Microsoft May Lower Xbox 360 Pricing

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Microsoft Corp., the world’s No. 2 designer of game consoles, may be considering a price-cut on its Xbox 360 system in an attempt to more efficiently compete against Sony, which is due to release a limited amount of PlayStation 3…

Intel spends $9 billion on 45 nanometre fabs

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WHILE AMD IS introducing 65 nanometre quad-core Barcelona (Intel code-name: K8L) samples into mass production, Intel is building three 45 nanometre fabs: D-1D in Oregon, Fab 32 in Arizona and Fab 28 in Israel. The combined investment for…

Swiftech™ introduces the MCW-Ramcool VGA Memory Liquid Cooling Solution

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Signal Hill, CA – Friday 29th, September 2006 - Swiftech™ today announced the release of the MCW-Ramcool VGA memory water-block for nVidia® GeForce™ graphics cards. "The design concept was to physically separate the memory cooling from the GPU cooling solution…

Backups: What You Should Know

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Let me begin this article by asking a question to you, the reader; if your hard drive died right now, do you have a backup of the data that you need? Alright, let me ask you another question; How much…

OCZ Technology Tempest CPU Cooler Review

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I've read and seen many tech sites giving this OCZ Tempest "Editors Choice" awards and other high ranking marks. I honestly don't see how. It's not a bad cooler, but it certainly doesn't rank up there with the best of…

Crucial PC2-5300 10th Anniversary Memory

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When looking for DDR2 memory, there are a couple of key factors to remember. One of them is the speed, but not everyone can afford the fastest memory on the market. Most will look for affordable memory that will overclock…

Lian-Li PC-C30

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HTPC cases have been shrinking faster than a super model of late, which is fine for those who don't mind smaller power supplies, mATX motherboards, notebook drives, and low profile add in cards. If you prefer the extra performance and…

Epox EP-MF570 SLI nForce 570 SLI Motherboard

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This is an AMD socket AM2 motherboard, supporting all current 940-pin AMD Sempron, Athlon64 X2 and FX processors of that formfactor. It's four 240-pin DDR2 memory slots will accommodate a hardware upgrade up to 16GB of double-sided DDR2-800 memory in…

Asus P5W DH Review

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Neoseeker has published as review of Asus P5W DH Deluxe. This is our first 975X for Core 2 Duo review and we were really excited to take a look at it, and rightly so. This board is loaded with features…

Logitech MX Revolution: New Technology means a Smarter Mouse

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One package turned out to be full of new product releases from Logitech and included the MX Revolution we are reviewing today along with its notebook counterpart the VX Revolution that will be reviewed in the near future. Seeing this…

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