Mobility Sector Updates: Waiting for Sandy Bridge and Market Analysis

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To say that we were caught off guard by Intel’s announcement last Monday of a flaw in their 6-series chipsets would be an understatement. Bad as that was, it’s the OEMs and system builders that are really feeling the pain—not… Go To Full Article

Switched mode power supply repair guide

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Switched mode power supplies work by rectifying alternating mains current and then driving a high frequency transformer with pulses of this rectified current. The high frequency transformer produces a high frequency output which is then rectified and… Go To Full Article

ASUS GTX580 DirectCU II Review

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With their DirectCU II version ASUS shows its first high end NVIDIA graphics card with a triple slot cooler. Until today only Gainward with their GLH series (Goes Like Hell) was known for their huge triple slot… Go To Full Article

Hitachi XL3000 Desk 3TB USB 2.0 External Drive Review

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Hitachi have recently launched their external XL3000 desktop HDDs; these come in elegantly shaped enclosures, with the possibility of mounting both horizontally and vertically, also with enough free space for most of us to store our favourite movies, photos, games… Go To Full Article

[M] Lexar Professional 133x 16GB SDHC Card Review

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Are you frequently using your DSLR to take high resolution photos or recording videos? Lexar may have a solution with their Professional Series 133x 16GB SDHC Card; if you have deleted a photo by mistake from the card, there are… Go To Full Article

Asustek Intends to Beat Apple's Second-Generation iPad

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Asustek Computer as well as number of other manufacturers have announced a large number of personal computers in slate form-factors. Hardware that powers those devices is much more powerful than that which powers Apple iPad. But Apple is getting ready… Go To Full Article

Valve's Steam Rakes In Almost $1 Billion in 2010

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If recent numbers gathered by Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment (FADE) are correct, then brick-and-mortar retail shops definitely have something to worry about in regards to physical products vs. digital counterparts. If anything, the numbers show that digital distribution is… Go To Full Article

AMD drops Phenom II CPU prices

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Starting with the budget model we have the Phenom II X4 840 which is a 3.2GHz quad core CPU with a 95W TDP making it the most power frugal quad core Phenom II CPU in the current line-up and at… Go To Full Article

Microsoft's February Patch Tuesday: three 0-days fixed

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After a quiet January Patch Tuesday, Microsoft will be issuing 12 updates fixing 22 vulnerabilities for February's Patch Tuesday. These patches will update Windows, Internet Explorer, and the Visio diagramming software. Three bulletins, including the Internet Explorer… Go To Full Article

[M] ASRock P67 Extreme6 Motherboard Review

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The Extreme6 P67 motherboard from ASRock is one of their high-end products for the Sandy Bridge CPUs and features a 16+2 Power Phase Design, a decent software+hardware bundle along with the NF200 chipset to enable 3-way SLI on this P67… Go To Full Article

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