Danger Den Acetal Maze4 GPU Block

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Overall, the Danger Den Acetal Maze4 GPU water block is performing very well during in the testing section. The package includes all the necessary components for proper assembly. Furthermore, it was totally silent during the operation. The… Go To Full Article

7800GT vs x1800xl

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Today we got our hands on both an ATI X1800XL and NVIDIA 7800GT, so we decided to benchmark each of these cards with the same configuration to see what happens and how much bang you get for your buck.… Go To Full Article

Intel seeks boost from laptop chips

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Boosted by strong demand for laptop computer chips, Intel Corp. is anticipated to report its earnings climbed by 9% in the third quarter over the year-ago period. The world's largest chip maker will deliver its results after… Go To Full Article

DFI LANParty UT RDX200: ATI’s Crossfire AMD for the Bleeding Edge

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DFI produced what is arguably the most enthusiast-friendly board on the retail market when they launched the LANParty nForce4 series. They then shocked the conventional wisdom among computer manufacturers when their LANParty nForce4 boards became the best seller in a… Go To Full Article

BFGTech GeForce 7800 GT OC H2O

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There are two big benefits to this product, besides the obvious performance advantages shown here. One benefit is the fact that it is a silent video card solution – provided that you already have a water cooling setup. The other… Go To Full Article

Crucial CT2KIT6464Z40B 1GB Kit

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“Modding Crucial is most commonly known now for their Ballistix line of high performance, high speed, top quality memory. What if you don't want or have a need for enthusiast, overclocker memory, but you still want quality, stable memory? Well… Go To Full Article

DFI Infinity nF4 Ultra

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When DFI launched the LanParty line of motherboards they targeted at a very narrow though highly vocal sector of the hardware market with one purpose in mind, to get DFI known in the enthusiast community. The marketing and products were… Go To Full Article

Leadtek Winfast PX7800GT Extreme TDH 256MB Contest

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Well boys and girls it's time again for another insane NGOHQ contest giveaway and we have a couple of surprises for you!! We are proud to announce that we are giving away two Leadtek Winfast PX7800GT Extreme TDH 256MB cards. Go To Full Article

Crucial Radeon X850XT 256mb

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As with Connect3d’s X850XT, the Crucial version easily kept the frames above 100 in the doom3 test and with details set to high. The performance gain from the overclock was good with an average of up to 20FPS increase at… Go To Full Article

Enermax Liberty EL620AWT (620W) Power Supply

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When Enermax releases a new power supplies onto the market, you know that you are going to get a quality part. From the Whisper line to the Noisetaker unit, Enermax has not disappointed us yet. And with the release of… Go To Full Article

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