Logisys HD-Silencer

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About a year ago I picked up a large capacity hard drive for my system, it was to become my main drive, it was a 200Gb Maxtor DiamondMax 10 SATA drive, yeah it's nice and fast but noisy. I hate…

NZXT Apollo Case

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Houston, we are GO, I repeat, we are GO for liftoff in T-minus 10…. 9… 8… if this gets you thinking of space, or some of the original space missions, then we are both on the same page. The accurately…

XTrac Ripper XXL Mouse Surface

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There are mousing surfaces and then there are gaming surfaces. Up until recently a gaming surface was your desktop or tabletop at your local LAN emporium. Today we're taking a look at a product that seeks to change all that…

Cooler Master Mystique 631 Case

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The Cooler Master Mystique 631 Case is loaded with excellent features. Features include: light aluminum construction, tooless design for installing drives and cards, two 120mm fans providing excellent air flow, front curved design that looks fantastic, and much more. All…

Silverstone ST50EF 500w Power Supply

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There is always something to be said for the Bling of LED lighting and colored casing of power supplies, but there is even more to be said for stability, while still retaining a very sleek appearance. Today I bring you…

The Boy Who Sees with Sound

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Ben has learned to perceive and locate objects by making a steady stream of sounds with his tongue, then listening for the echoes as they bounce off the surfaces around him. About as loud as the snapping of fingers, Ben's…

Merom launch pushed forward to July?

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A report in the Chinese-language paper Commercial Times claims Intel will launch its mobile Core 2 Duo processors "by the end of July." Code-named Merom, the upcoming mobile chips were previously expected in August following the launch of workstation- and…

First AMD 4x4 numbers trickle out - Good numbers, odd benches

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Our source claims they saw an 80% average increase going from two to four cores, but exact testing methodology was not disclosed. Whether or not this carries over to current games is the hot topic of the moment, none of…

AMD Athlon X2 Price cuts for July 24 - up to 46%

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Let's hope this nifty table with an overview of price cuts is correct, the X2 3800+ becomes very affordable, and if the Core 2 is not available in large quantities, it will make a nice alternative if you want to…

Leadtek 7950 €521 card kicks ATI X1900XTX butt

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Usually conclusions are very hard. When you compared top end ATI and top end Nvidia you usually end up in scenario where the both cards are very close in performance and one wins some benchmarks while the other one wins…

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