Thermalright HR-05 Chipset Heatsink Review

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Overall, the Thermalright HR-05 is an impressive chipset heatsink. Thermalright did the right choice by following the foot steps of the High-Riser series and the result speaks for itself. Although the size of the heatsink is massive, we couldn’t believe…

Beefy Systems Review

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Being the geeks that we are, we became curious as to what those office workers in Counter Strike Source are running in their rigs. With pistol in hand (as any good tech always carries around) and the print screen key…

SyncBack Backup Utility Review

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Question: Just how many PCs do you use during any given day? More importantly, do you struggle with keeping a handle on which files are up to date and where? If you work on your PC outside of…

Thermaltake Muse LanDisk

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f you've never considered network storage before or perhaps you've looked around and seen the prices then you may just be tempted to get something like this which will be significantly cheaper than most other options out there at the…

Noctua NH-9U Heatsink Review

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Today we have the opportunity to look at one heavy-duty heatsink from an Austrian company by the name of Noctua, the unit we are looking at is their model NH-9U. This unit will work with either an 80 - 90…

Power Supplies 101: A comprehensive guide

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Watts, amps, volts, rails, PFC, efficiency; there's a lot of buzzwords flying around there and hardly anyone seems to know what they all mean. Well, now's your chance to finally become a power supply guru. I am going to try…

Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition

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Digital entertainment and data have become absolutely integral to our everyday lives, for people and businesses, but the vast majority of us still don’t protect valuable files by backing them up. Maxtor’s OneTouch III family is designed…

Everglide Titan MonsterMat Mouse Surface

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The Everglide Titan MonsterMat is absolutely huge, and if mouse pad real estate appeals to you, invest now! Although an oversized mouse surface eliminates concerns about falling off the edge during that key move in your favorite game, you do…

Share your broadband via FON for money or free worldwide roaming - get router for €5

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You may not yet have heard of FON but this self-proclaimed "largest WiFi community in the world" is likely to gain huge visibility (and generate a lot of opposition from some ISPs) with its tempting proposition - share your broadband…

Kontron 786LCD/mITX LV Plus Review

@ 2006/06/27 read/post comments(0)
In this review we will test the first Mini-ITX motherboard from Kontron, the Kontron “786LCD/mITX” motherboard, which comes in two different versions: On the one hand the Kontron “786LCD/mITX ULV Standard” (left picture) - which is based on a fanless…

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