Xigamatek Red Scorpion S1283

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Direct heat pipe technology on CPU coolers is becoming more frequent than ever, at Tech-Reviews we reviewed a Nexus HOC-9000 a few days ago which made use of this new technology. The results from the heatsink bundle were good, but… Go To Full Article

Wii Fit: 64% of Japanese gamers already giving up

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Rather than a game, Wii Fit is more comparable to an exercise program. More specifically, it’s something that most people would consider playing in short bursts each day. A recent poll, however, shows that close to two-thirds of Japanese gamers… Go To Full Article

TSMC delays 40nm shift

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CHIP FAB TSMC IS to delay its 40nm process, a bit. It was originally scheduled to start shipping this year, just barely, but now it has been pushed out. The first one out of the gate… Go To Full Article

Some Fake Good News For AMD...

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It's clear that AMD was popping along quite nicely at a little better than a 16% revenue share during 2006, then had a huge 30%+ drop in Q1 2007. AMD got back about half that the next quarter, then improved… Go To Full Article

AMD Deneb AM3 chips will work in AM2+ socket

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AMD managed to pull one small miracle. The first 45nm native quad-core from AMD labs, codenamed Deneb and Deneb FX, will be native socket AM3. However, AM3 will have an identical pin out as socket AM2+ (Socket 940) and if… Go To Full Article

Duct Tape Server II

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Duct Tape Server II is our second generation build. It was built entirely from nine rolls of gray Nashua duct tape, two rolls of translucent duct tape, a little black duct tape for the art. Go To Full Article

Look inside MSI Wind: Upgradable HDD & Memory

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One thing we found interesting is that there is a DDR2 SO-DIMM slot to upgrade the memory, unlike the Eee, which means the Wind has a much more simplified future expansion compared to your average cheap sub-notebook. However, it is… Go To Full Article

Crysis Warhead First Look

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Yerli and the others see Warhead as sort of a relaunch for the Crysis franchise. For one, Crytek's programmers have spent the last year optimizing and tuning the engine to improve both performance and visuals. For example, Warhead will introduce… Go To Full Article

ASRock P43R1600Twins-WiFi Intel P43 chipset mainboard review

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From the benchmarks, we have seen that P43 doesn't differ too much from the Intel X48 board. In fact, we would presume it to perform similar good compared to the P45 as they're generally the same 4 series chipsets. If… Go To Full Article

Retail ATI Lasso external graphics pictured

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We were asked not to do any benchmarks, but we saw how the retail unit looks and that it looks fine enough to start shipping shortly. This XGP actually supports PCIe 8X, which is more than enough to run Vista;… Go To Full Article

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