It's AM2, but not as we know it, captain....

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Yep, that’s the thing, there’s no dirty great liquid filled capacitors to pop and ooze gunge all over your nice shiny mainboard. FOXCONN have gone for a digital VRM solution, letting you run your PC for longer, giving a more…

Biostar first off the blocks with 7900/7600 cards

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BIOSTAR hgas become the first company to release the new range of Nvidia based graphics cards. It just announced Geforce 7900 GTX, Geforce 7900 GT and its 7600 GT designs. The fastest card will be clocked at…

Anandtech Conroe Performance Preview Follow-Up

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So we benchmarked Conroe; we previewed it, under the only circumstances we could. Intel setup the systems, Intel installed the benchmarks and Intel only let us run what it had installed. Given those circumstances we did our best to make…

Patriot PDC1G4800+XBLK 1024MB DDR-600 PC4800 Memory Kit

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Since the introduction of their DDR3200 XBLK line of memory, Patriot has been at the top of their game. Combining high FSB and low timings make it a line of ram worth looking into. If you were to think some…

Quad SLI - Don't expect miracles

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Reports say that if you have a 30" monitor, it will make a noticeable difference, but all lesser glass will be restrictive. It is not much of a stretch to assume that if you can afford a pair of these…

Did AMD deliberately delay Athlon 64 DDR-II?

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AMD SPINNERS OFTEN repeat the mantra that it is a customer-centric company. After all the wrong moves with new technology introduction (Socket 754 anyone? FX on 940?), many of the hacks and partners were worried by the fact that AMD…

AMD Turion 64 X2 Prototypes

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If you are a media guy walking around on IDF you are an easy prey for AMD. This time we got caught and we could see some Turion 64 X2 reference design boards running, a Santa Rosa prototype and an…

What To Look For When Buying a Computer Case

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Long gone are the days of dull beige rectangles. Nowadays, computer cases come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs and with much better features than ever before. We'll show you what to look for when buying a new computer…

PowerColor Extends the Mainstream Line-Up with the Very Upgradeable X1800 GTO

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Taipei, Taiwan –March 9, 2006 – Tul Corporation, a world-renowned provider of VGA cards, today introduces the PowerColor X1800 GTO to fill the void between mainstream gamers and pure enthusiasts. It even operates flawlessly as a single card or expanded… Go To Full Article

Not all CPUs are created equal

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WHEN AMD INTRODUCED the Athlon 64 FX-55 and the 4000+, the company issued a press release that presented the introduction of an improved technique of Silicon on Insulator (SOI). The improvement carried the name Strained Silicon on Insulator (SSOI). The…

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