Windows Fundamentals - light weight Windows XP for old PCs

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In an effort to get old PCs upgraded -- and generate more revenue -- to newer versions of Windows, Microsoft this week announced a new version of Windows called Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs. The new operating system will be…

Skype Protocol Cracked by Chinese Company

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According to several reports, Skype's VoIP protocol has been reversed engineered by a company in China. The informant said that his company had been working on opening up Skype's protocol for some time, and now an application has been developed…

What Game Developers Hate About Videogame Reviewers

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Here's a nightmare scenario for a game developer. You've just finished a two-year project and you're exceptionally proud of the many obsessive details that you've poured into your Civil War turn-based strategy. You've revolutionized the genre, you've created something that… Go To Full Article

Antec SOLO Case

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Today we are going to an in-depth look at the new Antec SOLO Case; the newest member of their LifeStyle Series of computer enclosures. In this review we'll focus on determining how well this case fits each of the above…

ATI RV505 to come in three variants

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THE UPCOMING RV505 chip will come in three different flavours. The fastest one will quietly replace RV515LE and RV516PRO chips and will be known as the RV505PRO chip. It will work at 600MHz and will have the same feature set…

Intel Core 2 (Conroe) official benchmarks online!

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The Conroe is here! We're happy to report that Intel Benelux helped us to be able to provide you with our own benchmarks and in-depth overclocking, CPU scaling and power consumption analysis today! Go To Full Article

ECS KA3-MVP Extreme Motherboard

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Feature-wise, the ECS KA3-MVP motherboard includes the ability to Crossfire two ATI cards, 7 SATA devices, a Gigabit Ethernet controller, and two Firewire ports. The minimal expansion on the board is a bit disappointing, but the multiple SATA devices on…

OCZ 2GB PC2-8000 Titanium Alpha VX2

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The highly anticipated return of Voltage Extreme memory from OCZ is finally here. The latest revision rolls in with DDR2-1000 speeds and a very tight 4-4-4-15 timing set. They are not called Voltage Extreme for nothing though. Let't see how…

Biostar TForce 6100 Motherboard

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Enter the Biostar TForce 6100. Although not normally a make I would consider when choosing a motherboard, the features this board offered really caught my attention, and the advertised overclock-friendly TForce (as opposed to the more standard 6100-M7) reeled me…

Ultra MicroFly Micro ATX Case

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The Ultra MicroFly has all the right features for a small form factor case. There are two external 5.25" and one 3.5 drive bay, two internal drive bays, and a removable motherboard tray. The case is also available in a…

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