Thermaltake Soprano RS 101 Case Review

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Thermaltake's Soprano RS 101 is a solidly built entry-level mid-tower chassis with sophisticated styling and plenty of features. The beautiful glossy finish does attract some finger prints, but they can be wiped clean easily enough. The tool-less PCI slots and… Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon X2 BE-Series Hits Retail

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AMD’s Athlon X2 BE-series processors have hit retail. AMD announced two Athlon X2 BE-series processors early last month, but the processors were absent from retail channels. Over a month later, the Athlon BE-series processors have begun showing up on Newegg.… Go To Full Article

Hardware ASUS Announces P5K3 Premium with 2GB Onboard

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ASUS this week announced its latest P5K3 Premium motherboard based on Intel’s P35 Express chipset, but with a twist. The P5K3 Premium does away with traditional memory slots and integrates DDR3 memory onboard instead. ASUS packs the P5K3 Premium with… Go To Full Article

ECS G33T-M2 Intel G33 Express Motherboard Review

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In terms of integrated video motherboards, for Intel or AMD, the performance difference between chipsets is almost negligible these days. The scales tip in the Intel G33 Express's favor because the Intel Core 2 Duo processor is faster than AMD's… Go To Full Article

GeCube Radeon X1650 XT Dual 512MB Video Card Review

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Let's play good cop, bad cop. We're fans of innovation and congratulate GeCube on designing a working dual-GPU card featuring twin Radeon X1650 XTs on one PCB. Performance is reasonable for the expected £120 outlay and quad-monitor support is handy… Go To Full Article

Intel Core 2 Duo E6320/6420: The Long Awaited Low-End

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As a whole, new processors are somewhat disappointing. At that it is quite logical to assume, that since 6320 turned out to be not much faster than 6300, 6420 will be insignificantly faster than 6400 (although we do not have… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA GeForce 7025/7050: Integrated Chipset Series For AMD64 With HDMI Support

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On the whole, the new chipset from NVIDIA produced a nice impression on us. Along with decent functionality and performance, we can mention its low heat release, just like in AMD 690G. Biostar engineers equipped the motherboard on GeForce 7050… Go To Full Article

MSI GeForce 8500 GT and 8600 GT Video Card Review

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Both cards share some solid features that are great selling points for their position in the mainstream market: DirectX 10 capabilities that are fully capable of powering Vista's new graphical features, PureVideo2 support which adds full decode capabilities for HD… Go To Full Article

Sunbeam Acrylic UFO Case Review

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The only complaint I have with the Sunbeam case is that it could use a better (and complete) instruction set. In future revisions of this case, I would like to see an additional access panel on the right side of… Go To Full Article

Apevia X-Qpack 2 CM500 Camouflage SFF Case Review

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Apevia shipped the X-Qpack 2 CM500 case inside of the retail packaging, which was strong enough to survive the POW torments of UPS and still arrive looking pretty. The biggest appeal to these cases are the size, and since the… Go To Full Article

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