The Conroe Family Tree

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When news came out of this Spring's IDF that Intel's new "Conroe" processor took on and demolished AMD's top FX-60, the entire hardware community went abuzz. We take a look at where this super-microprocessor came from.

Quad cores to arrive in 1Q 2007, with Intel’s Kentsfield and AMD’s K8L

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Intel has scheduled to launch its quad-core processor, codenamed “Kentsfield,” in the first quarter of 2007, according to sources at Taiwan motherboard makers. At about the same time, rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will debut its K8L series, a quad-core…

Sapphire Blizzard X1900 XTX water-cooled graphics card

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ATI's Radeon X1900 is a darned fine graphics chip but while it has taken the fight to Nvidia's GeForce 7900 GTX in no uncertain terms it also produces plenty of heat. When ATI updated the Radeon X1800 core to produce…

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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Oblivion is the 4th major game of the massive RPG elder scrolls series, and as we've come to expect with Bethesda Softworks, it's a work of phenomenal beauty. The quests are better than ever, the story… Go To Full Article

GIGABYTE GA-G1975X Voltage Mod Guide

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The GIGABYTE GA-G1975X displays good overclocking potential but is greatly limited by CPU core voltage issues. The CPU voltage drops a lot under load, and this greatly impacts the overclocking on this board. Fear not though, we have tried to…

Evolution GT demo

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Black Bean has issued a playable demo for Evolution GT, offering the first opportunity to take the imminent contemporary racing simulation by Milestone for a spin. This demo contains the Barcelona, Corse (short & full), Albacete and Cote d'Azur tracks… Go To Full Article

ABIT AW8 30-day Test Drive

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We evaluated the ABIT AW8 in mid-February and left that initial review with very positive impressions. As a result, the techFEAR staff was excited to begin the 30-day Test Drive that would help us prove or disprove our subjective USeR…

ASUS Geforce 7900GT 256MB

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Specification wise, the ASUS 7900GT runs at 450MHz on the core, and 660MHz (1320MHz DDR) on the RAM, which is 256MB in Samsung 1.4ns bc14 GDDR3 chips. The 7900GT core has 24 pixel pipelines, which is nice to see on…

Intel Wants Interchangeable Notebook Components

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Intel wants to make laptops more accessible to users and would like to make devices more akin to their desktop counterparts. With the company's new Interchangeability Initiative, components including the optical drive, LCD screen, battery, power adapter and keyboard would…

No ATI high end cards with HDMI, yet

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WE confirmed that April will be when you are able to buy X1600 and X1300 HDMI cards. We also learned that right now there are no any plans for a ATI based high end HDMI capable card.

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