Asus ENGTX580 GeForce GTX 580 Review

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Staring down the barrel of AMD's Radeon 6900 series which is reportedly due next month, Nvidia has decided to fire the first shot. Fermi is back with vengeance, introducing the new GF110-based GeForce GTX 580. The GeForce GTX 580 features… Go To Full Article

The best netbook OS: XP, Windows 7 or Ubuntu? Read more: The best netbook OS: XP, Wi

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If you’re currently running XP, though, it’s probably not worth paying for an upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium: that OS isn’t designed for low-power devices, and it gave wayward performance in several of our tests. XP proved a stronger… Go To Full Article

New Itanium Microarchitecture Planned For 2011

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Microprocessor vendors and researchers use the International Solid State Circuits Conference as a venue to share novel techniques and advertise upcoming products. The advanced program for 2011 was just released, and hints at some rather interesting presentations slated for next… Go To Full Article

IE9 alleged to be cheating in JavaScript benchmark

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ozilla's Rob Sayre reportedly discovered that Internet Explorer 9 somehow completed one of the SunSpider sub-tests about ten times quicker than the competition. He went ahead and modified said sub-test, first adding a "true" to the code, then adding a… Go To Full Article

ASUS EAH6850 DirectCU Video Card Review

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The ASUS EAH6850 DirectCU is a video card with potential. While we do think there is an inherint weakness with the "Overclocked Edition" nature and only offering 15MHz higher GPU frequency for more money, there are some things that do… Go To Full Article

AMD Catalyst 10.11 Released

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* Enabling Overdrive through the Catalyst™ Control Center for single display systems no longer results in GPU clocks running at high levels in non-GPU intensive scenarios * Mouse cursor no longer flickers and disappears in World of Warcraft… Go To Full Article

IE9 Platform Preview 7: performance is the priority

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Just three weeks after the release of Platform Preview 6, Microsoft has released a seventh preview of Internet Explorer 9. The highlight of this new release is not new standards compliance but rather performance. Improved performance has… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling Silentium T11 Case and HC01-TC HDD Cooler Review

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KitGuru has probably looked at more of Arctic's products than any other brand since we started out. We can't say that any of their products have failed to impress with many winning our most sought after awards. … Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD 68xx Graphics Cards in CrossFireX Configurations

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According to statistical data collected by the Steam system, multi-GPU configurations are very far from popular. They are only present in computers of less than 1 percent of all gamers. Interestingly, 96% of such configurations are based on Nvidia’s SLI… Go To Full Article

Boxee Box review

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It's a little strange that the Boxee Box by D-Link feels like a late entrant in this year's crowded smart TV market -- the core Boxee software has been around forever, and the Box itself was announced way back in… Go To Full Article

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