Intel Conroe Performance Preview

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Core 2 Duo is clearly a very capable processor, but there are some areas where it could be faster. It's not often that we're spoiled by something that completely blows us out of the water, but this could be it…

X2gen MG19R8 19" TFT LCD Display

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The image quality in 2D and 3D applications is superb, and the performance seems to indicate specifications greater than those indicated for brightness, contrast, and dot pitch. Additionally, the 13ms response time proved to be plenty fast for 3D gaming,…

Corsair XMS TWINX2048-3500LLPRO 2GB Dual Channel Kit

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Last week I got the chance to review 2GB TWINX DDR modules from Corsair. For quite some time dual channel modules 2x512MB with low latencies ruled in the gaming community. More and more games nowadays are getting pretty hungry for…

Samsung SyncMaster 203B LCD

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These days, LCD monitors are more popular than ever before. Technology is changing by the day when it comes to LCD screens and keeping up with all the technologies. Companies like Samsung are producing monitors with the best of the…


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Back on May 23, we had delivered our launch-day preview of the AMD Socket AM2, and with that, we had also taken a quick look at ASRock's AM2NF4G-SATA2 motherboard. Now that we have had the time to…

Enermax Warp UC-8AEBS - Case fan with removable blades

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Tired of the awkwardness of cleaning your case fans? then the Enermax Warp series may be an ideal solution with its removable blades. There are also more unusual design features which may or may not be something…

Hand-soldering teeny tiny chips

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Have you ever looked at a chip that's smaller than your fingertip, and has no pins, and wondered how you could ever possibly hand-solder it? another instructable by Colin has a nice explanation of doing your own reflow soldering, but…

Digital Cowboy features water cooled power supply with CPU cooler!

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Apparently, Digital Cowboy in Japan features a Seventeam 450W power supply with a built in pump and attached CPU water block. The finished product is called Water Cowboy (Src:

Silverstone ST56ZF PSU

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The first unit buzzed like a nest of angry bees, but a quick look on the web and a replacement sample from Silverstone proved that this was an isolated incident. So if you're not into a lot of glam, not…

Build Your Own HTPC

@ 2006/06/04 read/post comments(5)
While AMD’s stock heatsink/fan unit that they ship with their retail processors nowadays is quite robust, sporting heatpipes and a copper base, it still isn’t what we’d classify as a powerful cooling solution. It gets the job done all right,…

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