A4Tech NB-90 Battery Free Wireless Mouse Review

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A while back, I had the pleasure of showing you the innovative wireless mouse from A4Tech. This input device required no batteries to operate, thanks to its unique method of communication...RFID. While this mouse was indeed impressive in terms of… Go To Full Article

JETART NP6600 XCool Foldable NoteBook Cooler

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The NP6600 foldable notebook cooler from JETART was great in looking and also the cooling performance. As expected, the temperature on the notebook was able to decrease a lot compare to without any cooling devices was using.… Go To Full Article

BTO Plusdeck2 PC Cassette Deck

@ 2005/10/02 read/post comments(8)
In the digital age of CD's, MP3 and Ogg audio file formats, many people have all but forgotten about the trusty old audiocassette. Better computer audio packages and connectivity options now allow people to connect PC's directly to stereo systems,… Go To Full Article

Evercool WC-202

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Evercool was kind enough to send out their WC-202 Watercooler kit for a review to us recently and as such today we shall go through its many components and its relative performance to another introductory watercooling kit and a highend… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Aquabay M1

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The AquaBay M1 is actually two previous Thermaltake products skillfully married in a 5.25" drive bay mount, the CL-W0009 Water Level Indicator and the CL-W0012 Flow Indicator. If you add up the price of the flow and level indicators when… Go To Full Article

Leadtek 7800 GT and Forceware 78.03 review

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"In Far Cry, we were pleased to see that the HDR bug on a single 7800 GT was fixed - we didn't experience the problem that we had when we reviewed the BFG Tech and XFX 7800 GT's anymore. The… Go To Full Article

2GB Memory Kit Group Test - total 7 pairs

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2GB of memory was seen as an unnecessary luxury just a few months ago, with most enthusiasts more than happy enough to use 1GB. Something happened recently to change all that, and that something is called Battlefield 2. Whilst most… Go To Full Article

CoolTechnica AquaXtreme MP-05 Pro, Xtreme and SP Waterblocks

@ 2005/10/01 read/post comments(0)
The good folks at CoolTechnica recently sent over three new AquaXtreme waterblocks along with a revised, limited edition White Water block for us to review. The White Water-LE is fitted with a nickel plated copper top and mid-plate, features a… Go To Full Article

Vantec LapCool 3 Notebook Cooler

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Most people may buy a $2,000 Notebook, a $100 wireless mouse for it, another $500 of hardware and accessories for it as well but still they wouldn’t consider something that their notebook really needs if it is going to be… Go To Full Article

WinBackup 2.0 Pro Backup Software

@ 2005/10/01 read/post comments(0)
Backing up your personal or business computer is very important. If you have ever lost data due to a virus, hardware failure, human error or software glitch, you know how right I am. Many people still do not… Go To Full Article

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