ASUS P5B Deluxe with C.G.I. Technology Enhances Multiple-GPU Systems

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Taipei, Taiwan; September 25, 2006 – ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), the worldwide leader of motherboards, today announced the self-developed Cross Graphics Impeller (C.G.I.) technology, which provides a significant performance increase over competing Intel P965/ATI CrossFire motherboards without this advanced innovation.… Go To Full Article

Intel Core 2 Chipset Power Consumption Shootout

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Since the introduction of Intel's 90nm Prescott core, power consumption has been at the forefront of any CPU related discussion. But as both AMD and Intel strive towards introducing more power efficient cores we must turn our attention elsewhere to…

DirectX 10 - What it means to the PC Industry

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We recently had the chance to sit down with Microsoft DirectX 10 guru, Chris Donahue, and ask him some hard-hitting questions about his company's pending release of DirectX 10 and what it means to gamers and PC users at large.

Cheap Dell 20-inch monitor arrives

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The new widescreen 20-inch (20.1-inch viewing area) Dell E207WFP has a 1,680 x 1,050 resolution, five ms response time, and the HDCP support comes from a HDCP-DVI port. It doesn't have the USB hub and further connections that its older…

AMD turns to Nvidia for Quadfather chipset

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NVIDIA will provide the chipset for AMD's 4x4 ‘Quadfather’. The chipset which is as yet unannounced will include two x16 and two x8 PCI-e slots, and AMD was showing off a 4x4 system in its suite. The…

Microsoft Vista licence restrictions hit hardware hard

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SOFTWARE colossus Microsoft has confirmed that licences for its super soar away Vista operating system will be extremely limiting. According to Techweb, the licences will limit the number of times that it is possible to transfer the…

Four 975X Motherboards For Core 2 Duo

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The 975X is Intel's state-of-the-art core logic for high-end desktop and entry-level workstation systems. It supports all socket 775 Pentium 4, Pentium D, Core 2 Solo and Core 2 Duo processors at FSB800 and FSB1066 speeds, and it comes with…

PCI Express Performance: Two Years Later

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With faster hardware and more powerful games, we set out to test the performance improvement x16 PCIe brings over x8. You may be surprised by some of the performance gains we found, and where we saw them in this article!

Samsung Electronics Intros Ultra High-End 30 Inch Display

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Samsung Electronics, a leading consumer electronics company and the world’s leading producer of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), has unveiled the world’s third 30” LCD designed for desktops and workstations. So far, Samsung’s 30” display offers the highest contrast ratio compared…

Matrox Develops New Graphics Chip – Interface Developer

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Matrox Graphics, a developer of graphics processing units for niche markets, is reportedly developing a graphics processing unit made using 90nm process technology. It is unclear whether the company is developing a Microsoft Windows Vista-compatible graphics accelerator. …

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