Dual Processor vs Dual Core

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Will multiple processors or a dual core processor be beneficial to you, and what are the differences between them? These are the questions this article will attempt to lay to rest.

Enermax Noisetaker II 701AX 600W Power Supply

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The Noisetaker II 701AX 600W Power Supply has everything you would expect from an Enermax product. It offers quality reliable power and it's stable. These are things everyone wants from a Power Supply. More often then not people go for…

Abit AN8 32X Motherboard

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Over the past several ages Abit has been making history with some of their motherboards. The likes of the classic BH-6 help to start the overclocking movement coupled with an Intel 300A processor. Next, came the NF7 and the AMD…

EVGA e-GeForce 7800 GS CO SuperClock

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This year NVIDIA released in February an AGP version based upon the GeForce 7800 chip. Somehow the AGP market is still bigger then the PCI Express and therefore NVIDIA saw the need to kick out a new product to bring…

DangerDen Maze 4, AquaXtreme MP-1 and Swiftech MCW60 Performance Comparison

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From this we have come across forums where certain products are recommended for their performance with very little performance data to stand on. Based on this we decided to evaluate the performance of three GPU waterblocks which are considered to…

Intel Viiv 1.5 May End Traditional Media PCs

@ 2006/03/28 read/post comments(0) makes an interesting case for why the next revision of Viiv will kill off living room PCs as we know them. Instead, we'll be streaming content to digital media adapters from a PC in our home office. From the…

Intel guns for five hours plus for Merom, Crestline notebooks

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ROADMAPS seen by the INQ show the ideal Intel specs for Merom dual core processors using Crestline chipsets during the first half of 2007.

Quiet DIY OC'ed Pentium D 830 System

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Encouraged by this success, I started to think about how to vent the CPU heat directly from the case, separating it from the motherboard heat. I figured if I could encapsulate most of the Ninja and direct the hot air…

TerraTec Space 7.1 soundcard

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Sensaura is a great EAX emulator but will a novice be able to activate the option without any problems? I don’t think so. This card could do great things with the right drivers. But the price is the main thing…

Intel Itanium chieftain defects to AMD

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THE DIRECTOR of Itanium circuits and technology, Sam Naffziger, has been poached by AMD to work on alternative server designs.

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