First AMD 4x4 numbers trickle out - Good numbers, odd benches

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Our source claims they saw an 80% average increase going from two to four cores, but exact testing methodology was not disclosed. Whether or not this carries over to current games is the hot topic of the moment, none of…

AMD Athlon X2 Price cuts for July 24 - up to 46%

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Let's hope this nifty table with an overview of price cuts is correct, the X2 3800+ becomes very affordable, and if the Core 2 is not available in large quantities, it will make a nice alternative if you want to…

Leadtek 7950 €521 card kicks ATI X1900XTX butt

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Usually conclusions are very hard. When you compared top end ATI and top end Nvidia you usually end up in scenario where the both cards are very close in performance and one wins some benchmarks while the other one wins…

Deep inside FSP Group - How Power Supplies are build

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So over the course of four days in sweaty Taoyuan, I got a good picture of just how FSP Group go about producing a new model for retail, how their R&D group works to make it happen, how they self…

Intel disses ATI´s integrated chipset

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Intel plans to replace ATI integrated chipsets with three new chipsets. It first starts with a boards based on the 945PL integrated chipset. It is a micro ATX board code named Nine Mile. It will be commercially known as the…

Sapphire TOXIC Radeon X1900XTX

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This is the best way to look at the TOXIC X1900XTX. We know that the water cooling solution is going to be nowhere near as effective as a custom made job and the effectiveness of the Liquid Cooling Solution in…

Powercolor 1600XTBRAVO256 Video Card

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ATI's X1K series bring to light an entire new generation of video cards, manufactured on a 90nm process. Today, HardwareLogic looks at the Powercolor GameFX X1600 XT BRAVO 256MB. Does the X1600XT have the guts to run today's demanding games…

Intel readies farewell to Pentium D - Core 2 Duo crossover happens in Q4

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WHILE INTEL formally announces its Conroe processors on the 23rd of July, it is also preparing end of line dates for its Pentium D family. The latest Intel roadmap seen by the INQ shows that the firm hopes to achieve…

Price Guide, July 2006: Storage

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Beginning with the 3.0Gbps SATA drives, those of you that prefer to do your own research might want to start with SATA 3.0Gbps drives sorted by Price/GB. We can see the best deals this week are mainly coming from the…

Overclocking a budget Core 2 Duo System (E6300)

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The long-awaited Intel Conroe processors have finally been announced. We will start our Conroe family performance investigation with the youngest model in the family. This review will reveal the most extensive performance analysis, overclocking experiments and a detailed review of…

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