Analyst Denounces Intel’s First Quad-Core Chip

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While Intel Corp. may beat its rival Advanced Micro Devices in terms of time-to-market with its quad-core processors, such chips will not offer customers absolutely highest performance possible due to their design, according to claims made by Insight 64 analyst…

ATI Plans to Buy Graphics Chip Maker XGI

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ATI Technologies, a major supplier of graphics and multimedia processors for personal computers and multimedia applications who recently announced plans to accelerate its acquisitions, may be targeting to buy a minor player of the graphics chip market, XGI Technologies.

AMD Turion X2 to arrive in May

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AMD IS GOING to launch Turion X2s in early May, and there will be four SKUs (stock keeping units). It will introduce 1.6GHz/512Kx2, 1.8GHz/512Kx2, 2.0GHz/512Kx2 and last but not least a 1.6GHz/256Kx2 microprocessor. All have an extremely low supply voltage…

Half Life 2 mods overview

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whether Half Life 2 was your favourite or most loathed game of 2004/2005, the promise for user-created content that the Source engine and Software Development Kit deliver cannot be ignored. In an exclusive 18-page article, Techconnect Magazine… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake 600w PurePower Power Supply

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Looking at the 600w PurePower, there's a lot to like and very little to criticize. The reflective mirror finish simply looks fantastic, the cables are neatly sleeved in black mesh, there are enough gold plated easy release…

G.Skill new high performance DDR500 2GB matched pair: F1-4000BIU2-2GBHV

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1 Mar 2006, Taipei G.Skill introduces the new DDR500 2GB matched pair and 1GB single module as HV series that are compatible with AMD platform. After launching the well known HZ series in DDR500 1GB module,… Go To Full Article

Sapphire X1900 Crossfire Edition Video Card

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Its been the better part of a year now since the mainstream acceptance of SLI, and during that time NVidia has enjoyed a fairly decisive edge in graphics card performance and popularity among the masses. First there…

Thermaltake Rhythm HTPC Liquid Cooling System

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The Thermaltake Rhythm HTPC Liquid Cooling System has taken the formerly extreme art of water cooling and made it feel right at home in an HTPC environment. The extreme cooling and extremely low noise output are welcome features in a…

Modded SLI Patch gives none nVidia Chipsets SLI

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We’ve managed to rip the installer and to create a modified version of the SLI patch that allows you to use it with EVERY motherboard. We couldn’t do in-depth testing on other chipsets, but if the rumors are true then…

9-Way ATX Power Supply Units Roundup

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We are going to introduce to you 9 power supply units in our detailed roundup today. We will discuss in great detail the solutions from Enermax, FSP Group, MGE, SilverStone, SinTek, Zalman and Foxconn. These models are all very powerful…

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