nMedia HTPC 300SA Case

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So in the end do I think this case is worth considering? Well I think it makes for a very nice slim tower case, there's no question about that in my mind. For those of you who are looking for…

Intel 920 Processor Overclocking

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Crunching the numbers quickly and looking at the output from CPUz, we are looking at a 70% overclock with only a 25% increase in voltage:

Using Laptops to Steal Cars

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Thieves are using laptops/notebooks to steal the most expensive luxury cars. Many of these cars have completely keyless ignitions and door locks, meaning it can all be done wirelessly. Thieves often follow a car until it gets left in a…

Building a gaming rig on a budget

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Upgrade fever. An infectious disease that can give even the most spendthrift enthusiast sweaty palms and sleepless nights. You've been resisting nVidias latest creation for oh so long. You've been good. But resistance is futile. The rave…

Enermax Laureate Hard Drive Enclosure

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As computer software becomes more complex and more refined, the file size tends to increase. So as computer users we have to move to bigger hard drives and multiple hard drives. Since some cases can only support a few hard…

SunbeamTech Nuuo 550w PSU

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The Nuuo 550 was introduced last fall. It was the first modular PSU to be certified by nVidia for use with SLI. With the mad rush by all PSU manufacturers to get out new models of power supplies suitable for…

Asetek WaterChill Xternal Water Cooling Kuit

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There are many external water cooling kits on the market, but few are as hardcore as the Asetek WaterChill Xternal. This kit has everything needed for a complete water cooling solution. It comes with three waterblocks; one for the CPU,…

Asus EN7600GT Silent

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The nVIDIA 7600GT has been almost universally praised as one of the best mid-ranged video cards out there right now, and a very worthy successor to the fantastic 6600GT, a solution that to this day refuses to die. One of…

S3 Chrome S27 PCI Express Videocard

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If you want to take advantage of Microsoft Vista's fancy Aero Glass visual interface (and by all accounts you really do) the computer must have videocard hardware capable of at least DirectX 9 with a minimum of 64MB on board…

Sapphire X1800XT Performance Edition

@ 2006/05/03 read/post comments(1)
Sapphire burst into the high end graphics arena with both barrels blazing with their X1800XT "Performance Edition". This card delivers 512mb of GDDR3 Memory running at 1.5Ghz, and the powerful R520 core clocked at 700Mhz. This 2 slot high end…

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