Gateway Announces HDCP-Compliant LCD Display

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Gateway this week announced its first HDCP-compliant LCD panel, called the FPD1975W. The screen is a 19-inch wide aspect ratio display that boasts decent resolution with support for HDCP content protection. Although the unit does not include a HDMI input,…

Matrix VX PC Case

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Longtime manufacturer of great-looking, durable PC cases, Thermaltake has, for at least a few years, also catered to the higher-priced aluminum chassis market. But Thermaltake also knows that not everyone who desires the lightweight of aluminum is…

ASUS EAX1300PRO 256MB Graphics Card

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If you are looking for a graphics card with a punch but can't afford the hit to your wallet, the X1300 series of cards may be the choice for you. The Asus Extreme AX1300PRO comes with 256MB of RAM, and…

[M] Scythe at Computex 2006 - New Products Revealed

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An overview of new products coming from Scythe, including power supplies, chipset and VGA cooling, fan controllers and of course high end CPU aircooling solutions.

In-Depth Windows Vista Beta 2 Preview by Anandtech

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For those systems that can't offer any real GPU acceleration at all, Vista is capable of also dropping back down one to two interfaces that use just the GDI+ functionality, and are intended to replicate XP and 2000 abilities respectively.…

2GB Memory Kits from G.SKILL

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Today we are going to check out the overclocking potential and features of two new 2GB memory kits from G.SKILL. Find out how far you can go with the 2GB Value and Extreme solutions from this company from our detailed…

Computex 2006 - The Best & Worst

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This company makes fine chit. I mean they make the finest chit you have ever seen! If you're looking for some fine chit, you need to give them a call. They will give you all the chit you can handle.

Computex 2006 Roundup

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COMPUTEX IS A SPECTACLE like no other. An ocean away, in a land where most motherboards and graphics cards are born, it's almost like being dropped into the belly of the beast. The show has a different vibe than most…

Seagate Barracuda 750GB 7200.10

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Perpendicular Recording Technology is certainly the star of the show here, but Adaptive Fly Height and Clean Sweep are supporting players that simply get the job done in keeping data intact without any intervention from the user. Add NCQ, huge…

Upcoming '24' Focuses on Jack Bauer Eating a Sandwich

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While Katz declined to get specific, he did share a few moments from the episode. As CTU searches frantically for Marwan and tries to uncover McLennan-Forster's secrets, Jack's SUV power-slides into an In-N-Out Burger in Van Nuys. He jumps out,…

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