be quiet! Straight Power 700W power supply

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The power supply is the heart and lifeblood of every computer system and is finally getting the respect it deserves with the emergence of higher wattage hardware like Crossfire and SLI video cards and dual core, 64-bit processors. These components…

Toshiba Satellite Pro P100 - the perfect desktop replacement?

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The Toshiba Satellite Pro P100 is an excellent multi-media desktop replacement laptop. It sports many innovative features which will immediately convert many users into admiring fans. However, like any object of our affections, the Satellite P100 does have some flaws.…

NZXT Nemesis Elite Case Review

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If you aren’t familiar with NZXT and their full line of custom computer cases then you are missing out on some of the best looking case to come down the pike. They have given such cases as the Lexa which…

Corsair XMS2 DOMINATOR PC2-8888 Memory Review

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The DOMINATOR TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF memory kit that we have reviewed today is by far the fastest production memory available from any company. Corsair has raised the bar when it comes to performance memory. Not only did they increase the frequency of…

OCZ GameXStream 700w ATX PSU

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OCZ have always been well known for their DDR memory and high-end PowerStream PSU's. Today I'll be taking a look at their latest addition, the GameXStream 700w SLI certified unit.

Super Talent 2.5" Flash IDE 8GB Solid State Drive Review

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If you read PCSTATS often, I'm sure you've heard us mention SuperTalent in reviews of high speed DDR, or USB thumb drives. Although the company is better known for its memory products, this time around we're checking out SuperTalent's 2.5"…

Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Intel P965 Express Motherboard Review

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Featuring Intel's P965 Express northbridge and ICH8 southbridge chipsets, the Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard supports all Socket 775 processors from the flagship Core 2 Duo/Extreme to the Pentium D/4 and Celeron D. Either 1006MHz Front Side Bus or 800MHz FSB is…

Cooler Master Mystique 632

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The Mystique 632 is stylish, dignified chassis that makes a statement. It is not a flamboyant case, nor is it meant to be. The Mystique 632's allure is in its subtle sense of sophistication. Several areas of…

Sena Treo650 Lateral Case

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Since the introduction of the Palm Treo 650 back in 2004, it has been at the top of the smartphone list. It packs a whole lot of features into a small package. The retail price of the Treo…

Thermaltake Toughpower 750W Power Supply

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Overclocking. Water-cooling. Dual core processors. CrossFire, SLI and Quad SLI video cards. Is it any wonder that choosing the right power supply is even more of a challenge now than it was years ago? Don't sacrifice quality,…

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