Retail Quad SLI is Geforce 7950 GTX 2

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WE learned that Nvidia plans to ship its shorter versions of the Quad SLI capable cards for retail. It will brand those cards as Geforce 7950 GTX 2 and the cards should be available by the end of the month.

ATI Catalyst 6.4 Performance Analysis

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QUOTE: "Big performance was seen last year in the two December releases so we have no doubt that ATI are more concentrated on fixing gaming problems at the moment. We don’t doubt though that we will see a performance increase… Go To Full Article

Abit AN8 32X PCIE s939 Motherboard Competition

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After the success of our last competition we have decided to get right back on the wagon and start up our second competition. Thanks to ABIT we are lucky enough to be able to offer to our loyal XSRians the…

Gigabyte GV-N66256DP Fanless Graphics Card

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Not many manufacturers offer a good performance AGP card with fanless cooling. The upgrade market still consists mostly of AGP-based systems, and the GeForce 6600 represents close to the high water mark for AGP performance. This is why Gigabyte's fanless…

6-Way passively cooled video card roundup

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For the systems of cooling, the manufacturers are thus free to choose solution qu’they want for their graphics board. It is true that the solutions developped at the point by ATI and NVIDIA are seldom quiet and are advantageously replaced…

AMD makes profit again at expense of Intel

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CHIP FIRM AMD said it sold $1.33 billion worth of CPUS and made a net profit of $184.5 million for its first financial quarter of 2005. The figures can't be directly compared to the same quarter last…

Apple's MacBook Pro: Using it as a Mac and a PC

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When it was finally announced that the first Intel based Macs had booted Windows XP, there was a lot of excitement from those who were on the fence about giving OS X a try. Had this all happened to me…

Hiper HPU-4S525 525W PSU

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From the British company Hiper, Hersteller von Media centers PCS, power packs, exhausts and keyboards, we received a second power pack the standard series after the 350W version to the test, this time with more potent 525 Watts and SLI…

Thermaltake Matrix VD2000BNS Aluminum Mid-Tower

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After spending a couple of weeks with Thermaltake's new Matrix VX chassis, I must say that I'm pretty impressed. It delivers on its promises of lightweight and solid construction while exhibiting great performance and good looks as well. If a…

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5000 Laser

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The Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5000 Laser features a built-in LCD on the keyboard that helps people manage the constant flow of information that has become an inherent part of working with computers. The LCD screen can display e-mail and…

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