4-way Thermal Interface Material Roundup

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Recently, we have been seeing an influx of nonmetallic materials hitting the market and they are all claiming to be able to beat the king. Our recent review of the MX-2 product from Arctic Cooling showed that there was more… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Announces ESA Chassis, PSU and Watering Cooling

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Cooler Master Co. Ltd. proudly announces the support of Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA), an industry wide initiative to integrate communication between PC components, thereby improving user control of enthusiast systems. With immediate worldwide availability of the COSMOS ESA – an… Go To Full Article

Nvidia to miss out on holiday sales

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Culver City (CA) - On October 29th Nvidia introduced its GeForce 8800GT targeting the mid-range enthusiast segment. Demand has been high and within days the shelves of retailers were emptied of the cards. Two weeks later we are still in… Go To Full Article

Foxconn Mars – The First Motherboard To Support 0.5 Multipliers

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Beijing, China, November 9th 2007 – FOXCONN today have announced that its award-winning MARS motherboard is now supporting 0.5 multiplier increments. MARS is…

Ubuntu 7.10 & Fedora 8 Performance

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Back in March we had compared the performance of Ubuntu and Fedora as we tested Ubuntu 6.10 and Fedora 6 along with development versions of Ubuntu 7.04 and Fedora 7. During those benchmarks, Ubuntu 7.04 Alpha 5… Go To Full Article

BFGTech GeForce 8800 GT OC 512MB

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On the whole, BFGTech’s GeForce 8800 GT OC card delivers and it earns a recommendation from us, but we’d like pricing (on the whole) to settle down to more respectable levels. At the very least, we’d like the prices to… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master CM690 Mid-Tower ATX Case

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Cooler Master recently brought the CM 690 to the market which offers some great features that a lot of higher end cases don't have. The CM 690 can take up to seven 120mm case fans, and offers a nice sleek… Go To Full Article

Visiontek 2600 XT QUAD 1GB

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What .... another 2600 review? Well before you close the window, this is no ordinary 2600XT, Visiontek's new "Quad" 2600XT is basically two cards in crossfire, slapped together with a mighty 1 GB of ram! Hardware video acceleration and the… Go To Full Article

Western Digital's RE2-GP hard drive

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When we looked at Western Digital's "GreenPower" Caviar GP last month, we heralded the drive's low noise levels and frugal power consumption. Given the GP's slower spindle speed and energy-efficient billing, those results were largely expected. What surprised us, however,… Go To Full Article

PC Power and Cooling Silencer 610 PSU Review

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PC Power and Cooling has been making computer power supplies for over twenty years. They have a reputation for no-nonsense quality PSUs. They are also staunch don’t believe the hype advocates when it comes to power supplies and have been… Go To Full Article

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