Tagan ITZ 1300 Watt Power Supply

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Today, we at Bjorn3D are going to be reviewing one of the latest solutions reputed to satisfy the needs of these power hungry systems; the Tagan TG1300-U33 ITZ 1300 Watt power supply. Our pre-review enthusiasm for this product went through… Go To Full Article

Seasonic S12II 500W Power Supply

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Seasonic, the first company to produce an 80 PLUS certified power supply, has a new line of consumer-level power supplies called "S12II." S12II is the next generation of its S12 line, and is aimed at the business and home use… Go To Full Article

OCZ ModXStream 780W Modular Power Supply

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Today on the review block is OCZ's ModXStream power supply, a more advanced version of the GameXStream. We previously reviewed their GameXStream and were extremely happy with the performance of the unit, the amount of connections it provided and its… Go To Full Article

Low Power Server CPU Redux: Quad-Core Comes to Play

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Since this article is focused on low power parts and that market is mostly focused on Performance/Watt, we decided we would only report results with all power management features enabled. To configure our servers with all power management features on,… Go To Full Article

TV Torrents - When Piracy Is Easier Than Purchase

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NBC's recent withdraw from the iTunes store leaves the millions of users of Apple iPods without a legitimate way to purchase and watch NBC's content. Could this be the push that brings easy-to-use 'piracy' to the masses? This article discusses… Go To Full Article

Windows Update pushes out "stealth" updates, Microsoft explains

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Microsoft kicked up a bit of a stir recently, when it began what appeared to be a practice of updating files on individuals' computers even when they had turned off the automatic update feature in Windows XP and Vista. That… Go To Full Article

Silverstone FN122 and FM83

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Over the last few years Silverstone have produced some of the top enthusiast cases and power supplies around and have brought their touch to each one. Another product they take a lot of pride in, is their fans. Today I… Go To Full Article

Sunbeamtech Freezing Storm Case

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These last few weeks I have been working hard on a couple of Sunbeamtech cases. The first one we are going to take a good look at is the Freezing Storm. The case comes with numerous 120mm fans,… Go To Full Article

MSI Media Tour 2007 Shanghai (Part 1)

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This week, MSI invited some 50 journalists from all over the world to visit its notebook and motherboard factory just outside of Shanghai in China and TweakTown was one of the lucky publications that got to attend the media tour… Go To Full Article

CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 Case

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The Cosmos 1000 is a really easy case to work with as it has many ergonomic aspects to it that help alleviate stress during a system build. Being tool-less in its design means that 98% of the installation will not… Go To Full Article

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