Ultra 3.5” Aluminum Hard Drive Cooler Review

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If you’ve ever experienced a hard drive failure, you know what a pain it is and how improving the reliability of the drive can save you a lot of trouble. Many companies have developed coolers to help reduce operating temperatures,… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler Review

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The Thermaltake V1 is a copper base, copper heatpipe/fin CPU cooler compatible with Intel LGA775 and AMD 754/939/AM2 sockets. It has a strange sort of "flower" fin design that resembles something that could have come from the folks over at… Go To Full Article

BFG 800W power supply

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While the BFG 800W displayed good performance across our tests and its lifetime warranty is a huge selling point, there is nothing about this power supply that made me stop and say “wow”. Even though it seems capable of outputting… Go To Full Article

TakeMS Mach2 1066MHz 2GB Kit

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The modules belong to the "Mach2" series, which are supposedly the best TakeMS modules. We received a 2 GB Dual-Channel kit with a "SLI Certified" logo on it, which clearly targets gamers. The kit is certified to… Go To Full Article

Antec Performance One P190

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Antec Performance One P190 is still a miditower, but both I and Antec would rather call it a Super Miditower, because it's a very large and most of all heavy case. Antec has chosen to include two power supplies at… Go To Full Article

Asus P5E Mainboard Review

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Today we are going to talk about a promising and relatively inexpensive solution from Asus based on Intel X38 chipset that supports DDR2 SDRAM and features PCB layout of a Maximus Formula. Go To Full Article

AMD delays Phenom 2.4 GHz due to TLB errata

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This problem was found during speed-binning the B2 revision processors, and this was the cause for the Phenom FX 3.0 GHz delay. It turns out that some CPUs running at 2.4 GHz or above in some benchmarking combinations, while all… Go To Full Article

How to Install a Floppy Disk Drive

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With computers no longer coming with a floppy disk drive the user must buy and install one by himself if he wants to be able to read floppy disks. Even though floppies are less and less used you may have… Go To Full Article

Nexus LXM-8200 CPU Cooler

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Nexus provided us with the LXM-8200 their flagship silent cpu cooling solution. We tested the LXM-8200 against several other coolers to find out not only if it was a good cooler but also if it was silent. Check out our… Go To Full Article

APEVIA X-JUPITER S-Type Full Tower Case

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Apevia has been steadily adding to their listing of great, trend setting cases. Does the all aluminum X-Jupiter draw us in and hold us like the mighty titan planet it is named after, or is it just one of its… Go To Full Article

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