PowerColor X1550 SCS

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Every now and then companies will introduce products that carry no real change except for a product name. ATI have had few of those in the past, for example X1650 PRO which is a renamed X1600 XT. This is the… Go To Full Article

In Win Alpha 360 Computer Case

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The In Win Alpha 360 mATX case has a lot going for it. Its unique styling features make it one of the best looking small cases on the market today. Innovative features throughout the chassis also make it one of… Go To Full Article

Sapphire X1050 and X1550

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Sapphire has recently launched two new video cards that are designed to deliver you a great Vista experience. Though not touted as gaming cards, they offer enough performance to be worthy of consideration over on-board video. Go To Full Article

Build your own Laptop from Scratch

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Ever felt like building your own laptop from (almost literally) scratch? This is a microcontroller-based ''laptop'' built from the ground up from a handful of chips and other hardware found lying around. It runs a self-hosted development environment, allowing the… Go To Full Article

ATI's lasso allows high end VGA for laptops

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Fitting one, let alone two high end graphics cards into a laptop, and then powering them is, well... a bit of a bugger. What would be really cool is if the GPUs could be housed externally, interfacing with the laptop… Go To Full Article

New Beta Vista driver for NVIDIA - 101.41 ForceWare

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For those users that are using Windows Vista and experiencing any problems, NVIDIA has set up the Vista Quality Assurance website to provide access to Beta drivers, updated information and a bug reporting tool for end users to submit their… Go To Full Article

Microsoft's Next Chapter

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It was soon declared that Microsoft was the king of the PC world and no one would ever attempt to compete with them. I mean, why bother right? Windows did everything we needed it to do for a reasonable price… Go To Full Article

SilverStone Strider ST85F 850W

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The ST85F had a lot of potential. When I had seen that they weren't just trying to squeeze more power out of the same platform the other two Strider models, I had high hopes. Go To Full Article

Microsoft OneCare can't handle malware

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MICROSOFT'S Live OneCare came last in a security test conducted by Austrian researchers. The AV Comparatives Web site shows the results of the top antivirus products against a list of nearly half a million individual pieces of malware. Out of… Go To Full Article

Mushkin 650 Watt Power Supply

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Mushkin has long been known for its outstanding line of performance memory, as well as its entry level memory. It seems that Mushkin was not content with just the memory market and have since launched a line of power supply… Go To Full Article

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