NVIDIA nForce Pro Sighted at Computex - Server Grade Chipset

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Several weeks ago, DailyTech reported on preliminary information about NVIDIA's upcoming nForce Pro chipset, which while not entirely different from its current nForce platform, does have some features that put it into the workstation category. At Computex…

Seagate Reveals Hybrid Hard Disk Drive - with Flash Cache

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Seagate Technology, the global largest maker of hard disk drives (HDDs), on Wednesday unveiled the world’s first hard drive featuring large flash memory cache, which allows to improve boot up speed, performance as well as battery life of mobile computers.…

DDR 3 for desktop to come second half of 2007

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DON'T hold your breath for the new memory standards. Despite there are some engineering DDR 3 memory samples floating around it won't be until 2007 till you see this new memory in action.

Intel gets deeper into graphics

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WE DON’T have many details but we can confirm that Intel wants more of the graphic business pie. Several very high ranking graphic players confirmed that Intel plans to get back in a discrete graphic business. Intel…

Seagate has New Hard Disk Drive that Encrypts Data

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The leading hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturer Seagate Technology has introduced its new hard disk drive for mobile computers that can automatically encrypt the data stored on it. Even though modern laptops can provide pretty advanced access protection mechanisms, for…

6 High End Headphones from Shure and Audio-Technica

@ 2006/06/08 read/post comments(1) just finished reviewing 3 headphones from Shure and 3 headphones from Audio-Technica. Ranging from a mere $170 up to a heady $550, Harvey takes a look at what the world of audiophile headphones bring to the table for consumer…

Aquacomputer Aquatube res + Aquadrive dual HDD cooler

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Well on the Aquatube side of things I was really impressed, the overall build quality on both items was superb. Then add to that they both actually done the task they were meant for really well and both devices are…

Sapphire Ultimate x1600 PRO 256MB Graphics Card

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So if you are in the market for a good graphics card and don't want to break the bank, give the Sapphire Ultimate X1600 PRO a try. It's a good quality card that will play just about any of the…

Scythe Mine (SCMN-1000) CPU Cooler

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In an ever-ending quest to find true silence, I have previously used watercooling, but today fans and cooling solutions have progressed to their its max and aircooling is becoming just as silent. Zalman is a leader in this industry, but…

OCZ 2GB PC2-6400 Special Ops Edition

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Are you into combat games? Of course you are. Battlefield II, Call of Duty II... they are all over. OCZ has just released a new kit with their XTC spreader dressed up in some camouflaged. Because these are value modules,…

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