HannsG HC174DP 17 Inch TFT Monitor

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There are only a few things we haven't reviewed here at XSR, one of those is a TFT monitor; today that's going to change. This particular model is the HC174DP from Hanns G. This 17" monitor with built in speakers…

SOHOUSB Magic Bridge SATA/eSATA IDE/USB bridge

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Imagine an external hard drive enclosure, but without a top, or a bottom, or sides. So just the bridging hardware, basically. Got it? Wasn't so hard to describe after all.

ASUS Striker Extreme Motherboard

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The ASUS Striker Extreme Motherboard has all of the features that you would want from a motherboard today. The nForce 680i chipset is designed for the extreme overclocker and the ability to run two graphics cards in SLI mode is…

Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case

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The case has an industrial feel that reminds me somewhat of the early Cooler Master Stacker. No silly doors to annoy, but nine grilled blanking plates. The top plate is obviously designed for an optical drive, while…

Asus preps RD600 board - DAAMIT for Intel

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ASUS' RD600 boards should be ready by the end of this month and the company wants to promote what might be the last DAAMIT chipset for Intel. We don't have too many details about the board itself…

ATI R600 can only manage 16 pixels per clock

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MANY THINGS ABOUT ATI's upcoming R600 are surprising, to say the least. First of all, the GPU is a logical development that started with the R500Xenos, or Xbox GPU, but without the 10MB eDRAM part. Unlike the…

AMD 4x4 motherboard pixellated

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WITH AMD POSTPONING the 4x4 launch at the 11th hour, readers found themselves deprived of 4x4 reviews hitting the wobbly wibble on the 14th of November, that is to say, yesterday. We asked around and could not get a straight…

BFG water-cools Geforce 8800 GTX

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WE LEARNED that BFG expects its first batch of Geforce 8800 GTX cards that sport a water cooler any day now. The company decided to use Danger Den's water cooler and wants to sell you a card without a radiator…

AMD 65nm Product Plans Unveiled

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AMD’s long awaited 65nm Brisbane core products are just around the corner. DailyTech previously reported that Brisbane is expected to launch in December. AMD’s latest roadmap shows Brisbane 65nm products will arrive as scheduled. Brisbane will be AMD’s first 65nm…

AMD Beyond "Brisbane"

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AMD will be releasing new Kuma core dual-core processors in Q3’07 as well. The new Kuma core processors feature HyperTransport 3.0 clocked at 4000 MHz, 1MB of L2 cache and 2MB of shared L3 cache. Kuma processors are expected to…

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