Coolermaster iGreen 430W PSU

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I’ve never really seen Coolermaster as a PSU manufacturer; but today I’m testing one of their new energy and money saving units that should help save the planet and your pennies. However, has this energy efficiency sacrificed stable rails and…

Silverstone Strider 600W PSU

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With the introduction of power hungry video setups like Crossfire and SLI, having a PSU that does what it says on the tin is more important than ever. We have borrowed one of the most demanding PC configurations known to…

ATI Radeon X1950 Announced (Photo of reference cooler inside)

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Radeon X1950 at launch will come in two flavors: a high clock "XTX" version, and a CrossFire version. Both cards feature 512MB GDDR4, and the only major difference between the two is that the CrossFire X1950 houses the composite engine…

AMD Set to Acquire ATI for $5.5 – $5.6 Billion

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Advanced Micro Devices and ATI Technologies are expected to announce the deal, under which the former is to acquire the latter for $5.5 or $5.6 billion. The deal may be announced in just a few days, according to reports.

No Quad-Core Chips from AMD Till Mid-2007

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Advanced Micro Devices said during its second quarter of fiscal 2006 conference call that it would not launch quad-core processors till the middle of next year, but will showcase such chips by the end of 2006. This confirms earlier unofficial…

Abit Recalls Premium-Class Mainboards

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The U.S. branch of Universal Abit, a new maker of mainboards formed from the well known Abit Computer, said it would recall certain of its latest enthusiast-class mainboards due to improper installation of cooler, which may have cause overheating of…

Arctic Cooling Alpine HSF

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Processors are getting cooler, and giant tower behemoths are not needed to cool 35W processors. While the overclocking market will always ensure a place for heatsink/fans that can deal with >100W of CPU heat, most of us don't need that…

Zalman CNPS8000 and Scythe Mine

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In this article we will introduce to you Zalman CNPS8000 and Scythe Mine (SCMN-1000) coolers and compare their performance with some already tested models. We will also check how much noise they make, how easy they are to install, and…

CoolerMaster CoolDrive Lite (Silver)

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It is a well-established fact that within a PC environment, higher internal temperatures can lead to anomalous behavior, or worse - system failure. Additionally, most people don't realize how warm hard drives can actually get during normal operation. To…

Zalman CNPS8000 Low Profile CPU Cooler

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Zalman is a name we all know for those crazy heatsink designs. Well those designs may be crazy, but they work extremely well. The last time I took a look at a CPU cooler from Zalman was back in 2002…

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