Conroe creams Athlon in Intel's black-box benchmark bakeoff

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I did indeed enjoy the benchmarks. I also enjoy movies about hobbits and wizards. Alright alright, I'm being a bit harsh. For the record, I do actually expect Intel to regain the performance crown from the Athlon…

Windows Vista Ready LCD Monitor Round-Up

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The approach to LCD monitor evaluation that I’ve developed focuses on real-world and objective performance metrics rather than subjective comments. Since our last article, I have substantially improved the testing protocol, most notably the addition of improved pixel refresh tests.…

Price Guide, March 2006: Video Cards

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At the time of our last video card price guide, we were only picking up on a single 7800 GS. As you can see below, there are a number of them in the market today and are averaging about $300.…

Ultra Products Value Series PSU Roundup

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All too often we read reviews of power supplies that are not cheap. Some good power supplies can run between $100 and $150, if not higher! Not everyone has enough money for a top end PSU, so we are taking…

Asus EAX1600XT Silent Video Card

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Like the X1800 and X1900, the X1600 boasts 3.0 shaders that had been missing from R480 and the X8xx line of video cards from ATI. This of course had been a spec Nvidia has flaunted for sometime from it's GeForce…

Powercolor X1300 Hypermemory 2

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Powercolor (Tul's graphic card division) is no newcomer to the graphic card segment. Over the years, it has built up a strong reputation, which it is constantly improving. In the past weeks, we were all able to notice that Powercolor…

Unreal Tournament 2007 Gameplay Footage

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GameTrailers has posted a new video interview with Mark Rein from Epic Games. Besides the interview, they also show footage from Unreal Tournament 2007 from the recent press event. The game looks pretty damn smooth Go To Full Article

NVIDIA nForce 500 Series Motherboard Appears Online

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A Tier-3 Chinese motherboard manufacturer has already leaked information on NVIDIA's new nForce 500 series. Shenzhen has released details of its JWNF570SLI motherboard which features NVIDIA's nForce 570 SLI MCP.

ATI x16 vs x8 Performance

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A couple of weeks back we looked at the performance of the nForce x16 chipset by plugging a couple of 7800GTX cards in SLI mode and finding out how much extra performance we could gain by having two dedicated PCI-E…

Spring IDF 2006: Gelsinger Benchmarks Conroe

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Gelsinger put up an interesting slide that showed increase in CPU performance relative to the 486, showing that the Core architecture offers the biggest increase in performance since the original move to an Out of Order execution core -- Conroe…

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