Alpha Novatech PRE9060M92P Socket 775 Heatsink

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"When Alpha Novatech produce a new heatsink model the company tends to only produce one or two variations to get it right. On the other hand, companies like Thermaltake produce dozens of heatsinks for each new CPU platform, and six… Go To Full Article

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 CPU Quad Core

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"Leap ahead, these two words drive focus at Intel. Their job is to find and drive the next leap ahead around technology, education, culture, manufacturing, and more to continuously encourage their customers, partners, consumers, and businesses to join them as… Go To Full Article

Msi Nx8800gtx-t2d768e

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“The GeForce 8800 GTX is definitely the top performing card on the market right now, and MSI's offering is a great example. Overall, nothing else can touch the 8800 GTX at the moment, especially when you look at its performance… Go To Full Article

Spire Rocketeer IV SP-ATX-600w

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"Spire have released some pretty good power supplies in the past. Today I have one of their higher end units, the Spire Rocketeer SP-ATX-600w. Supporting multiple graphics cards, lets see what this PSU can manage…" Go To Full Article

TechWareLabs Builds a New Server

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"We recently built a new server for our hosting needs at TechWareLabs and decided to record the build for our readers. It only took us 1 Minute 35 Seconds to create this powerhouse for you guys. A video in Quicktime… Go To Full Article

Pentium 4 overclocked to 8000Mhz

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yesterday we and our dear friend qballe tested again our golden p4 631, with a fullmod P5B; the results are simply awesome Go To Full Article

AMD Cutting Prices on Athlon 64 X2 Processors

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According to AMD's website, pricing for high-end Athlons, including the FX series, X2 5600+ and 5400+ remains unchanged, while the X2 5200+ saw a hefty cut from US$403 to US$295. Reductions continue down the rest of the range with prices… Go To Full Article

Antec EarthWatts 500W

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Chalk another one up for Antec! The EarthWatts 500W is an excellent power supply unit which combines efficiency, performance, and is almost inaudible despite the single 80mm fan. This power supply was able hold its ground even… Go To Full Article

Noctua NF-S12 and RF-8 Cooling Fans

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Noctua continues to impress with the cooling products they have sent to for review. The NF-S12 and NF-R8 fans provided the cooling performance needed, the low noise operation wanted, and many quality touches that might not be expected.… Go To Full Article

Logitech MX Revolution Laser Mouse

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" Here we meet again. Logitech has another mouse billed as "the world's most advanced mouse." The MX Revolution is the latest mouse in the MX line. Logitech has introduced many new features that require the use of SetPoint to… Go To Full Article

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