Cooler Master Mars and Eclipse CPU Coolers

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Both of these coolers feature unique designs which definitely grab your attention, as well as providing respectable cooling performance. The Eclipse and Mars coolers performed much better than the stock AMD CPU cooler, and allowed an AMD X2 4200 AM2…

Three HDMI Graphics Cards Tested on LCD TV

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Video technology hasn’t been quite as in parallel, however. True AV hardware has been using high-definition component and HDMI technology for some time, while the best that HTPC’s could manage was S-Video. So the options have been to either get…

Coolermaster Hyper UC CPU Cooler

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With the hyper UC a further radiator from the house Coolermaster gets ready to to prove on the test system of Technic3D a its being able. It concerns a further Tower radiator with Heatpipe technology. The responding optics is additionally…

Antec Earth Watts: Green Computing Hits Mainstream

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Antec's Earth Watts is not the first envronmentally friendly power supply we've looked at but Antec's market clout is unmatched, so the release of the Earth Watts suggests that Green computing is going mainstream. What makes it environmentally friendly? Why…

Halloween Case Mod

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Once again it’s Halloween and it's time for ‘trick or treat’. This year’s treat is Rock's award-winning Extreme 64 power notebook, modded straight to hell. Say hello to project ‘Scorched Earth’.

AMD x86 Microprocessor Market Share Continues to Soar

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Advanced Micro Devices has set another record for itself in terms of x86 processors market share by supplying 23.3% of all chips thanks to increased shipments of AMD Turion 64-series of microprocessors for mobile computers. Intel Corp. has already gained…

eVGA BlackPearl 7950GX2 Water Cooled Video Card

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he characteristic of this chart is to be delivered with a waterblock origin set up in factory, I should say two waterblocks since NVIDIA 7950GX2 gathers on only one and even physical chart two graphics processors. The interest is to…

abit AW9D-Max Motherboard

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Intel is set shortly to announce their first Quad Core CPUs, according to their roadmaps. abit has assured me that the AW9D-MAX will support the Kentsfield CPUs. The AW9D-Max is an interesting mix of a 975X motherboard performance-wise, plus the…

AA Batteries that recharge in your USB port!

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The concept is ingenious and one can only wonder why it’s taken this long for somebody to come out with them. Invented by a company called Moixa, the founder of which incidentally also created the foldable keyboard for PDAs, the…

MACS working on TEC powered Air Cooling for your Video Card

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We received some interesting information from MACS, the makers of the recently reviewed TEC CPU Cooler. They are concentrating on making the TEC cooler work for VGA cards, the TEC is rated up to 18W and is…

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