GeForce 7900 GT Roundup

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for some people, even a stock GeForce 7900 GT isn’t good enough, they want more performance and/or they want better cooling than what the stock GeForce 7900 GT is capable of delivering. For these enthusiasts, we’ve rounded up four of…

AMD to Boost Single-Threading Performance on Multi-Core Chips

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Advanced Micro Devices may offer gamers something, which significantly boosts performance of single-threaded games with its new central processing units (CPUs) in socket AM2 form-factor, the sources claim.

ECS factory tour

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FOR YEARS, ECS HAS churned out budget motherboards destined for pre-built systems and value markets. Recently, however, the company has expressed a keen interest in building high-end boards for gamers and enthusiasts. This interest manifests itself in the new "Extreme"…

Ultra Products Microfly SFF Case

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Overall, I'm quite happy with the Microfly. This, of course comes after using it for a few days on end as a 'Daily Driver' type of machine. It's sturdy, and has enough airspace that cooling is decent, without forward intake.…

OCZ PC2-8000 EL Platinum XTC DDR2

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OCZ has once again pushed the limits of ultra-high quality memory. Their new 2x1GB PC2-8000 EL Platinum XTC is impressive to say the least. Remember now, this is running at 1000mhz at only 5-5-5-15 and 2.1v. To top that, those…

Nvidia prepares 7600LE, 7500LE and 7300SE

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We have learned that Nvidia Corporation is working on three new graphic processors: The GeForce 7600 LE, GeForce 7500 LE and the GeForce 7300 SE. Both the 7500 LE and 7300 SE will be based on G72, and the 7600…

HIS X1900XT IceQ3 Dual DL-DVI VIVO 512MB

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As power users, we'd all love to own one, or perhaps even two, of today's latest and greatest graphics cards. But wanting to own the best and having the means to do so are two totally different things. Lucky for…

Corsair TWINX2048-4400PRO 2GB Kit

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After a battery of benchmarking and torture testing, it’s rather impossible for us not to claim the Corsair TWINX2048-4400PRO as the king of 2GB DDR memory kit. The modules have got great scores from all aspects including aesthetics, performance, stability…

Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe nForce 590 SLI AM2 Motherboard

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The Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe is one of the first Socket AM2 motherboards to make it into the PCSTATS labs, and it's one motherboard with a lot of expectations attached. Coming out of the box, the ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe is extremely…

Coolink presents - Mainboard Silencer - chipset cooler

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Vienna / Taipei, June 22nd 2006 - Coolink today presented the "Mainboard Silencer", a new passive chipset cooler. The Mainboard Silencer is compatible with all ATX mainboards and perfectly suited for replacing loud northbridge coolers and thus making the whole…

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