Thermaltake DH-101 HTPC Case

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The DH-101 is Thermaltake's latest midsize HTPC offering. It features the well known Soundgraph iMON Graphical VFD and a lot of extra controls. It takes a normal ATX mainboard and has space for up to three hard drives, which leaves… Go To Full Article

New 45nm CPU First Look-Intel C2D E8500 4.7G On Air Cooler

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Windwithme is doing it again, E8500 @1.66 v........... Go To Full Article

[M] Pantone huey Monitor Color Correction-Calibrator

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We all perceive color differently. When you go over to the next cubical or office, you might notice the color display of your peers look different than yours. Which one of the monitors produces the more accurate colors? Maybe Pantone… Go To Full Article

AMD Announces "FireStream" Chip

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In a significant development, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has announced launching a high performance chip that applies 'Parallelism', a common graphics processors' technology -- to general purpose computing. The new chip, named "FireStream", uses an advanced… Go To Full Article

New 3D benchmark appears

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LIGHTING OF a 3D scene is extremely important, but so far there haven't been many benchmarks in that area. But at the end of October, Stepan Hrbek from Czech, more known as published his free new benchmark, Lightmark.… Go To Full Article

Ultra 3.5" Aluminum Hard Drive Cooler with Heatpipes

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High temperatures will decrease the life span of most PC components. So, why don't we pay more attention to our friend the hard drive? Luckily the folks at Ultra have come up with a solution for this… Go To Full Article

Ultra's X3 600W & 1,000W PSUs

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The Ultra X3 600W and 1,000W units overall are fantastic bits of kit - they look as good as you can get and have an awesome set of cables to complement the shiny gunmetal box. If you need a 1,000W… Go To Full Article

Windows Activation Sucks Sometimes

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I can understand the desire and need for a company like Microsoft to employ some efforts to make sure people don’t pirate their software. They have a lot invested into Windows. It is commercial, and they have the right to… Go To Full Article

ASUS Maximus Formula SE: X38 and DDR2 Unite!

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One of our current X38 favorites is the ASUS P5E3 Deluxe, a solid and versatile performer but one that relies on DDR3 for its performance edge. On the DDR2 front, the main competition at this time for ASUS is coming… Go To Full Article

Aeneon XTUNE DDR3-1333 Memory

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If you are upgrading chances are you will be looking into getting some DDR3 memory. There are so many memory companies on the market it can be a little confusing what memory is best suited for your setup. Fact is,… Go To Full Article

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