Vista 64-Bit and 2Gb vs 4Gb vs 8Gb Memory Compared

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What about task switching out from a resource heavy game back into the desktop environment to answer some email, make some forum posts about it or check a walkthrough? We loaded a save game in World in Conflict and started… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte Unveils Affordable Tablet PC Featuring Intel Atom

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Gigabyte Technology, a leading maker of various computer components, this week announced its low-cost small form-factor mobile computer that will compete against systems like Asustek’s Eee PC or MicroStar International’s Wind. Unlike the competitors, Gigabyte M912V is a tablet PC,… Go To Full Article

ATI HD3850 for €69 - NVIDIA 9600 GT for €77

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A couple of weeks ago we wrote about expected price drops for the HD3850 series, hoping it will end up around the €65 mark. We weren't far off, as reference cards are now available for €69 all over the place.… Go To Full Article

Intel to discontinue E6x50 series Dual Cores by Q1 2009

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Intel plans to retire five Core 2, Conroe core 65nm based CPUs. This won't take place till Q1 2009 but the last orders will be placed in Q4 2008. It will discontinue E6850, E6750, E6550 and E6540 while E4600 will… Go To Full Article

DreamWorks switches to Intel, creates 3D movies with Larrabee

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Intel said that it will provide DreamWorks with “the latest high-performance processing technologies, including future chips with multiple processing cores” to “meet the increased demands of creating 3-D animated feature films.” Intel spokesman Nick Knupffer told TG Daily that the… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA might abandon VIA for Intel Atom

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Although VIA Technologies and Nvidia entered into an alliance to cooperate in the low-cost PC and MID markets earlier in the year, according to recent reports, Nvidia has used the alliance as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Intel, demanding… Go To Full Article

Aurora open source hardware mixer

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We've seen some fairly impressive mixer projects this year, and the Aurora mixer is no exception. It is a dual channel USB-powered mixer with two linear faders, one crossfader, eight backlit buttons and 24 potentiometers, all built around a PIC… Go To Full Article

Apple iPhone 3G to cost €525 in Belgium

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Mobistar has announced that the iPhone 3G will be available in Belgium on 11 July. They are going to charge €525 for the device which was originally slated as $199 by Apple in the US. They… Go To Full Article

Intel Core 2 Duo E5200 Spotted in the Wild

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Running at 2.5Ghz with 2Mb L2 Cache it's low power 45nm refresh of the E4xxx series most likely. Some CPU-Z and BIOS boot-up screens available here Go To Full Article

The Shooting Simulator ST-2

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The ST-2 shooting simulator from Marksman Training Systems is the first shooting simulator for shotgun and rifle shooting designed specifically for demanding users such as shooting instructors who give professional shooting advice. Anyone, both new and experienced in shotgun or… Go To Full Article

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