ATI RV610 and RV630 are 65 nanometre parts

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Low/Mid-end range of ATI will be cheaper to produce and run cooler at 65nm "They plan an April production of their 65 nanometre parts. Nvidia's G84 and G86 mainstream and low-end chips are still at 80 nanometre… Go To Full Article

Demystifying Display Connectors

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VGA? Easy one. DVI, not too hard, HDMI, UDI, DisplayPort? All you need to know about these different connectors in this article: "Most of my monitors are 19-inch CRT monsters. They do what I need them to… Go To Full Article

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Protections Fully Broken

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This interesting is from Slashdot: "The processing keys for the AACS encryption scheme used by both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray video discs have been extracted, and a crack has been released. What this means is that there is… Go To Full Article

First Holographic HD shipped - only $18.000 for 300GB

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I think this one is still for high end customers "InPhase Technologies has begun bulk shipping of its 300GB holographic storage disks and drives, the firm said yesterday. The Tapestry HDS-300R… Go To Full Article

Large storage, small size: 3x 2.5" Hard Drives Tested

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Xbit Labs throws their battery of HDD benchmarks at these laptop ready HDDs: "120GB models seem to be the most interesting option right now among hard disk drives of the 2.5” form-factor. Currently offered by all the… Go To Full Article

Swiftech has Thermoelectric Waterblock for Intel Core 2

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Swiftech™ introduces the MCW6500-T thermoelectric CPU water-block for Intel® Core 2 processors Rouchon Industries, Inc. dba Swiftech™ today announced the release of the…

Sparkle releases overclocked Geforce 8800 GTS 320Mb TEC Cooled

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Taipei, Taiwan – February 12, 2007 - SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., the professional VGA card manufacturer and supplier, today proudly announces Calibre P880LV Graphic Card , powered by NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS GPU with 320MB unparalleled high speed video memory. Calibre… Go To Full Article

Computer Recycling - Where Should Old Computers Go?

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I still have my Pentium I 200MMX, although I must admit that my 486DX/2 is no longer among the living "Lets be honest with ourselves for a moment. In the long… Go To Full Article

Review Overview 13/02 PM

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- Akasa Integral LAN External HDD Case (DE) - SilverStone NS311 NAS 3.5" HDD enclosure - Asus M2-CROSSHAIR Socket AM2 nForce 590 SLI Motherboard -

ATI Radeon R600XTX Retail Version "rendered"

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The retail version of the R600XTX is smaller than the 8800 GTX, so (in theory) no fitting issues are to be expected, at 24cm long, it will go inside medium towers without hassle: <center><img src= ></center>… Go To Full Article

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