More Headaches from Vista Security

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Windows Vista may have some serious headaches in store for corporate users with third-party authentication systems like VPNs. From the article: "ISVs say rewriting their code for the new architecture will produce headaches that will extend to their customers that…

Thermaltake Aguila Aluminium Case

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Thermaltake have made a great case, unfortunately they have made it so that any DFI owner who chooses to use DFI’s audio module (and there are a lot of us) can’t use a rear fan, on the inside of the…

Powercolor Radeon X1900GT takes on Gainward 7900 GT

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Based on what we've seen Radeon X1900 GT is a good card but it simply cannot keep up with Gainward's 7900 GT card. The Nvidia-powered card simply runs faster and twelve pipes of R580 chip at 585MHz just cannot keep…

Silicon Graphics filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

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BOSTON, May 8 (Reuters) - Silicon Graphics Inc. known for computers that create special effects for Hollywood movies, on Monday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, sending the once-hot technology company's shares plunging 82 percent. SGI said it expects to…

F.E.A.R Expansion Confirmed

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Coming soon after official confirmation of an Xbox 360 version, Vivendi Games has today announced the development of a PC expansion pack to the horror-fuelled shooter. Go To Full Article

Gadgets: Now and Then

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The coolest thing you could have in a car in the end of the 60′ and to the mid 70’s was the 8-track tape stereo, which could play the popular 8-track cartridge (surprise! hehe). In the US you could buy…

ATi Radeon X1900XTX

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Looking back at the testing conducted for this article, it's fairly clear where the improvements made to the Radeon X1900s will see the most visible gains. As future titles make heavier use of pixel shaders the tripled number of shader…

Using The Wii Controller

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"One advantage of the new controller is that it not only is fun, it looks fun," he explains. "When you play with an old-style controller, you look like a loser, a blank-eyed joystick fondler. But when you're jumping around and… Go To Full Article

Unreal Tournament 2007 Interview

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I don't think we've exactly squared down what all of the differences are going to be yet on the PS3. Sony's made some very introductory statements about what they're going to be doing with the online space. So we're not… Go To Full Article

ASUS A8R32 MVP Deluxe

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After struggling with the A8R32 MVP Deluxe and some uncomprehensive benchmark results for two BIOS revisions, the 404 BIOS finally solves most paradoxes and delivers the performance that is expected from a board in this class. Unfortunately, we had to…

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