5-Way nVidia 7900 GT Card Roundup

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The 7900 GT is the new 6800 GT. It’s amazing value and isn’t far off the speed of nVidia’s flagship 7900 GTX, for a fraction of the price. From what we’ve seen, it looks to overclock really well too! It’s…

Video Card at $300 - ATI X1800XT or nVidia 7900GT - Which one would you pick?

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With some killer hardware from both ATI and nVidia available at prices which were not quite imaginable a few months ago, which one would you pick if you had $300 to spare? X1800XT or 7900GT ?…

Sun’s T2000 “Coolthreads” Server: First Impressions and Experiences

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The price, about $13000 for the tested server (with 8 GB), seems a bit higher than a typical x86 server, even when equipped with redundant power supplies, fans, etc. But as we said, we'll save our final judgment for our…

ATI's R580+ is 90 nanometres after all

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After a more detailed shot I actually learned that we all made a mistake claiming that the next generation ATI's graphic card will end up as a die shrink. Well it won't. We learned from a multiple…

Microsoft backs Linux

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PROPRIETARY software maker, Microsoft has told a flock of Linux users that it will provide Linux support plug-ins on Windows. Not only that, it will make itsVirtual Server 2005 R2 available free. According to Forbe’s the sudden…

Black and White 2 v.1.2 Performance Update - ATI to the top?

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Today we're looking at the game Black and White 2, and specifically how it performs on the latest high-end cards from ATI and NVIDIA. This is one of the more graphically demanding games we test (in the same league as…

Street prices of LCD monitors set to plunge

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MARKET RESEARCH firm iSuppli said that LCD monitor penetration rates in Europe are near 90 per cent, causing despondency and gloom for both vendors and the channel. And other conditions are likely to cause street prices of…

MSI RX1600Pro-TD256E Video Card

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ATI is pushing the x1000 series of cards for its Shader capability, which is great, but doesn't mention much about other kinds of games. As newer games are developed, the makers are saying that they will be more Shader dependent.…

Samsung HT-P50 Home Theatre System

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The Samsung HT-P50 Home Theatre System is one of Samsung's many home-theatre-in-a-box (commonly referred to as HTiB) packages. It's a higher end model in Samsung's line-up, and provides you with the very best combination of features. For starters, the receiver…

Logitech Wireless Music System

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Do you wish you had the ability to stream music across your entire house? That's where the Logitech Wireless Music comes in. It will allow you to play all of your digital music through your home stereo or standalone speakers.…

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