ATI to use NVIDIA SLI-like bridge - Product Pictured

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The new RV560 and RV570 80nm parts will launch in August and September of 2006 and integrate the CrossFire compositing logic onboard. This will allow dongle-less CrossFire compatibility with CrossFire capable motherboards. Dongle-less CrossFire will not move all data across…

Lian-Li PC-V300 Cube Case

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Two worlds collide--the unequaled quality of Lian-Li meets the "Zen Cubists" who populate the ever growing (or is that shrinking?) Small Form Factor scene. Is the PC-V300 simply a confused cube, an uber elegant LAN box, or a 50's era…

Sapphire ATI X1600XT vs MSI NVIDIA 7600GS

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Sapphire has a new Radeon X1600XT video card which has a passive cooler with a twist, while MSI has a new GeForce 7600 GS card with a passive cooler. Both support video acceleration and HD playback - which one should…

Inno3D GeForce 7600GST

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Every gamer wants the best frame rate at the highest resolution possible with as many bells and whistles enabled as their video card can handle. However, not every gamer has an unlimited budget with which they can buy a 7900GTX,…

AOpen EZ482 Barebone System

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The EZ482 comes with a PSU that, according to the specs, delivers 275W. Having a powerful PSU is, as most that overclock know, a condition for overclocking. If the PSU can't handle the power increase from the overclock, the result…

Shuttle M2000 XPC Media Center

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I really like Shuttle as far as its products are concerned, at least majority of the time. The designs are pure and they really are an independent company that couldn’t care less about its competition (not openly,…

Leadtek stays in the 3D game

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WE HAD a chance to meet up with some nice chaps from Leadtek, one of the very successful extended arms of Foxconn and we can now confirm that the company will continue to offer various graphic cards. Jen Hsun, the…

Price Guide, June 2006: Storage

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Welcome back to another edition of our famous weekly price guides. We're here this weekend to bring you the latest information regarding many storage options that are available, covering everything from SATA drives to SCSI to DVDRs. If this is…

Micro Cool NorthPole XE Whisper Cooler

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When enthusiasts and overclockers are looking to upgrade their cooling solutions, priority is given to the CPU cooler and quite often the Northbridge is overlooked. The Northbridge chip is a vital part of a computers operation. It…

Cash Box case mod

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With his first ever case mod em3bilko took what we all know about our money eating machines and created a mod that represents the meaning of PC's with Cash Box. What an approbate name for a case mod as we…

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