Galaxy show off dual core 7600GT

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But new for Computex 2006 is the 7600GT Dual Core which, just like its bigger brother, features two 256Mb DDR3 memory arrays, one for each core. Built on a six layer PCB, the 7600GT Dual Core comes in with a…

nVidia GeForce 7950GX2 overclocked by XFX

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Only a couple days ago at Computex, nVidia launched GeForce 7950GX2 - we all know about it, we even knew about them before the 7900GX2 was available but just how good is nVidia’s second attempt at SLI on a “single…

Lite-On does Blu-ray

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OPTICAL DISK FIRM Lite-On plans to launch a Blu-ray disc drive in the UK this August. The firm said production kicks off this summer, with its first drive, the LH-2B1S, set to arrive in the UK in August…

Gigabyte Displays i-Ram Successor

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At Computex 2006 this year, Gigabyte is displaying the successor to its i-RAM storage device, the GC-RAMDISK. Gone is the PCI slot power interface and instead Gigabyte has made the GC-RAMDISK a 5.25” drive bay that relies on power from…

Core 2 Duo E6600 vs Athlon FX-62 in 3Dmark06/Sandra/Q4

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Being across the world in Taipei at Computex presents many interesting and unique opportunities. One of these was our chance to sit down with an Intel Core2 Duo system - with no Intel representatives around. We had several unsupervised hours…

Thermaltake Matrix VX Case

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While solo gaming has its moments, there is just something about group gaming that makes computer games much more fun. By group gaming, I am of course talking about LAN parties (big or small). Logically, if you want to build…

Silverstone LC20M case

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This raises my first concerns about this case: its size. It?s basically a mid-tower turned on its side, which makes it quite deep compared to standard A/V equipment. While this means there's plenty of room in the case for large…

ECS KN2 SLI Extreme - NVIDIA nForce4 SLI X16 (Socket 939)

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Frankly speaking, the new ECS product surprised our seasoned staff in the platform department of our web site so much that some of them expressed quite radical opinions — not to test this motherboard at all. You can see the…

NVIDIA Geforce 7950GX2 tested in QuadSLI config

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While the general characteristics of the card are similar, 7950GX2 is not meant to be a part of a QuadSLI system. It will be offered on the retail market as a single card, and at least for now QuadSLI won’t…

Scythe Mine (SCMN-1000) CPU Cooler

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Today HardwareLogic takes at the latest CPU cooler from Scythe, maker of high quality cooling solutions. The Scythe Mine (SCMN-1000) features a 100mm fan sandwiched between three heat pipes and soldered aluminum fins. While not the silent…

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