CES 2007 Booth Babes

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HD DVD and Blu-Ray encryption branded obsolete

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BOFFINS AT Princeton University say that the recent release of software that can be used to decode encrypted HD DVD and Blu-ray movies is the first step toward making the encryption standard used by these next-generation video players obsolete.… Go To Full Article

Ultra and OCZ working on 2000W Power Supply

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ULTRA took a different approach, putting a single chassis system with separate power elements for the 12V, giving out 150 Ampers of power for the components that ride the 12V rail. There is also one small issue for US households.… Go To Full Article

INQ wins Build Your Own PC contest

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Now is the time in your life when you learn to appreciate the goodness that is quality control, were the good folk at Tiger Direct/Systemax serious when they said all machines were tested to boot at the same speed?… Go To Full Article

Water Cooled Shuttle Project

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we’re going to walk you through how we made a small, powerful, light PC that we’re proud to show off – with that added ‘wow’ factor that will be sure to turn heads – water cooling. But water cooling is… Go To Full Article

More AMD "RD790" Details Revealed

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The RD790 is the successor to AMD’s previously released 580X chipset, formerly known as CrossFire Xpress 3200. This time around AMD is only releasing a new north bridge. The upcoming RD790 is expected to pair with the existing SB600 south… Go To Full Article

AMD Announces Development of DTX Form Factor

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AMD today announced the company developing a new small form factor standard. The new form factor, dubbed DTX, is AMD’s attempt to unify the various proprietary small form factors currently in use. DTX will be an open industry standard available… Go To Full Article

Intel 45nm "Penryn" Tape-Out Runs Windows

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Sources inside Intel have confirmed the company recently received the taped-out 45nm Penryn processor. Reports from the ensuing champagne toast claim the first Penryn boot was capable of booting Windows. Even though the processor is labeled as… Go To Full Article

16GB RiDATA Flash SSD to Start at $170

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Samsung has really been on the ball with the advancement of Flash Solid-State Disk (Flash SSD) drives and SanDisk just recently decided to throw its hat into the ring. Not to be left out, Ritek has decided to join the… Go To Full Article

Disney CEO: massively multiplayer Pirates of the Caribbean coming this year

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First up is Pirates of the Caribbean Online, which will launch by the end of the year, but other Disney properties will also get the virtual world treatment. Personally, I'm holding out for the chance to play Little John from… Go To Full Article

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