TSMC: 40% yield for the 40nm process

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TSMC has confirmed that it has new yield problems with its 40 nm engraving process. While in July yields of working chips reached 60%, rates have now dropped back to 40%. TSMC says that the problem should be resolved in… Go To Full Article

MSI Xtreme Speeder P55 Online Competition - $7000 Price Money!

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The Xtreme Speeder P55 online competition consists of one main competition, divided into three stages with each an extra challenge. Although this sounds extremely complicated in theory, you will see that it is in fact a very straight-forward and certainly… Go To Full Article

Little, big, and green: a biography of the solid-state disk

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With flash prices dropping and power efficiency becoming ever more prized in segments as far apart as mobiles and the datacenter, solid-state disk is a technology whose time has come. And what a long time coming, it was. In this… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 5950 = Radeon HD 5870 With Six DisplayPort Connections

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Dutch site Tweakers got word that the ATI Radeon HD 5870 Six Edition will be released under the name Radeon HD 5950. The Radeon HD 5970 will be the dual GPU HD 5870 X2 card. Een anonieme bron weet… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 5850 Graphics Card Review

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The recent release of the ATI Cypress graphics processor (RV870) and the first Cypress-based graphics card Radeon HD 5870 has been more than successful. The new product has proved to be as fast as the dual-processor Radeon HD 4870 X2… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake ISGC-300 and ISGC-400 Coolers

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There seems to be some kind of stagnation in the processor air cooling market. Everything they could have invented taking into account the existing component base and size limitations has already been invented that is why it is pretty challenging… Go To Full Article

Phase change memory is another step closer

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INTEL AND NUMONYX have announced a research milestone in the development of stackable, cross-point phase change memory (PCM) technology, which could fundamentally alter the non-volatile memory market in years to come. PCM uses chalcogenide glass and the… Go To Full Article

AMD's Thuban 6-core CPU said to debut at 2.8 GHz

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Thuban, which will probably be known as Phenom II X6, features and AM3 packaging, is built on 45nm technology, has six cores and an integrated memory controller, 3MB (512kB per core) L2 and 6MB of (shared) L3 cache, and is… Go To Full Article

XBMC running on ARM

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The hardware used is a Beagleboard which runs a 600 MHz ARM processor, has OpenGL 2D/3D acceleration, puts out HD via a DVI port, and is selling for about $150. The 3″ by 3″ board can be connected to a… Go To Full Article

Illustrated Guide to the New Firefox 3.6 Windows 7 Integration

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The latest Firefox beta integrates much more fully into Windows 7, adding support for Aero Peek-enabled tabs, an enhanced Ctrl+Tab, and more. We’ll show you how they work, and how to enable or disable them. Go To Full Article

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