In Win Dragon Slayer PC Case Review

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PC Case designs have come a long way from the beige boxes from the previous century. Thanks to the modding and gaming scenes, manufacturers try to lure in new customers with sleek and innovative designs that not only allow your… Go To Full Article

HIS Radeon HD 6870 1GB Video Card in Crossfire

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We've looked at the HD 6850 in Crossfire and that's all great, but now it's time to get down to business and while the HD 6870 isn't going to be the top single GPU card from AMD (that's reserved for… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte H55N-USB3: De Facto LGA1156 Mini-ITX Board?

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We consider the motherboard to be one of the most important components in a PC build. It is the heart of the system, not just because everything plugs into it, but because it determines what hardware can be used, essentially… Go To Full Article

Hacked Kaspersky server deploys scareware

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Last Sunday, for a period of almost four hours, the US site of anti-virus vendor Kaspersky ( deployed scareware on visitors' computers. When asked about the incident by the media, Kaspersky confirmed that it was indeed attacked. Users trying to… Go To Full Article

TechRestore offers MacBook Air matte screen replacements for $249

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The new MacBook Airs may have a lot of things going for them, but a matte screen unfortunately isn't among them. The folks at TechRestore now say they have a solution to that shortcoming, however, and will gladly rip apart… Go To Full Article

AMD breaks it's own naming scheme with the 6870

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This isn't by any means a G92 like debacle, if you recall that chip went from the 8800 to 9800 to 250GT to 300-something without anything more than an optical shrink. AMD just does a little name inflation that they… Go To Full Article

Microsoft bans XP from new installs on netbooks

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If you're a big fan of XP - or more likely an enthusiastic preferrer of it over Vista who has yet to move every application, desktop, laptop, tablet and tucked-off-in-a-corner obsolete PC acting as a firewall or spam filter --… Go To Full Article

IE9 is the IE6 of CSS3

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There, I said it. Microsoft has been bombarding the media with claims about how much better IE9 is than all the other browsers, more HTML5 and CSS3 compliant than any other browser that ever existing and ever will. It’s the… Go To Full Article

Catalyst 10.10 drivers add stereoscopic 3D goodies

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The Catalyst 10.10 release panders to stereoscopic 3D fans. It introduces Blu-ray 3D support, which works only on the new 6800-series cards, as well as "Stereo 3D" gaming capabilities, which are available for both 5000- and 6800-series Radeons. The Stereo… Go To Full Article

Some Radeon 6850 "press samples" shipped with too many shaders enabled

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One major issue with the sample I received was that it came with 1120 shaders enabled. The HD 6850 specification requires 960 shaders. Unfortunately neither HIS, nor AMD could provide help with getting the board fixed so I had to… Go To Full Article

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