Western Digital Scorpio 250GB 2.5" HDD

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Memory modules are shrinking in physical size, but again the amount of memory per stick is increasing giving you even more power out of your PC. With the development of graphics technology getting better we start to see high-end graphics… Go To Full Article

NZXT Alpha Mid Tower Case Review

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NZXT's company objective is to "provide every gamer with a case that they can identify with." To this end NZXT offers two types of case designs, the more conservative "Classic" series, and the contemporary "Crafted" line. Today we look at… Go To Full Article

SilverStone Kublai KL01 Mid-Tower Review

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SilverStone has been producing amazing cases for a while, but for some, their best offerings are pricey. That's where the Kublai series comes into play. Built on the essence of the higher-end models, they attempt to pack quite a punch… Go To Full Article

MSI RX2600XT Diamond OC Edition

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The MSI RX2600XT Diamond OC Edition already comes OC'd out of the box, 850/1150Mhz for the core and memory respectively. Neither RivaTuner or Powerstrip allowed us to make any OCs that had a visible impact on performance. ATI Overdrive allowed… Go To Full Article

Zotac 8800 GT AMP! Edition

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The new G92 chip is a kind of revolution for its performances and its power consumption. For a price around 200-250€, this card is a direct rival of the 2900Pro. But great part of the merit is of Zotac: indeed,… Go To Full Article

Never Enough Storage for Media Center

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I, like many Home Theater PC owners, simply don't have enough storage. Even though Terabyte hard drives are available (and somewhat affordable), I still don't have enough. I have a dedicated seperate drive for music, one for Recorded TV, another… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake DH101 VF7001BNC HTPC Case

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HTPC computers are getting quite popular these days and today we are taking a look at a HTPC case from Thermaltake. They sent us one of their latest cases named DH 101 with a display and a piano mirror coating… Go To Full Article

Coolmax CUQ-1200B 1200W Power Supply Review

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COOLMAX is aiming at the trendy environmental aspect with its GREEN POWER line. The COOLMAX CUQ-1200B has official nVIDIA SLI/AMD CrossFire support, adheres to the 80% PLUS standard (boasting 87% efficiency!) has four 12V rails, quad SLI and dual Crossfire… Go To Full Article

FOXCONN launch ~ Gives Away Prizes

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FOXCONN launch New website delivers exclusive downloads, competitions and video content for enthusiasts Beijing, China, October 31st 2007 – FOXCONN launched a new website dedicated to its Quantum Force product line.… Go To Full Article

abit IP35-Pro: Houston, We Have a Winner

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We look at the features and benchmark results of the abit IP35-Pro and find a very balanced board for the enthusiast... Go To Full Article

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