[M] Silverstone TJ09 Temjin Tower Case Review

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We test the TJ09 high end enclosure from Silverstone "With the TJ09 Silverstone is focusing on airflow to dissipate the heat of Dual/Quad core processors and especially high end VGA cards. Their design is classic elegant with… Go To Full Article

Firefox 3 Alpha 2 Preview

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Firefox convinced me that tabbed browsing is the way forward, how will Firefox 3 improve on the experience? This article has some details on the improvements being made: "While this alpha may have some memory leaks, I… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA planning Geforce 8900 ?

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The Inquirer thinks so, an overclocked G80 and a new set of drivers, enough to keep the R600 at bay? "We don’t know how much further Nvidia can push the G80 chip but it obviously has some… Go To Full Article

The INQ goes on the trail of Chinese pirates

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Great first hand report about the availability of illegal copies from software, movies and more "This Spring Festival is sort of special. Not only is the year of the Golden Pig coming, but the government in Beijing… Go To Full Article

Picture of R600 based Radeon X2800 Spotted

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VR-Zone has the scoop: "VR-Zone has learned about some new details on 80nm R600 today and there will be 2 SKUs at launch; XTX and XT. There will be 2 versions of R600XTX; one is for OEM/SI… Go To Full Article

AMD plans an absolute GPGPU monster

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Professional GFX card derived from the R600 core, not for everyone: "ATI is preparing something really, really special. If it manages to pull it off, it will be a breakthrough even Captain Hook couldn't have dreamt of.… Go To Full Article

Fastest ATI R600 to have water cooling

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Things are getting crazy when you need water cooling on a VGA card to run at ´stock speeds´. The radiator/pump will be integrated into an all-in-one design; from past experience, this doesn't bode well for noise/performance ratio. … Go To Full Article

2GB Memory Modules to Go Mainstream in 2008

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No 4Gb systems for the masses yet: "Due to limited availability and, consequently, high price-point, 1Gb memory chips are not in high demand among makers of memory modules. As a result, systems with 4GB of memory will… Go To Full Article

OCZ Unveils New PC2-6400 Flex XLC CAS 3 Series

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OCZ Technology Addresses Enthusiasts’ Needs for Low-Latency 800MHz DDR2 and Unveils the New PC2-6400 Flex XLC CAS 3 Series Sunnyvale, CA—February 8,… Go To Full Article

Review Overview 09/02 PM

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- HIS Radeon X1650 XT IceQ Turbo and Radeon X1650 XT iSilence II - Sapphire X1950 XTX Toxic (DE) - GeForce 7950 GT: 256MB or 512MB? -

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