Aqua-Pcs Flow Performance CPU Block

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The Flow Performance CPU Block boasts not only great performance but great looks too. Today we gave it a workout in the OC3D Labs Go To Full Article


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Now the question becomes how will this move by NVIDIA affect the end products they bring to market and ultimately how will it affect the consumer? It's probably safe to say that an integration of PhysX technology with GPU architecture… Go To Full Article

Microsoft warns users against using vLite

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Is Microsoft waving their finger in disapproval at people looking to slim down Vista? That seems to be what is happening as many people frustrated with Vista's slowness turn to third-party utilities to speed things up. In particular, a program… Go To Full Article

Heat probs reported for Intel E8400s

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A HEAP of heat problems with Intel’s E8400 microprocessor are being reported on a host of hardware forums. Users are claiming that the sensor diodes aren’t up to scratch and that’s causing the overclockers to get overheated themselves. Go To Full Article

Intel launching Tukwila: world's first 2 billion transistor chip

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We first head of Intel's quad-core Tukwila back in 2006. Now, it's launching at the International Solid State Circuits Conference. Expected to arrive in the second half of the year, the 2GHz Itanium processor packs in more than 2 billion… Go To Full Article

PowerColor's new HD 3870 X2 design has 4xDVI

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PowerColor has an interesting version of of the Radeon HD 3870 X2, which is actually shorter than the reference design from ATI. This card features a brand new cooler and it requires just two 6-pin power connectors (no 8-pin). We… Go To Full Article

Geforce 9800 GX2 will beat 3870 X2

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We again heard what we have reported before. Upcoming Geforce 9800 GX2 will launch in the weeks to come and it will beat Radeon's HD 3870 X2 performance. At the same time it will end up more… Go To Full Article

Nvidia's 8800M GTX MXM pictured

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Nvidia has finally unveiled its Geforce 8800M GTX GPU, which should bring the highest possible performance in notebooks, especially if you place two of these together in SLI. According to the press release, this should bring "extreme… Go To Full Article

Five percent of Intel’s CPUs in Q1 to be 45nm

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Despite the fact that Intel has been happily shipping the highest-end Yorkfield 45nm-based Core 2 Extreme 9650 for some time, you won't see many other 45nm desktop parts in Q1. According to Intel documents seen by Fudzilla, only two percent… Go To Full Article

Pentium D is finally dead

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2008 is the first year when Intel won't have any Pentium-based CPUs. Netburst is finally dead, and Intel managed to switch completely to Core technology from low end to high-end and currently offers 65 and 45nm processors, all based on… Go To Full Article

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