Scythe Shogun CPU Cooler

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Further High ending a radiator in the Tower Design Scythe is in the trade of the radiator company renowned in the meantime. It should be settled according to Scythe even still above the outstanding Ninja radiators. Technic3D looked at itself…

Jetart Storm 2 VC1000 VGA Cooler

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The temperature loss that the Storm 2 managed to achieve isn't ground breaking but I think that if you have the best card, then you are going to be looking at forcing every last penny you spent to do the…

More Battlefield 2142 Information

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Battlefield 2142 will be based on a tweaked Battlefield 2 engine. There are some new rendering features being added such as new lighting effects. No Floating Point HDR however. While there is currently support for Shader Model 3.0 they have… Go To Full Article

ASUS GeForce 7900GT Top

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Priced at around the $350 dollar mark, the ASUS 7900GT Top edition comes clocked at 520MHz Core on the GPU and 720MHz for the memory speed. Top this off with a 256-bit memory interface and you have the makings for…

Dual Core Pentium D 930

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We've had no problem at all running it at 4.125GHz, at stock Vcore, with the stock heatsing/fan. Yes, stock everything yielded an excellent near 1GHz overclock and was stable throughout all of our benchmarks. To me, that's an amazing overclock…

AMD and Intel's Rush Efforts Aren't Impressing

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According to DigiTimes, Intel and AMD's efforts to step up the launch of their Core and AM2 products respectively aren't causing many industry leaders in Taiwan to stand up and take notice. Intel announced yesterday that it is making efforts…

Download movies legally $29.99, get the headache for free!

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7:53 – Thank God for old fashioned pen and paper. I rewrite my notes as my laptop restarts. 7:56 – I’m up and running again and now I get a new dialog box. I click through some “next” and “OK”…

Share Wifi With Your Neighbor So You Can Both Surf Twice As Fast

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researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign want you and your neighbors to get together and share your WiFi signal in a method that supposedly delivers better performance to each individual user.

Choosing Graphics and TV Cards for Home Theater PCs

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HTPC hardware choices sometimes suffer from what math wizards like to call overdetermination. In plain English, this means they are subject to enough constraints to make simple, no-brainer solutions hard, and sometimes impossible. This is particularly true for graphics and…

Storage devices will be made of water

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BOFFINS at the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University and Harvard University have come up with an idea for a storage device which involves some nano-structures and a bit of water.

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