MSI Wind U200 Launched, Sports 12" Monitor (1366x768) at $700

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Well, well, look what we've got; a new CULV-based thin-and-light laptop from MSI. The image comes by way of Engadget Chinese whose trusted source lays out the following specs: a 12-inch, 1366 x 768 pixel LED-backlit display, with GMA 4500M… Go To Full Article

Intel Gulftown 32nm six core is only Extreme Edition

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Q2 2010 launch of a next generation CPU sounds like at least two quarters delay in Intel's usual refresh cycle. New CPU traditionally replaces the old one in Q4 while the volume production usually starts in Q1 next year.… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i5 or Lynnfield Quad works at 2.93GHz

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Lynnfield, a CPU that might end up with Core i5 brand name in its fastest iteration, will end up at 2.93GHz. This is the frequency of all quad cores. With the little help of Turbo boost technology the same CPU… Go To Full Article

No AGP HD 4770 Coming After All

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Also, it was pretty strange to see a planned AGP card, as partners are practically fighting to get some extra GPUs for due to a shortage caused by healthy demand for the new card. The HD 4770 is the first… Go To Full Article

Vista Ultimate Users Should Get Free Upgrade to Windows 7

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Windows Vista has been the tech industry's whipping boy ever since it was first released to the public in January 2007. From poor driver support at launch to incompatibilities with some software applications, Vista was destined for a troubled life.… Go To Full Article

Dawn of War II Gameplay Performance and IQ

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II successfully builds on the longstanding Warhammer 40,000 epic. It adheres to the guidelines and social structures set forth by the later rule-set from Games Workshop, and it does so in splendid graphical style. Real-time… Go To Full Article

nVidia's GT300 is "smaller, faster than Larrabee"?

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We already gave you details on the architectural side. GT300 or G300 or NV70 is consisted out of 512 cores [or Shader Processors, whatever you like], features a 512-bit memory controller connecting to GDDR5 memory and well, it is a… Go To Full Article

Intel slapped with a record $1.45 billion fine

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Wintel alliance, so known in the 1980s and 1990s got slapped with a record 1.6 billion Euro fine. Microsoft had to pay 497 million Euro back in 2004 and now Intel Corporation received a 1.06 billion Euro fine. Go To Full Article

OCZ Vertex 120GB MLC SSD Review

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The claimed throughput of 250 MByte/second reading and 180 MByte/second writing can't be reached in case of sequential reading only by a small margin but in case of sequential writing we saw with 216 MByte/second values far beyond what is… Go To Full Article

DUH! Question of the day: Is it worth upgrading your notebook to an SSD drive?

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OCZ sent me one of their fancy new Hypersonic notebooks around this time last year and today it is still quite a powerhouse for what I do with it, especially considering its size. People often mistake it for a netbook,… Go To Full Article

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