4-Way CPU Cooler Shootout

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Thermalright Ultra90, Thermalright Ultra120, GlacialTech 7700MC and Macs Triumph Deluxe Tec Cooler tested at this german website, the result charts are universal.

NZXT Lexa & Apollo ATX Cases

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Both the Lexa and Apollo cases look great. The Lexa is an all aluminum case with a few plastic parts, and it is extremely light. It weights in at only 13lbs! It has a tool-less design, a large window, &…

Red, green teams merge to form grayish-brown team

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AMD execs expect significant cost savings in certain areas of operational overlap between the two companies—$75 million by the end of 2007 and $125 million by 2008—but also said they do not expect any layoffs as a result of the…

PC inside football case mod - the Bootiful

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I prefer each mod to be different from my previous mods so when Foxconn approached me to ask if I could put a computer inside a football - I thought, why not? As far as I am aware, no one…

Foxconn C51XEM2AA 8EKRS2H

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This review was as much about the Foxconn C51XEM2AA-8EKRS2H, as it was about the new NVIDIA 590 SLI chipset, and I was a bit disappointed to see very little, if any, advantage of the 590 SLI chipset when compared…

AMD + ATI and CPU/GPU integration

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Now that the merger is official, AMD has a set of pages up with information on the combined company's future plans. AMD execs also gave a conference call, in which they covered some of the reasons behind the merger. In…

Leadtek 7900 GTX

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With the Leadtek Winfast PX 7900GTX TDH again one of the fastest nVidia diagram maps comes into the Technic3D editorship. Its that some manufacturers with higher clock rates go on customer catch, one reserves oneself it steadfastly with Leadtek to…

ASUS P5WD2-E Premium

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The P5WD2-E Premium is ASUS' flagship LGA775 motherboard from the AI Lifestyle Series. Improving on their fanless and quiet design, we see if ASUS hits the silent target with this board.

AMD and ATI merging: good or bad for consumers?

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Forum regular goingpostale1 wants to knox what you think of the ATI & AMD merger.

All 3DMark records broken by one -80°C Chilled 7900GTX+Core 2 Setup

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3DMark06 test platform configuration : * Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 @ 12 x 396FSB (1066 Strap) -> 4754MHz [-90C Cascade Cooled] * Intel D975XBX : vCore 1.7v and 2.7v VDimm, Vmch 1.85v * GSKill…

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