite frankly didn't give numbers and… Go To Full Article

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