NVIDIA G92-8800GS 192bit 384MB score leaked

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this card is G92-8800 GS, has 12 ROPs and 96SPs, 192-Bit memory interface. G92-8800 GS have not been officially announced yet, the price of it will be $149-179. Go To Full Article

3-Way SLI high end rig can cost up over $8000

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There are only two versions of VGA card that supports 3-way SLI: The 8800GTX and 8800Ultra. What’s more, NVIDIA requires a platform like this to play with 3-way SLI.<br> <br> * Intel Core 2 Quad<br> * NVIDIA… Go To Full Article

Nvidia hasn't changed the 8800GT fan

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After the first test, which has done on Leadtek's 8800 GT with the new bigger fan, Nvidia has denied the rumor about the new reference fan. Since this new fan has raised a lot of questions we decided to… Go To Full Article

Hybrid SLI will bring multi display to SLI

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After years of trying, Nvidia will finally bring dual display support that will work with SLI enabled. Unfortunately, it looks that it will work with Chipset + graphics, which is not what people with two 8800 Ultra cards had hoped… Go To Full Article

Overclocked 8800GTS 512MB are not canceled

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A few sources close to Nvidia have confirmed that overclocked 8800 GTS 512MB cards are still selling well and that there are not any plans to cancel these cards at this time. Last week one of our… Go To Full Article

3DMARK Vantage Brief Test

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The test uses Build 23 version and Radeon HD 3850 512MB Crossfire. From pictures below, we can see that 3 DMARK Vantage Build 23 full installations require 665.25 MB disk space. Now 3 DMARK Vantage Build 23 includes Game Test1… Go To Full Article

8800GTX is the best investment ever

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Who could imagine that the Geforce 8800 GTX series based on G80 massive chipset would remain so successful, even a year after launch? Today, almost fourteen months after the G80 launch this remains almost the best card you can buy… Go To Full Article

New ATI Catalyst 7.12 Drivers

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This release of Catalystâ„¢ introduces an enhanced version of ATI Overdrive for the ATI Radeon HD 2900 Series. Users can now Overclock both GPU engine and graphics memory clock speeds in Crossfire mode (and over-clock single ATI Radeon graphics accelerators… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Releases New Windows XP Drivers

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Yesterday NVIDIA rolled out a new driver for Windows XP users called ForceWare 169.21 for Windows XP and XP Media Center Edition. The new driver supports everything from the 8800 Ultra and new 8800 GT and 512MB GTS to the… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD 3450, HD 3470 and HD 3650 Pictured

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AMD has a trio of graphics cards slated for launch in January. These cards are the Radeon 3450 HD using the RV620 core with a 55nm fabrication process. The core clock will be 525MHz, the memory clock is 800MHz, and… Go To Full Article

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