Sapphire quietly launches X1800GTO2

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Sapphire is a well-known ATi partner. Their graphic cards and motherboards are popular world-wide. It seems that Sapphire has shipped many X1800GTO2 units to world-wide shops already. Sapphire introduced the GTO2 line with their X800 boards. The GTO2 name is…

Thermaltake Silent Water Cooling Kit

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Priced at just USD$100 / RM360, the Thermaltake Silent Water kit is one of the cheapest entry-level water cooling kits out in the market. Its performance was also decent as it managed to keep our highly overclocked Opteron 144 processor…

OCZ EB DDR PC-3700 2GB Platinum XTC Dual Channel Kit

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The package consists of two 1024MB memory modules which have been implemented using DDR SDRAM chips. The part number designation of this particular package is suited to run on dual channel supported motherboards at 466MHz DDR (2.8v)…

Vampire Slayer Act of 2006 Approved by California Assembly

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The Vampire Slayer Act of 2006 has been approved by the California Assembly. AB1970, a bill proposed by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, would force companies to put labels on devices that tell consumers how much energy is being used while the…

Via Speaks on Intel-Compatible Chips

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Via Technologies on Friday said its Intel platform compatible microprocessors, which were showcased by one of Tokyo, Japan’s stores, were “old stock” and the company has no plans to manufacture central processing units (CPUs) for infrastructure compatible with Intel Corp.’s.

MSI NX7600GT VT2D256E Video Card

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We have a look at MSI's 7600GT with VIVO and fairly impressive stock speeds. Despite some issues, performance is impressive for the cost. The 7600GT is definitly a good card for the semi-cost conscious gamer.

Silverstone TJ07 review - Ultimate PC tower?

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Silverstone have really pulled the cat out of the bag with this case and designed a beast that would make any purchaser happy. Maybe there is another down side and that’s the price, I mean paying 200+ GBP and 350+dollars…

Asus EN7900GT-TOP Geforce 7900GT PCI Express videocard

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The 256MB Asus EN7900GT TOP/2DHT/256M/A videocard is compatible only with PCI Express x16 slots so that means AGP users needs to get their fix elsewhere. The game comes with a large software bundle which includes a full copy of King…

SilverStone Zeus ST75ZF 750w Power Supply

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Late last year I had the opportunity to review SilverStone's 600w Strider power supply. The unit held its own very well and didn't even break a sweat, regardless of how far I pushed my hardware. It was clear that SilverStone…

Cooling Computers with Tiny Jet Engines

@ 2006/06/16 read/post comments(1)
The computer servers that fill huge data centers are producing more heat with every new generation of processors. It's a problem that's sending engineers on a search for cooling fans that are both small enough to fit inside ever-smaller server…

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