I am convinced AMD will buy ATI

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I AM NOW UTTERLY convinced that AMD will buy or merge with ATI, and I am also nearly as convinced that it will happen as soon as Computex, which opens today. If someone came to me and said 'Guess what…

300W GPUs, Conroe, HDMI Video Cards and Lots of Motherboards

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It’s almost like we say this every year, but Computex hasn’t even officially started yet and we already have a lot to talk about. Everything from the power requirements of next year’s GPUs from ATI and NVIDIA to the excitement…

Samsung Q1 Origami going for AMD

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So far, there is exactly one UMPC out on the market: the Samsung Q1. Although the hardware specs are interesting: a 900MHz Intel Celerom M ULV, integrated Intel 915 graphics, 20-60GB of storage, and a 7" 800x480 LCD, uptake has…

Socket F Opteron Servers and Motherboards

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Motherboard and server manufacturers have been showing off new motherboards and servers designed for the new AMD socket F architecture at Computex. AMD socket F processors are based on an LGA-1207 socket design and uses DDR2 memory. Socket F processors…

ATI shows off GPU physics

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Marketing terminology aside, they are supporting Havok with the Havok FX physics on the GPU API. If the numbers they showed today hold up to public scrutiny, ATI may be a day late, but they don't look to be a…

Details on new products from Gigabyte, ECS and Corsair

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We'll be covering the basics of the core of your system, and sitting down with Gigabyte, ECS and Corsair, talking about all sorts of future issues and potential things, such as support for the Conroe chip on current and future…

A-DATA DDR3 Memory

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A-DATA is one of the first memory manufacturers to show off DDR3 memory. Even though it is still a while away, this is a good step to be able to deliver once the platforms start appearing - which will be…

HIS Radeon X1300 IceQ Turbo 256MB DDR2 PCI Express Video Card

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Just over a week ago we reviewed HIS' X1800GTO and Connect3D's X1800GTO graphic cards. Both cards are priced under $200USD placing them in the high-end of the budget card price spectrum. This week we turn to the other end of…

Samsung SyncMaster 770P LCD Monitor

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My first impressions while examining the 770P were in regards to the ergonomics. The flexibility that the 'Magic Stand' offers is unparalleled--the panel can be manipulated into just about any position imaginable

SiSoftware Sandra 2007 Business Edition

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Say Hello to the new Sandra, no my girlfriend didn't get a makeover; I'm talking about SiSoft's Sandra software. Most people out there now of Sandra in one way or another, if you read reviews then you have seen Sandra's…

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