3x HD 5870 in CrossfireX

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Sapphire HD 5870 Out of Stock in Belgium?

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Gamer bought them all :-)

Activating NVIDIA SLI on all motherboards, detailed HOW-TO

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Despite the small current list, this modification allow to run SLI on ANY chipset, and not just Intel or NVIDIA. Technically SLI can be enabled even on a Motherboard with an AMD Chipset. Of course, board must have two or… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD 5870 vs NVIDIA Price/Performance Chart @ 1920x1200

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Quote: I made this for friends and I'm not really sure if anyone here cares but I punched together Anand's test data and combined… Go To Full Article


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NEXUS TECHNOLOGY BV EXPANDING THE RX- RANGE WITH THE RX-5300 and RX-6300 POWER SUPPLY Today Nexus technology BV, have launched the RX-5300 a 530 Watt and the RX-6300 a 630 Watt Tranquility Power Supply.… Go To Full Article

Firefox To Replace Menus With Office Ribbon...Or Will They?

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It's not quite so simple, says Alexander Limi, who works on the Firefox user experience. "We are not putting the Ribbon UI on Firefox. The article PCpro quotes talks about Windows applications in general, not Firefox." So while the currently… Go To Full Article

ISP Emails Customer Database To Thousands

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British ISP Demon Internet has mistakenly sent out a spreadsheet containing the personal details of more than 3,600 customers with one of its new ebills. The spreadsheet contains email addresses, telephone numbers and what appears to be usernames and passwords… Go To Full Article

Triple-Channel DDR3-1600 SDRAM Kits for LGA1366 Systems

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In our opinion DDR3-1600 SDRAM is the best choice for systems with Intel Core i7 processors in terms of price-to-performance. Therefore, we tested triple-channel 6 GB DDR3-1600 SDRAM kits from all leading memory manufacturers: A-Data, Corsair, Crucial, Geil, G.Skill, KIngmax,… Go To Full Article

Dell and Microsoft back Intel Moblin OS

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MOBLIN 2.0, the Linux-based operating system (OS) designed for Atom netbooks, is due to come pre-installed on some Dell netbooks from tomorrow. Dell turned to Ubuntu creator Canonical to create the Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition for… Go To Full Article

How to Create a System Image in Windows 7

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The new backup utilities in Windows 7 are actually pretty impressive and creating an image will be possible in all versions. Today we take a look at creating a backup image of your machine without the need for a third… Go To Full Article

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