Spy Shots of NVIDIA Geforce Fermi at Cebit

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The dual slot card with the typical radial fan has two DVi and one HDMI output. The power supply is realized with one 8-pin and one 6-pin PCI Express power connector - just like the GTX 280. Although the air… Go To Full Article

Intel Readies Atom N470 (1.83 GHz) Processor

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Intel is set to announce an addition to its new single-core Atom series, with the Atom N470. The new chip falls in the same lineup as the Atom N450 (single-core), and targets netbooks. It features a single core with HyperThreading,… Go To Full Article

Graphics card vendors may raise prices soon

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The next few weeks might not be the best time to shop for a graphics card. Although AMD's Radeon HD 5800-series graphics processors aren't as hard to come by as they were last year, DigiTimes writes that supply is still… Go To Full Article

OWC Mercury Extreme SSD - First Look at a 50GB SandForce Drive

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Peak random write performance isn't nearly as good on the 50GB drive. While the 100GB SF-1500 based drives can muster around 160MB/s, the 50GB drive can only manage 44.2MB/s. It's not a deal breaker by any means, and shouldn't really… Go To Full Article

Intel Sandy Bridge supports PCIe 3.0

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The PCIe 3.0 support is integrated in the Sandy Bridge and so is the direct routing to EC. Intel also has a feature called De Muxed EDP, something that provides concurrency with discrete graphics, all meant for reduction in discrete… Go To Full Article

DUH! News of the Day: GTX 470 specs aren't final

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Nvidia partners are happily playing with Fermi-based GTX 470 already, but Nvidia is still holding back the final specifications. The card will most probably be at Cebit, and hopefully Nvidia will give the final specs to partners by then. After… Go To Full Article

Fermi, GeForce, Quadro, Tesla and Tegra

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According to Mr White, and despite a relatively rough year for the company for lack of new-new products, Nvidia’s master plan seems to be falling into place. Supply constraint dictated much of the outcome of the last two quarters, with… Go To Full Article

How Google Ranks Search Results

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As the European Commission opens an anti-trust enquiry into Google, the company has revealed details of how it ranks its search results. Amit Singhal, a Google Fellow responsible for ranking, says Google processes hundreds of millions of searches a day.… Go To Full Article

AMD Phenom II X6 "Thuban" CPU To Launch April 26

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The rumor mill seems to be honing its predictive powers, at least as far as the launch schedule for AMD's Leo platform is concerned. Earlier this week, we heard that AMD's 890GX chipset will launch in March, while the 890FX… Go To Full Article

Corsair Reactor SSDs Feature JMicron JMF612 Controller

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Just when we thought that we had heard the last from JMicron, the company is crawling its way back into the mainstream SSD market with its new JMF612 controller. Corsair is now using the controller in its new Reactor Series… Go To Full Article

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