Intel aligns Conroe launch with SupermanĀ“s return

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The Core 2 Duo for desktops was scheduled to launch first on July 23rd, then pushed back to July 27th, now the launch has been brought forward. The NDA expiry for the Core 2 Duo platform is set at July…

Rydermark benchmark alleges Nvidia fudge

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GAME developers on an upcoming boat racing benchmark, entitled Rydermark alleged that one of the two graphic vendors is fudging the truth with its per pixel precision. DirectX 9 requires you to use at least 24 bit or full 32-bit…

Manufacturers shun SATA optical drives

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More quick looks around the Net show that all of these 'next-gen' DRM-infected drives, both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are IDE, not a single SATA one to be found! How stupid are these manufacturers? I mean, I can understand the infliction…

Wide Format LCD Monitors Roundup

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We previously looked at 20" displays in a 16:10 format" which have become the de facto standard in retail channels. Regardless, LCDs with diagonal measurements of 19", 21" and 23" also merit consideration.

AMD 2x256KB chip may only be a specialty part

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A few days ago we reported on a new Athlon 64 dual-core processor with 2x256KB of L2 cache. Although this processor is essentially "Sempron X2," it is marketed as a very low bin Athlon 64 X2 instead.

IT Managers glue up USB ports

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NETWORK MANAGERS are using tubes of super glue to protect their systems from data theft. Outfits are getting so hot and bothered at the loss of corporate data that they are removing writable drives and ordering network…

Thermaltake Mozart HTPC Case

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What separates the Mozart from other HTPC cases is its ability to handle full size ATX motherboards and power supplies, while still being able to fit nicely on an audio/video rack. The Mozart measures 170 x 430 x 452 mm,…

XG Magnum 600W External PSU

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An external power supply unit is something that you don't see every day. So what is the use of a power supply that sits outside the case? Doesn't an internal power supply make more sense? In most instances it does,…

Diamond Viper X1900XT

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A while ago the Diamond Viper X1900XT was the lowest priced X1900XT card from all manufacturers and is still one of the lowest priced cards available today. Diamond Multimedia has produced modems, sound cards and MP3 players. One of the…

Super-Slim Lasers Promise to Boost Optical Disc Capacity

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Researchers at Japan's Kyoto University have recently announced a breakthrough method for shaping laser beams that could result in optical disc capacities up to ten times higher than what's current available from state-of-the-art HD DVD and Blu-ray discs.

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