ATI R580+ becomes Radeon X1950XTX

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ATI DECIDED what to call its upcoming R580+ chip. The company has dubbed it the Radeon X1950 XTX, or XT, depending on the variation. ATI didn't have many more numbers left and it wanted to keep the…

Microsoft: Here is how to halt WGA alerts

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Microsoft released a new version of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications on Tuesday and detailed how to remove the controversial antipiracy software. The updated WGA Notifications package includes changes that respond to criticism Microsoft has faced over…

AMD Athlon 64/FX Dual-Core Optimizer

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The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer can help improve some PC gaming video performance by compensating for those applications that bypass the Windows API for timing by directly using the RDTSC (Read Time Stamp Counter) instruction. Applications that rely on RDTSC do…

Abit AB9 Pro: A sneak peak at Intel new P965 chipset

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We're taking an early look at Intel's P965 chipset courtesy of Universal Abit's AB9 Pro as we continue our preview of Core 2 Duo capable boards.

AlphaShield Professional Hardware Firewall

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How does it fare on the security scale? AlphaShield claims a 100% guarantee, one of those boasts immunity to DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. While I cannot simulate a DoS attack for this review, most DoS attacks are…

Newbie's Guide To Overclocking

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Even overclocking gurus were newbies once. To get you started on overclocking, we present a new guide on overclocking. It's designed both for those who just want to find out what's the big deal about overclocking, as…

Thermaltake ITBU CL-P0303

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Over the years we have seen some interesting cooling contraptions designed by Thrmaltake from the Beetle CL-P0086 to the BigWater SE and Volcano. In this article, we are taking our first look at their server cooling offerings…

Razer Copperhead Mouse and Mantis Speed Mat

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Fellow Europeans are less likely to know this than our US friends but Copperhead, the name given to this high precision gaming device, like its predecessor the Diamondback, and even the one that started it all, the Boomslang, are all…

Intel Core Duo T2400 + Linux

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Intel's Core Duo T2400 has a maximum operating frequency of 1.83GHz, 65nm process, 2MB of L2 cache, and 667MHz FSB; however, how does this dual-core component fare under Linux? We have taken a look at the Intel…

Thermalright Ultra-120

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Another review has come to a close and Thermalright have outdone themselves again. The Thermalright Ultra-120 is a bit different from the XP-120 design and with that design there are some slight drawbacks but the CPU cooling…

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