I done built me some noise-makers.

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Regular readers will know that I'm a fan of kit speakers. They're not the only way to go if you want quality audio on the cheap, but they're a very good bet. You just…

Adding Wireless Network To Your Xbox

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to install a wireless game adapter into your XBOX internally so that you can have a wireless connection, where available, without the extra hardware. Please read all the way through this tutorial… Go To Full Article

Scythe releases new 100mm case fan - Kaze Jyu

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Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the new 10cm case fan called (Kaze Jyu*)! The unique feature of this 10cm case fan is that it generates more airflow at lower rpm compare to 9cm fan yet its airflow…

Gigabyte Radeon X1900 XTX

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Overall, the X1900 XTX crushes our old X850XT, however there are some mixed results in a couple games. The X850XT scored higher at 1024 x 768 at 32bit in Doom 3 and in the old game Quake 3. However, the…

Complete AMD Desktop Processor Roadmap Update

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AMD has updated its roadmap, now including processor releases into the second half of 2007. Looking at the scheduled releases, AMD is proceeding well with its plans and production is ramping nicely at its facilities. Recently, Fab 36 went through…

Top Tip: Build a dual core box or upgrade my current computer?

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dual core will greatly help you in the type of multitasking you describe. i regularly convert dvd's into divx format and continue several other tasks using a dual core amd X2 and my rig keeps chugging away with no slowdown.…

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Alpha 1

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Firefox empowers you to accomplish your online activities faster, more safely and efficiently than any other browser, period. Built with Tab browsing, popup blocking and a number of other seamless innovations, Firefox stands out ahead Go To Full Article

Play Quake III in your browser - powered by ShockWave

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This is pretty cool, you can jump, see up/down, game is full textured, sound effects straight from Q3A. The main website features more games like Half-Life, Doom, Quake, Heretic and others. Check it out!

Maxtor 1TB One-Touch Drive

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It wasn’t long ago that 1 Terabyte of storage would be limited to the ultra-rich or businesses whose need for large amounts of data could justify it. To that point, Maxtor has found a way to bring this huge amount…

Desktop Core Duo: ASUS N4L-VM and the Intel T2600

@ 2006/04/11 read/post comments(0)
If you want to build a system soon, you're faced with something of a dilemma: Both Intel and AMD are planning substantial upgrades to their CPUs this year. In the case of AMD, they're simply moving the existing architecture to…

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