Thermaltake Toughpower 550W Power Supply

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With the processor overclocking craze in full swing and multi-graphics card support garnering more attention every week, power has become a vital issue. If you've overclocked on a no-name power supply, you'll know that it doesn't take long before it…

ForceWare 84 Series Roundup

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Quote: "As promised, we've updated our roundup and included the ForceWare 84.43 that just came from nZone. Want to find out how it performs? Read on." Link: Go To Full Article

ATi Catalyst 6.4 with old style Control Panel

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Quote: "We have noticed that some people still prefer to use the old ATI Control Panel over the Catalyst Control Center. As a result I have decided to incorporate the Control Panel into the newly released Catalyst 6.4s." Go To Full Article

Matrox TripleHead2Go

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Matrox is well known for coming up with new and intriguing ways to use computer graphics technology. They pioneered the use of multiple monitors with a single video card ("MultiHead"), and now that feature is standard on virtually every video…

Contest: Cooler Master Centurion 532 Case Giveaway

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Cooler Master is teaming up with Viperlair in April for a chassis giveaway. No lame forum registrations or tedious scavenger hunts. It doesn't get easier or hassle-free than simply submitting your email and crossing your fingers. Contest closes April 28,…

Pentagram NXC 100-Cu

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Pentagram has been a leading supplier of communication products for the european market in the last years. Now they are entering the CPU heatsink business with a load of new products. The NXC 100-Cu heatsink uses the proven "flower" design…

Antec VCool Expansion Slot VGA Cooler

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Faster processor + faster memory + faster video card = more heat inside your computer case. You can change the heatsink on your processor to help cool things down, and you can add a fan near you memory to cool…

Gigabyte Radeon X1600-XT with Silent-Pipe II

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The Gigabyte Radeon X1600XT with Silent-Pipe II is definitely the most value-for-money graphic card for gamers who want to enjoy the noiseless operation of the Silent-Pipe cooling. From our benchmark results, the X1600XT out-perform the 6600GT and…

Thermaltake Matrix VX VD3000

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Thermaltake's latest case, the Matrix VX VD3000. Proud of its purpose, it's advertised right on the box as being "Perfect for Lan Parties". After some close inspection, you'll see what they mean. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, lets…

ATI Catalyst 6.4

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Call of Duty 2 improves approximately 1.4-2% on Radeon® X1900 and Radeon® X1800 Crossfire™ configurations. Gains are slightly less (1.3%) for non-Crossfire™ Radeon® X1900 and Radeon® X1800 products FarCry improves 2-3% on ATI Radeon® X1900 non-Crossfire configurations.… Go To Full Article

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