Three Dee Power Socket

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One plug is not enough. In the USA, two is not enough. Everywhere in the world, basically, more power plugs are needed. So what did ArtLeb do? They built it into the plug itself, rather than relying on the ever-present… Go To Full Article

DDR2 "shortage" causes DRAM prices to soar

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Contract prices of DDR2 memory chips lifted by nearly 14 percent in the first half of this month due to a shortage of the chips. That's according to DRAM Exchange, which said the benchmark price is now $41, up from… Go To Full Article

Intel Plans “Fast” Transition to Next-Generation Atom Platform

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Intel Corp. will reveal more details about its next-generation Intel Atom platform for netbooks and nettops on the 21st of December ’09 and computers makers will launch actual systems powered by Intel Atom N450 and derivatives on the 4th of… Go To Full Article

Nvidia's Huang shoots down x86 CPU rumors

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Once again last week, the rumor mill began grinding away about the possibility of Nvidia developing an x86 microprocessor. And, once again, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has shot down the speculation. CNet News got the official line from Huang during… Go To Full Article

Three flavors of NVIDIA's Fermi GPU Coming in 2010?

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Next year is going to be an interesting first quarter because in fact, we will need more than ever dies in Q1. And the reason for that is because - and I mean more 40-nanometer wafers than ever because we… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte M1305 gets docking station with discrete GeForce GPU

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Gigabyte has been moving slowly on the ultramobile market but now it looks to take things up a notch with Booktop M1305. With 13.3" display Gigabyte puts its faith in one of the more popular formfactors and performance varies form… Go To Full Article

New versions of AMD OverDrive and FRAPS

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A couple of program updates interesting to enthusiasts and overclockers have been released. First of all, AMD has released the latest version of its overclocking and tweaking tool OverDrive. AMD OverDrive 3.1 supports all Evergreen graphics cards on the market,… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte EX58-EXTREME 2 renamed to X58A-UD7

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As its release (which remains unconfirmed) is closing in, Gigabyte's latest high-end X58 motherboard, the EX58-EXTREME 2, has changed its name and is now officially known as GA-X58A-UD7. First seen a couple of weeks ago, the board is equipped with… Go To Full Article

Intel's Custom Desktop Challenge 7 Days Left - Competition Heats Up

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The Intel Core Custom Challenge will end next week, November 16. Make sure you share your case mod before the end… Go To Full Article

HIS Radeon HD4890 iCooler x4 Videocard Review

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The HD4890 iCooler x4 edition from HIS can be easily summed up as a performance bargain for US$179 at the time of this review. For those not interested in DX11 gaming and its related expensive videocards, the HD4890 is still… Go To Full Article

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