Quality over Quantity: Game of Year Revealed: Uncharted 2. CODMW2 Fans Unhappy

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It seems that the Spike Video Game Awards have created some unhappiness due to the puzzling results, which gave the top honor of Game of the Year to Uncharted 2. Prior to the actual show most had already given the… Go To Full Article

Atom N470 (1.83GHz) production to start in January

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Intel plans to start the production of the faster Pineview-M processor branded as Atom N470 in mid January. Intel is already producing soon to launch Atom N450 processors that are clocked at 1.66GHz and N470 comes with a 1.83GHz speed… Go To Full Article

MSI Big Bang Trinergy Motherboard CrossFire/SLI Benchmarks

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Although we have to wait for a while before actually experiencing the Lucid chip on the upcoming Fuzion board, NF200 chip still brings us some benefits for now – it provides P55 motherboard with additional PCIe lanes and thus enables… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i7-930 (2.8Ghz) To Be Introduced At $284 February 2010

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A month ahead of its launch, Intel will introduce the Core i7 930, which succeeds the Core i7 920 at its price-point of $284. Go To Full Article

AMD to launch GlobalFoundries GPU production in 2011

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Just like nVidia skipped 2009 with the introduction of their next-gen graphics architecture, AMD is skipping 2010. However, while nVidia's GT300/Fermi GPU architecture slipped into 2010 due to problems in development - AMD decision to put 2010 on sidelines is… Go To Full Article

Another new S775 CPU Coming Next Month: Core 2 Quad Q9500

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LGA 775's shine has faded following the release of the first Nehalem processors but the old platform is still going strong and will actually get a small update next month with the release of the Core 2 Quad Q9500. Set… Go To Full Article

ECS Readies Low-cost H55H-M Motherboard

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With less than a month to go before Intel’s 32nm Clarkdale processors is officially launched, we’re able to get a peek at one ECS motherboard targeting the upcoming chip – H55H-M. Powered by H55 chipset, the micro… Go To Full Article

EVGA's EVBot OC controller coming up

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US company EVGA is now putting the finishing touches on the EVBot, a device that can connect to certain motherboards and graphics cards and enable some straightforward overclocking. The EVBot works with all EVGA X58 Classified motherboards, the P55 FTW,… Go To Full Article

Asus P7p55d-e Pro

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A couple of weeks ago, ASUS released its first two under-$200 P55 motherboards that support both S-ATA and USB 3.0. We're taking a look at the higher-end of the two, the P7P55D-E PRO. As you'd expect, this is one packed… Go To Full Article

ASUS GeForce GT-240 GDDR3 Video Card

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As enthusiasts, we're always interested in the latest monster video cards: the expensive, high-end products that blast through benchmarks and play all your games with buttery-smooth frame rates at the highest resolutions with all the settings maxed out- and sucking… Go To Full Article

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