Intel Larrabee did not impress at IDF

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It considers Larrabee something in between CPU and GPU where there graphics circuit is built from many small x86 CPU cores. One of the advantages with this architecture will be the use of raytracing in games. This was also what… Go To Full Article

Sharkoon HDD docking station comes with IDE connectivity

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Due to popular demand, Sharkoon has decided on constructing and releasing a new QuickPort HDD docking station which features, no, not USB 3.0, but IDE connectivity. Seen below, the QuickPort Combo supports 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA drives, and has both… Go To Full Article

ATI Hemlock (Radeon HD 5870 X2) Pictures

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The full length of Hemlock from behind - all 12 inches of it. Since this is the longest consumer card ever - you might want to check… Go To Full Article

Real Conroe Successor: Clarkdale & All You Need to Know about Westmere

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Unlike previous die shrinks, we don't get larger caches with Westmere - Nehalem was already too big to begin with. Westmere keeps the same architecture, same cache sizes (or ratios) as Nehalem. It's all built using smaller 32nm transistors and… Go To Full Article

Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound Review

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Today at Tech-Xtreme we have our second thermal compound review for GELID Solutions. This time we have the GC-Extreme from the gaming range of GELID’s products. Choosing the most relevant paste for use with your computer is a task that… Go To Full Article

NZXT M59 Case

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Although they all serve the same purpose, PC cases are the source of first impressions when looking at a computer. Some have flashing lights, some have endless drive bays, and I'm sure there are some that will even make your… Go To Full Article

Intel X25-M 34nm 80GB SSD

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From all the Sold State Drives that we’ve reviewed in the past, the Intel X25-M still remains the one to beat and today we take a quick look at the next version of this very drive. Intel is… Go To Full Article

Super Talent 128GB SATA II SSD

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Is the noise of your current HDD driving you mad? Thinking of buying an SSD but dont know which to get? Perhaps Super Talents FTM28GX25H could be what your looking for. Read on to find out. Go To Full Article

Lian Li PC-B25F All Aluminum Mid-Tower Computer Case Review

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When presented with a chassis like Lian Li's PC-B25F, it is very hard not to heap praise on it like a smitten middle school girl. There is, nevertheless, a hell of a lot to recommend this case. It looks good,… Go To Full Article

Corsair P64 SSD RAID Set P64-RAID-PK1 Review

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Enthusiasts are no stranger to RAID arrays. While server administrators depend on the redundancy of RAID-1 and other safe multi-drive configurations, performance enthusiasts are willing to risk it all for the promise of twice the normal performance from a striped… Go To Full Article

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