OCZ Platinum PC3-10666 6GB Memory Kit

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Today's kit is a 6GB Platinum PC3-10666 kit that runs at 1333MHZ, offers 7-7-7-24 timings, and is optimized for performance with an Intel i7 system. With the ability to crank the voltage all the way to 1.95V without voiding the… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i7 LGA1366 Processors

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This family includes five models so far. Two of them are leaving soon. Another one will probably be discontinued later. We've heard some rumors that Core i7 950 won't live through the end of the year either: it may be… Go To Full Article

Breaking Records With SSDs: 16 Intel X25-Es Do 2.2 GB/s

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Our choice was Intel’s X25-E flash SSD, which is based on more expensive single-level cell (SLC) flash memory. Compared to Samsung’s multi-level cell (MLC) flash, SLC can provide shorter latencies and higher throughput for both reads and writes. One drawback… Go To Full Article

Geforce 190.40 beta drivers leaked

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The new beta leak also includes PhysX 0.09.0428 included. Forum response is mixed at the moment, with users reporting typical BSODs, slight increases in 3DMark scores, crashes in various games yet small performance increases in the same games. All in… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i3 Performance Preview

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on the front of this 32nm processor technology news Clarkdale, as early as 2008 in Intel Spring IDF has spread before coming. 当时针对新一代处理器架构Nehalem, Intel将会拿出Bloomfield、Lynnfield以及Havendale三款产品,其中采用C PU +GPU整合方案的Havendale自然是最受我们关注的。 At that time, for next-generation Nehalem processor architecture, Intel will come up with Bloomfield,… Go To Full Article

A Prototype Vehicle For the Blind

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A student team from Virginia Tech Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory have created a vehicle which allows the blind to drive. The vehicle uses a laser range finder to determine distances and alerts the driver through voice commands and vibration. Tomorrow… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i9 Gulftown Sneak Peek

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With support for Socket LGA1366, Gulftown is based on 32nm technology, operating at 2.4GHz (18*133MHz), with 12MB of L3 cache. Compatible with the X58 chipset, Gulftown is really something to look forward to. Go To Full Article

ASUS scraps P6X58 with USB 3.0

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ASUS was one of the first to present a motherboard with USB 3.0 support. In may we saw the first USB 3.0 chips launch and over the last week have seen multiple USB 3.0 to SATA bridge chips being presented.… Go To Full Article

Areca ARC-1680ix-16 SAS RAID Controller Review

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About three years ago we got a SATA RAID controller ARC-1220 from the then-obscure Areca. It proved to be so good that it became the basis for the testbed we have used to benchmark HDDs in RAID arrays. Today, we’ve… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i7 “Lynnfield” Processors Due on September 6

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Intel Corp. will release its code-named Lynnfield processors aimed at mainstream market on the 6th of September, according to documents seen by X-bit labs. However, the high-end versions of Lynnfield chip, which will be marketed under Intel Core i7 or… Go To Full Article

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