OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Platinum Edition

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With DDR3 sneaking up on us very rapidly and a lot of memory manufacturers getting in on the action, it was exciting for PC Freaks & Geeks to accept delivery of a memory kit from one of the… Go To Full Article

Glacial power 550watt PSU

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So who should buy this power supply? Or better yet who needs this power supply? If you're new to computers and you want a stable entry level power supply for a computer system that you plan to build with mid… Go To Full Article

PNY 8800 Ultra Review

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There are some advantages to being a reviewer. One of these is getting to review the fastest graphics cards the world has to offer and in the last couple of weeks I've been lucky enough to have a look at… Go To Full Article

Scythe Katana 2 CPU Cooler

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A little over a year ago we took a look at the Scythe Mine CPU Cooler. With three "U" shaped heat pipes rising from the base and a vertically mounted 100mm fan, it is very similar to the Scythe Katana… Go To Full Article

MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo Review

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Overall, the NX8600GT Twin Turbo is an excellent GeForce 8 Series solution for those on a budget. It's a nice step up from a GeForce 7600 GT and will cost around $120-$150 retail, although no official retail price has been… Go To Full Article

First Look at Half Life 2: Episode 2 Performance

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We are working on a full performance and image quality apples-to-apples article comparing the Radeon 2900 XT and GeForce 8 series video cards. Until that is ready we’d like to share with you our first performance experiences with the game… Go To Full Article

640GB PCI Express Flash Drive Costs $19,000

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If a measly 64GB solid state drive just doesn’t cut it for your needs, Fusion-io has a new 640GB flash based hard drive that slips into a PCI-Express x4 slot. Fusion-io promises some very swift speeds from the drive in… Go To Full Article

Intel Eyes 2GHz Memory with XMP Technology.

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Even though a number of memory makers have already released memory modules capable of operating at 1.80GHz, there are no memory modules to break the 2.0GHz barrier nowadays. But this may change soon, as Intel is not only working with… Go To Full Article

OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown hits the brakes on jacked cars

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Although OnStar has offered Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance to its subscribers since 1996, the firm is getting set to add a snazzy new enhancement for 2009 vehicles. The feature, dubbed Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, can use GPS to pinpoint a vehicle… Go To Full Article

Sony's BWU-200S Blu-ray burner reaches 4x speeds

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We know, 4x still isn't all that speedy in the grand scheme of things, but the BWU-200S can still toast BD-R discs twice as fast as last year's BWU-100A. Aside from filling a 50GB BD-R in around 45 minutes, the… Go To Full Article

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