Fired? Don't delete your company's Exchange database

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When Akimbo Systems fired him in April 2003, IT manager Steven Barnes struck back at the company by deleting its Microsoft Exchange database and crashing the server. Barnes was able to attack the system because Akimbo hadn't changed its login/password… Go To Full Article

Core i7 Multi-GPU SLI Crossfire Game performance review

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So once we posted our article, initially our target was to show you the difference between an everyday yet very fast Core 2 Duo based system and Core i7. Last years high-end PC against this new one. Now, before we… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i7 Overclocking: 130 Watt Speed Limit

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Overclocking is very different on the Core i7. Unlike the Core 2 or Pentium D processors, the Core i7 CPU can monitor the current it draws as well as its power consumption—if it exceeds a certain level, the processor automatically… Go To Full Article

Palit releases 3-slot factory overclocked HD4870X2

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Palit Microsystems, the leading graphics card manufacturer, announces the world’s fastest graphics card: Revolution 700 Deluxe. As the world’s first custom designed HD 4870 X2, Palit Revolution 700 Deluxe with dual GPUs features a pre-overclocked 750MHz core speed, 3,800MHz memory… Go To Full Article

Nvidia PCI prefetch update

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Nvidia got in touch with us with regards to the story we wrote on Friday about the PCI prefetch issue and they're claiming it's old news. We're curious as to why then the company sent out the email we took… Go To Full Article

$1600 Chair Review

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As anyone who's worked in an office would know, Herman Miller's Aeron is the chair to have at your desk for both comfort and status. As a guy who's worked at his share of Silicon Valley startups the net boom… Go To Full Article

Shell Oil Company Demos Cars with 376MPG or 0.75L/100Km

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Using fully stock production gasoline engine powered vehicles, with engine modifications limited only to changes in fuel mixture and ignition timing, Shell Oil Company served host to an open competition in automobile efficiency. The fruit of their forum was sweet… Go To Full Article

Intel dumps ultrawideband research

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CHIPZILLA has dumped a five-year research effort in ultrawideband and shut down its UWB startup WiQuest Communications. Basically ultrawideband is a turkey which has gobbled its way past five Christmases for no real reason. … Go To Full Article

Call of Duty 5 Perfomance Test

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For we cannot use its demo to test, we used Fraps by ourselves. The scenes are a straight way, there are many models and smog. The tests are very accurate because we ruled out other AI factors. The VGA cards… Go To Full Article

Shake up your Windows 7 with Aero Shake

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One feature of the Windows 7 user experience that wasnt demoed or even talked about last week at PDC 2008 is called "Aero Shake" - the same feature that led Rafael on an epic journey to unravel the secrets of… Go To Full Article

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