ASUS P5B Premium Vista Edition

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ASUS is doing the same thing as NVIDIA and ATI are doing. They come out with a wide range of products, all having almost the same name. A quick look at a local e-retailer gave me a list of 9… Go To Full Article

OCZ Flex XLC PC2-9200 Memory

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Neoseeker has published a review of OCZ's massive Flex XLC PC2-9200 memory. What makes this memory stand out so much, aside from its huge 1150MHz stock speed? It sports a massive silver heatspreader to which you can connect standard watercooling… Go To Full Article

Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-8500 RAM

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These modules come with a lifetime warranty. They have black aluminum heat spreaders on them to facilitate in dispersing the heat generated. This would be especially helpful for the overclocking enthusiast in all of us. Each side of each module… Go To Full Article

Biostar VIA K8M800 Motherboard with Athlon 64 3000+ CPU

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If you are building a HTPC from scratch you have a ton of options to choose from. It really is a pain picking out all of the components and making sure they are all compatible. Well can help you… Go To Full Article

Mouse Pad Roundup

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Today I'm having a look at a bunch of mousepads, all pads except the eXactMat were provided by Gamerzstuff, which was provided by Razer. Razer eXactMat, Everglide Titan DKT Monstermat, Steelpad 5L, Icemat Black 2nd Ed, Func F Series F30.R Go To Full Article

Mushkin Announces the XP2-9200 Series Memory Modules

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Lian Li C31 Case

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One of the hottest segments in the PC enclosure market right now is the home theater case. Home theater PCs (HTPCs) are generally placed in desktop-style (horizontal) cases that are designed to be placed in a media cabinet, often stacked… Go To Full Article

Crucial Ballistix PC8000 DDR2 2gb

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"Crucial are well known for their extreme Ballistix range of memory kits. In the past XSR has reviewed their PC3200 and 6400 dual channel modules. Today we have the pinnacle of Crucial Ballistix memory kits, the PC8000. Like the DDR… Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon64 X2 4800+ 65nm Processor

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To further combat excessive power consumption, Intel redesigned its processor architecture completely. AMD on the other hand just tweaked its K8 architecture for more efficiency. The Socket AM2 Athlon64 X2 4800+ processor is one of AMD's 65 nanometer parts, moving… Go To Full Article

Corsair Nautilus GPU Water Blocks

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The Nautilus helped achieve and maintain the test video card's highest most stable overclock by keeping the GPU and video memory down to a 46 C temperature without any noise. Performance like this is synonymous with Corsair. If you find… Go To Full Article

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