Some numbers - help explain the situation AMD is facing

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The point of all this is not to say that AMD is doomed, but to point out that this is a company that's going to have a hell of a time staying where they are the next couple years mostly…

Ultra MicroFly Case

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Ultra Products has entered the fast growing Small Form Factor (SFF) case market with the MicroFly. This case is made to be lite yet strong for traveling to LANS. Does it make the grade and have enough features to compete…

Ultra 1200W Backup UPS

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An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is something many people forget when building a computer system. For most it's not an essential item and the majority opt for just a quality surge protector. That's fine, unless you are concerned about losing…

Google Sends Aspirin To Blogger

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So some blogger dude, frustrated with Google, wrote “Dear Google, you are giving me a headache” on his blog. Soon afterwards, he receives a packet of aspirin from Google and a handwritten note.

SATA in the Enterprise: A 500 GB Drive Roundup

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With cost, capacity, and interoperability driving change, SATA drives have made considerable headway into the enterprise sector. Seagate, Maxtor and Western Digital have all introduced capacious alternatives squarely aimed at a market served by SCSI and Fibre offerings. StorageReview takes…

6 HDD SATA from 500 to 750 GB

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Do you need huge storage capacities? If you are ready to put your trust in a single drive to store all your vacation movies, all manufacturers except Samsung offer 500 GB hard drives. Seagate even sells a 750 GB. What…

No Single-Thread Boosters for Dual-Core Chips from AMD

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The code-named K8L chips are to debut in 2H 2007 or 1H 2008, which, will mean that the K8 micro-architecture will be afloat for five long years. It is unclear, what will succeed the K8L, but it is obvious that…

interactive Intel processor product ID guide v1.3

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All current Intel processors can be now again simply identified. Because for the launch of the new product models, the brand-new Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme, as well as the Intel Core Duo and Core Solo processors…

Seasonic S12-330W Power Supply

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There is no doubt the S12 series power supply units have managed to launch Seasonic to the top of many enthusiast's hardware lists. But does that mean that you can get the cheapest Seasonic S12 PSU and still have a…

Windows Fundamentals - light weight Windows XP for old PCs

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In an effort to get old PCs upgraded -- and generate more revenue -- to newer versions of Windows, Microsoft this week announced a new version of Windows called Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs. The new operating system will be…

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