Geforce 8800 GTX, GTS Widely Available

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G80 has been out for less then twenty four hours and we checked the usual suspects and figured out that there is still a healthy stock of the cards. One of the reason is the resistor-fixed cards are slowly making…

ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP – Old new C19 examined

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In early tests from the OEM’s, this chipset performed less than stellar in the overclocking department but it was too late for companies to pull out of, as their production lines were already making boards based on this chipset. While…

ABIT nForce 680i SLI mobo on show - IN9 32X-MAX

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Today ABIT showed us their upcoming IN9 32X-MAX motherboard. It’s the motherboard which ABIT is most excited about and should prove a good selling product for them - especially if we see typical ABIT overclocking prowess. Talking about overclocking during…

AMD 4x4 Surfaces, Kinda

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NVIDIA today demonstrated a system powered by AMD’s 4x4 enthusiast platform at the GeForce LAN event in San Jose, CA. Not much detail is available on the system configuration except it was powered by AMD’s 4x4 platform. …

ATI has R600 silicon out

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DON'T be too excited about this news, but ATI has already produced some R600 silicon. The R600 is still scheduled for Q1 2007, however. ATI is almost five months late with its original plans.

nTune Final

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VIDIA nTune is the ultimate utility for accessing, monitoring, and adjusting your system components, including temperature and voltages with clear, user-friendly control panels. Overclock your system for highest performance or underclock it for near silent operation. All changes are performed…

Geforce go7900GS to go7900GTX BIOS Mod

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Now that the overclocking of the i9400 and go7900GS has been sorted, it was time to try other things. Some guys over at NotebookForums then BIOS flashed the go7900GTX BIOS into their go7900GS video cards. This actually made for a…

Windows Vista RTM Review

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In Part 1 of my epic Windows Vista review, I reflect on the past five years and try to put Microsoft's latest and greatest operating system in perspective. Part 2 of my Windows Vista review focuses on…

NVIDIA 8800 GTX in SLI breaks all 3DMark scores... anyone surprised?

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Time to smash the orbs up again. These runs all done with 8-9hrs benching time using all the hardware at once. GPU's only pushed maybe 60-70% . So much left untapped...imagine what the scores will be 1 month…

Why Women Don't Care About HDTV?

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Women don't want to invest the time to learn and keep up with the developments. Technology associated with consumer electronics is getting too sophisticated for the average person to easily understand. One must actually invest the time to learn about…

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