Intel takes axe to Pentium D prices

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Intel has slashed the prices of its desktop Pentium D processors by up to 50 per cent following the introduction of the 3.6GHz Pentium D 960. The chip giant also cut the prices of its Celeron D products, and tweaked…

Raptor X HDD from Western Digital: Only the "Naked" Truth

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Today we would like to introduce to you a new member of the successful Raptor hard disk drive family from Western Digital. This new HDD with 150GB storage capacity demonstrated superior performance in a single-user environment. Besides, it features a…

ASUS EAX1600XT Silent Video Card

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ASUS has put together an excellent package with the X1600XT Silent. You get totally silent operation, the features you expect from a video card today and the performance to play games like Oblivion and F.E.A.R. at medium resolutions and settings.…

Merom against Yonah: Overclocking Duel

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So, We are no surprise that T7400 is better than T2600 under same speed. However, there are FSB limited for it. For T2600 we can easy overclocking to FSB250 but for Merom the max FSB is about 225. We don't…

The AGEIA-Havok Debate

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However, Havok is not letting AGEIA off the hook and earlier this week their marketing manager sent over to FiringSquad some comments and claims about the AGEIA support for Advanced Warfighter. For people who did not see our original post,… Go To Full Article

HIS X1800GTO Turbo 256MB Video Card

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Need to get in the game, but don't want to break the bank? Well, this video card offers great performance and features at an affordable price. The core speed on this product is 520MHz, which is 20MHz over the default…

PowerColor X1900 GT Video Card Benchmarked

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Original it was to be introduced by ATI planned the diagram map on 09 May 2006. Surprisingly shifted one the date on today's 05 May and came in such a way also we from Technic3D somewhat under time pressure. How…

Etasis EFN-560 Watt

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After some power packs from the category power station for the Overclocker and performance friends, we were concerned in this test report with a power pack, whose target group rather the Ultra silent friends are. With the Etasis 0dB-Silence power…

Cooler Master Centurion 534 Case

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The eye candy for this particular model is the brushed aluminum front bezel and emphasis on good air flow. The Centurion 534 includes a special mesh design that is located on the left and right hand sides of…

TPUBench - Benchmarking Frontend

@ 2006/05/05 read/post comments(3)
TPUBench is an application which will help you automate your benchmarking process. Main Features * Fully automated benchmarking and harvesting of results * Easy script-based interface * Plugins for industry-standard benchmarks available.

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