Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT Low Power Low Profile

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For those niche systems like the small form factor Shuttles and Dells, and even more importantly are the low profile home theater cases configured to fit in with other stereo components, the Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT LowPower LowProfile is perfect.… Go To Full Article

EVGA shows mATX EVGA X58 SLI Micro

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EVGA hasn't missed the success ASUS pulled off with its mATX motherboard Rampage II Gene for the Core i7 series. Despite the small format the motherboard sports loads of features and overclocking potential that that you usually expect only from… Go To Full Article

A Peek Inside Thermaltake's Level 10 Case

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Our initial description of Thermaltake's Level 10 may not have been the most flattering. While it does look a little like a school lunch tray, the BMW-designed PC enclosure has more in common with a sports car engine cover or… Go To Full Article

Corsair P256 256GB SSD Review

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SSDs have come a long way in the last six or seven months, not only in terms of capacity and cost but also when it comes to performance. Affordable drives based on JMicron drive controllers - which showed promise but… Go To Full Article

Fatal1ty Releases ioXtreme Card by Fusion-io

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Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, the world’s best known PC gamer, and Fusion-io join up at the Fatal1ty E3 booth to launch the ioXtreme, a solid state storage device for high-performance PCs and workstations using 64 bit operating systems. The ioXtreme eliminates… Go To Full Article

Galaxy does custom Geforce GTX 260

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Nvidia partner Galaxy keeps on giving GT200-based solutions, and the latest is the GeForce GTX 260+ Overclocked Edition. The company has already released a couple of custom GTS 260s, and the new model is slightly slower than them although it… Go To Full Article

Official Windows 7 Box Art Spotted

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As Microsoft continues its marketing push for the Windows 7 operating system, the company is systematically releasing details and information about its latest Windows OS. Go To Full Article

Swedish Pirate Party headed to European Parliament

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The final returns are still being counted, but Sweden's Pirate Party (Piratpartiet) has secured at least one seat in today's elections for the European Parliament. According to Sweden's election authority, the Pirate Party has crossed the four percent threshold needed… Go To Full Article

Noctua and Coolink Show Off New CPU Coolers and 140mm Fans

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We stopped by the Noctua and Coolink booth as well and they had a few little surprises in store for us. The austrian firm is showing off their 140 and 120 mm PWM fans for the first time. They mentioned… Go To Full Article

Intel Skulltrail 2 Details Pop Up

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During Computex, we sat down with Intel and learned about V16, the successor of Skulltrail. The platform is based upon the dual-socket 8-core Nehalem-EX, not 4-Core Nehalem-EP! When "Gainestown", a workstation/server platform based on quad-core Nehalem-EP processors appeared, we thought… Go To Full Article

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