Oblong's g-speak: the 'Minority Report' OS brought to life

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If you've been waiting for that Minority Report-style interface to really come to fruition, you can finally exhale. One of the science advisors from the Steven Spielberg film -- along with a team of other zany visionaries -- has created… Go To Full Article

Intel X25-E Performance Numbers Pop Up

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200+Mb/s write speeds... now put them in RAID0: 500+Mb/s read speeds...… Go To Full Article

OCCT Perestroika (BETA) Released

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What's new ? * CPU OCCT : The classical OCCT CPU tests. The modes "CPU, RAM, and Mix" have been renamed to match more closely their roles to "Low, Medium and Large data sets". * Linpack :… Go To Full Article

6GHz Phenom II Overclock on LN2, 5Ghz on Dry Ice

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As we all know, the Phenom II will be AMD's second 45 nm part (the first is officially the Shanghai server part) that is scheduled to hit Q1 09. This heavily redesigned processor based on the Phenom architecture has already… Go To Full Article

Thermalright Ultra Extreme Copper CPU Cooler Review

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The TRUE Copper continues Thermalright’s dominance in the field of air cooling. With that said, it is important to point out a couple of key points. First, if you have the original Ultra-120 there is little reason to upgrade as… Go To Full Article

[M] NZXT Tempest Airflow King ATX Case Review

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Equipped with two 140mm and four 120mm fans this case from NZXT is build to provide a maximum of airflow to the components installed inside. It is a mid-sized tower case with enough room to fit high end VGA cards… Go To Full Article

ATI to respond with a performance driver

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We've learned that within two to three weeks time, ATI might have a new driver to counter Nvidia's 180 series. Nvidia’s 180 driver ends up significantly faster than ATI’s Radeon HD 4870 in top five, Nvidia picked… Go To Full Article

AMD working on 22nm chips

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The Foundry Company is playing with the distant future, 22nm chips that should come at some point in 2012. We decided to assume that AMD will be able to hold it two year transition schedule and if all goes well… Go To Full Article

USB Drive with eSATA Connector

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Get lightning fast performance with the Kanguru e-Flash, the first flash drive to feature eSATA (External Serial ATA) connectivity. In addition to eSATA, the Kanguru e-Flash also contains a USB2.0 connection for universal connectivity to virtually any computer. Go To Full Article

Samsung 256GB SSD raises the bar

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SAMSUNG HAS STARTED mass producing 256GB solid state drives, trumping all other high capacity SSDs currently found in the laptop segment of the market. Samsung, which already supplies 64GB and 128GB SSDs for laptops, reckons its new… Go To Full Article

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