NVIDIA 'SoundStorm 2' to power Playstation 3 audio?

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Slides now online from Sony's presentations at GDC include some juicy details about the Playstation 3 and the chips that power it. Among the slides is a high-level block diagram of a PS3 system that shows many of the system…

Coolermaster Centurion 534

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Seems that everyone is trying to get in on the "aluminum chassis" craze. Well, let's be honest up front, this is *not* an aluminum chassis, it is an aluminum bezel, and an SECC chassis. Aluminum is a fairly expensive material,…

BenQ: Notebook shipments to China to jump 200% in 2006

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BenQ’s notebook sales in China are expected to contribute almost 50% to its worldwide shipments this year, said Horng, adding that the contribution from the Europe market will also help drive growth in the company’s notebook shipments. BenQ anticipates its…

Antec P150

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Antec is one of the top manufacturers of cases in the entire world. The name is mentioned in any conversion dealing with cases. Taking that reputation and adding in the words quiet and well built, you get the P150.

Arctic Silver "Arctic Clean"

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vailable in three sizes (2,4, and 8 fl oz.)which fit every need (even the 2oz set is plenty for several cleanings), Arctic Clean is a Godsend to anyone who frequently changes their cooling solution. The simple two step process makes…

Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000 120mm Cooling Fan

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Remember back during the days of XP mobile processor overclocking, when it was necessary to have a high spinning fan like a Delta or equivalent. Yes, those days are far behind us now. Today we don’t have to pump loads…

AJP M590K-H 19in SLI Notebook

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Recently, I took at look at three gaming notebooks based on a single GeForce GO 7800 GTX. Even these came with a 1,920 x 1,200 display (including the AJP), but judging from this notebook, for some reason adding…

Samsung SyncMaster 244T

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Like the Dell, the Samsung SyncMaster 244T is a high-specification TFT monitor with a 24in widescreen panel, and also like the Dell, it sports a 1,920 x 1,200 resolution. However, the Samsung uses a newer panel than the

AMD lures high-ranking Itanium designer

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Advanced Micro Devices has hired Samuel Naffziger, a high-ranking designer of Intel's Itanium processors, and eight of his Fort Collins, Colo.-based colleagues working on the high-end processor. Naffziger, one of about 50 at Intel who held…

Dell to ship its first Blu-ray at Christmas

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WE heard that Dell is preparing to ship its first Blu-ray machines for Christmas. It kind of matches the Playstation 3 launch date and it definitely means that Blu-ray is very delayed.

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