OCZ 2GB Platinum Edition PC4000 Dual Channel DDR500 Memory

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As we computer users know all too well, hardware growth will simply never stop and seemingly never slow down. This of course means more hardware upgrades and more often. A common question someone looking to upgrade asks is, "Will this…

ThermalTake Matrix VX VD3000

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The average computer user generally does not give too much thought about their computer case. They are happy with any old generic, decent looking case, like you could get from Gateway, HP, or Dell. But there is a rise in…

Enermax Laureate External HD Enclosure

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An external hard drive is a common accessory for a PC thanks to the combination of portability, capacity, and affordability. Most people use external hard drives as a rewritable backup medium, i.e. to backup their PC (hopefully on a regular…

Win a Powercolor High-End Video Card... For Life!

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Get a PowerColor X1900 XTX now and a new top-of-the-line model every year onwards for FREE! In anticipation of World Cup 2006, the world’s largest sporting event, PowerColor is giving away a high-end graphics card…

The Evolution of the PC Cooling Waterblock

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Water-cooling started in the home based computer market roughly in 1996-98, give or take a couple years. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of useful information available on the web from the very early years of watercooling. 1996-98…

Zalman CNPS9500-AM2 Socket AM2 Low Noise Heatsink

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The Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 heatsink is compatible with all current AMD Athlon64 processors, and in particular the just introduced AMD 940-pin AM2 processor and socket AM2 heatsink retention frame. As this is the very first socket AM2 (aka socket M2)…

AMD AM2 FX62 Overclocking Action

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OPPAINTER found that this FX62 was a pretty good overclocker: "I haven’t had a chance to overclock it on water yet. First I tested it on my -95C cascade, it lasted all of about 20 seconds, yes it has…

Corsair releases CL3 DDR2 Memory at PC6400 Speeds

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Corsair® Memory, the worldwide leader in design and manufacture of high performance memory, today unveiled the world’s first DDR2-800 2GB kit rated at true low latency of CL3. The latest addition to the award-winning XMS™ family of products, TWIN2X2048-6400C3 delivers… Go To Full Article

Biostar AM2 Motherboard Lineup

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Biostar has several new motherboards on deck, though none are currently shipping yet. The premium Biostar motherboard for AM2 will be the TForce 590 SLI Deluxe. The motherboard features the full nForce 590 getup, but one of the SATA interfaces…

Epox AM2 Motherboard Lineup

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With today's AM2 announcement, the slew of motherboard announcements is already upon us. Epox has half a dozen AM2 motherboards lined up for 2006, and the company has decided to lead off with the nForce 570 offerings first. The company's…

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