NZXT Apollo Mid Tower Case

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Mid-tower cases with steel chassis come a dime a dozen, but sometimes we find a rare “diamond in the rough.” One classy, yet pretty flashy case that falls into this category is NZXT’s Apollo. The Apollo caters to the child…

SilverStone NT04 CPU Cooler

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Today's CPU coolers features exciting new technologies like micro fins, and copper heat pipes, but do you remember the old fashioned aluminum fin types that most CPU's came with stock? Is there still a place for them in today's high…

OCZ Tempest CPU Cooler

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While the CPU cooler does look very nice with the four heatpipes and the shiny fins, its performance was marginally worse than the CNPS-9500. The only real downside to this cooler is the lack of availability. What I did determine…

Logisys Aluminum HDD Silencer

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With the quiet computing push that's becoming more and more popular today users are finding that the last hurdle in truly silent computing is the HDD. While there are many ways of quieting the noise generated by your drive some…

Titan Eagle Copper VGA Cooler

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Do I really need a new VGA cooler? Overclockers and modders will appreciate the benefits of the Titan Eagle. It's good looking and looks to be a good performer. Our test results show a significant decrease in temperatures from a…

Antec SOLO Mid-Tower Enclosure

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As I mentioned in the introduction about the style and performance, well, I'm sold on both. I placed my AM2 components along with 2 hard drives and a CD-ROM in the Antec SOLO. I fired up the system, and I…

Verax Helado PWM-T Low Noise CPU Heatsink

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The Verax Helado PWM-T heatsink is the newest uber-quiet heatsink from the German manufacturer Verax. Comprised of a nickel plated copper base block and an array of rather thick stacked aluminum fins which have also been nickel plated, the Verax…

SilverStone TJ07 Computer Case

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In this article we will be taking a look at what most people would call a 'dream' case- basically something which is designed to be chosen when price is not a factor. This is the flagship of a manufacturer's line,…

ASUS EN7600GT Silent Video Card

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The 7600GT supports all DirectX 9.0 features including Pixel Shader 3.0 and Vertex Shader 3.0. These are the features that one should look for when purchasing a video card today, as virtually every game released today require them to operate.…

OCZ GameXStream Multi-GPU PSU

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This brings us to today’s piece where we will take a look at the GameXStream 600-watt power supply. This unit is reportedly made with the gamer in mind. While a solid reputation is certainly a good thing, this won’t be…

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