ATI X1900 GTO postponed

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ATI planned to release its X1900 GTO cards by the end of the April and - at least according to a few partners - those plans will have to be put on hold. We know that most…

Cooler Master Stacker 830 Full Tower Enclosure

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The overall aesthetics of the case are extremely pleasing. Apart from the drool-worthy aluminium finish, the detailing is picked out in black – black mesh for the side, top and front panels for airflow, and black plastic for the top…

How AMD improved its yields at Fab 30

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AMD STEALTH INTRODUCED a fab technology called MoTSTOF-NOW to increase production at Fab 30. If you recall, 30 was meant to have 20K wafer starts per month, and that went up to 25K in short order. A…

Thermaltake Matrix VX Case

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Which case is better, Aluminum or Steel? To answer this question properly one must first quantify what advantage(s) each material brings to the table. Steel (SECC) is stronger and generally more rigid than aluminum leading to less resonance which in…

How you can kill interconnect bottlenecks with paint and a hairdryer

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The paint carries the invisible colours of light needed to carry information through fibre-optics. The infrared light could, in the future, be used to connect microprocessors on a silicon computer chip.

Sensible Soccer Trailer

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Description: See Sensible Soccer 2006's super fast kick-about gameplay in action with the first video, now available. URL: Go To Full Article

Seagate 500GB and Western Digital 400GB drives

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Processors are incredibly fast, RAM is rocketing its way through our games, and videocards pack more punch than ever. With all these screamingly fast system components available, often the hard drive is neglected. It’s a commonly known fact that despite…

AMD Bumps AM2 Launch Date to May 23

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We just got official confirmation from motherboard and chipset manufacturers in Taiwan -- AMD has moved the official launch date of Athlon 64 DDR2 up two weeks to May 23, 2006. AMD roadmaps have previously put the AM2 launch at…

Corsair Nautilus500 vs Zalman Reserator 1 Plus

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Two of the more interesting water cooling kits on the market are Corsair's new Nautilus500 and Zalman's Reserator 1 Plus. Both are second generation kits, and while Zalman's design is a refinement of the original Reserator, the Nautilus500 is all-new…

Power Supply (PSU) Buying Guide

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Before you begin any type of shopping for a PSU, find the amount of power required which your computer system is currently using. If you plan on upgrading your computer system and will be using the power supply, then it…

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