Turbo Module - VGA Cooling Review

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Arctic Cooling really takes their work seriously. A while back they released the Accelera S1 and S2 as passive coolers. If your looking to get a little more kick out of these coolers while keeping noise at a minimum then… Go To Full Article

Watercooling 101 feature

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There are few things in the enthusiast computing world that are as misunderstood and feared as water cooling. When done right, it can be a beautiful addition to a case while keeping temperatures down and noise low. When done poorly,… Go To Full Article

SilverStone Temjin TJ10 Review

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Last year we reviewed the SilverStone Temjin TJ09, which was an incredible EATX chassis and the best that we had seen all year. Well, half way through 2007 at Computex Taipei we caught our first glimpse of… Go To Full Article

DDR3-1600 SDRAM: Technological Breakthrough or Marketing Trick?

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We managed to get our hands on the new overclocker DDR3 memory kits from OCZ (PC3-12800 Platinum Channel EB Edition) and Super Talent (W1600UX2G7) that are designed to work at 1600MHz speed. Let’s take a closer look at these solutions… Go To Full Article

Swiftech MCW6500-T review

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Swiftech recently launched another high end water block featuring a powerful peltier element to deliver temperatures below zero. The last product we reviewed that had a peltier element was the MCW60-T GPU water block. It only had a 188watts TEC… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Systems Freezone CPU Cooler Review

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Canadian company CoolIT has hit the ground running with their amazing cooling systems that combine water and the Peltier effect to bring CPU temperatures down fast. Today we checkout their flagship Freezone product to see just how… Go To Full Article

Kingston 2GB PC2-6400 CL3 Review

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DDR3 might be lurking out there, but DDR2 is still the most popular option for most people, and for good reason. It's fast, and currently, very inexpensive. Although there are many PC2-6400 kits available, Kingston puts a twist on their's… Go To Full Article

Silverstone Sugo SG03 Case Review

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With the SG03, Silverstone has built a case which is an engineering and design tour de force. Even though it is a Small Form Factor case it offers unbelievable cooling, plenty of room for expandability and enough bangs and whistles… Go To Full Article

9-way Intel P35 motherboard round-up

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Anyone looking at building a new desktop system should not look any further than Intel Core 2 processors, and when time comes to pick a platform you should have Intel's own P35 chipset in mind as it officially… Go To Full Article

ASRock Conroe1333 eSATA2 - Crossfire Review

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P965 and P35 have been the boards of choice, but unfortunately they carry a bit more of a price premium due to the need for additional controllers for their IDE setups, in turn taking up more PCB space. The best… Go To Full Article

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