GPUs are a dying breed

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according to the steam survey the here, only 2.28% have 1920 capable monitors. The 'other' category that includes 30" 2560 * 1600 beasts as well as a few oddballs like the 1366 * 768 of the laptop I am on… Go To Full Article

Cellshock DDR2 1066 MHz CL5 2 GB Kit

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Cellshock is a newer brand which offers uncompromising quality. This can already be felt and seen when you take a close look at the massive heatspreaders which use real thermal paste and are secured by hex screws. The 1066 MHz… Go To Full Article

Game of the Year Awards 2007

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One could say that 2007 has been one of the best years for video gamers. Or, more accurately: it's been a great coulpe of months. Most of the great video games this year, regardless of the platform,… Go To Full Article

NZXT Rogue Small Form Factor Gaming Chassis

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The NZXT Rogue Small Form Factor Gaming Chassis puts an interesting twist on the concept of a small form factor design. The stylish Aluminum chassis is well made, and includes a variety of interesting features such as a removable motherboard… Go To Full Article

ASUS Radeon EAH3850 TOP Graphics Card

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The 3850 seems to be a bit of a silent card in the sense that we haven’t heard too much about it since its release; everyone is so wrapped up in the 8800GT that people are beginning to forget what… Go To Full Article

Ultra ULT40064 X3 1000 Watt Power Supply

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Over the last year or so the 'Bigger is Better' philosophy has permeated the development plans of almost every power supply manufacturer. This mentality is due in no small part to the significant increases in power demands of today's high-end… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II Chipset Cooler Review

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Personally, I feel that the only time you should ever have to worry about Northbridge temperature is while overclocking. I've never had a big problem with NB temps while overclocking, but I'm not really into the extreme stuff. Even with… Go To Full Article

Hiper HPU-4M880 & HPU-4M630 Type M PSU's

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: Next generation platforms and high performance graphics cards are essential to modern gamers and hardware enthusiasts, just as much as the new software designed to use them. Hiper has been providing performance systems with stable power for quite some… Go To Full Article

Icrontic's EPIC Socket 775/AM2 Heatsink Roundup

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Today, Icrontic has released our very own EPIC Socket 775/AM2 Heatsink Roundup; the first of our EPIC reviews, and a showcase story for our redesigned front page. Our main man Mike D threw six performers from Scythe, Coolink, Tuniq and… Go To Full Article

Thermalright MST-9775 LE Intel Heatsink Review

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The Thermalright MST-9775 LE is an Intel Core 2 Duo socket 775 heatsink designed with motherboards whose MOSFET cooling solutions are a little too bulky and too close the processor socket. It circumvents obvious problems of clearance by elevating the… Go To Full Article

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