OCZ Flex EX PC3-17000 12GB Triple Channel Memory Kit

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Now that we are well into the lifespan of DDR3, the focus for many enthusiasts has turned to speed and capacity. With 64-bit operating systems now a viable option, it makes sense for end users to have over 4GB of… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Centurion 5 II

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Today we will be looking at Cooler Master's latest offering the Centurion 5 II; with options to hold up to five fans and uses a tool-less retention system, this may prove to be a great option for those on a… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Armor A60 @

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The Thermaltake Armor A60 comes with several great features, including some dust filtration features and USB 3.0. The A60 is the first case in the world to have a SideClick EasySwap hard drive feature, as Thermaltake calls it. They have… Go To Full Article

PowerColor 6850 PCS+ BubbleWrap Review

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When pushed to its absolute limits without voltage tweaking, the card performs right up next to the 6870 on some benchmarks, which is an impressive feat for any mid-range priced card. The "Performance Cooling System" worked as promised and then… Go To Full Article

ASRock Vision 3D Blu-ray MCE HTPC

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Benchmark Reviews has tested several products designed for the Home Theater PC segment, and of them all only ASRock has ever really delivered on the packaged HTPC concept. The ASRock Vision 3D Blu-ray HTPC could be the first solid example… Go To Full Article

Do you really need antivirus software?

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I have deeply mixed feelings about antivirus software, especially when it’s part of a big security suite that tries to protect you from every imaginable form of online threat. The companies that sell you that software have an interest in… Go To Full Article

Corsair Intros Vengeance Series of DDR3 Memory Kits

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The Vengeance modules can operate at 1600 MHz speeds with DRAM voltage of 1.5V, with CL8 and CL9 timings available in the lineup. The modules come in densities of 2 GB and 4 GB, making up single-channel (single module), dual-channel,… Go To Full Article

Evercool HPL-815 Low CPU Cooler Introduced

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Taiwan—2010—EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd. the professional and well-known cooler and fan brand. The leading brand of cooling aesthetics—EVERCOOL is going to launch a low profile CPU cooler, the 1.5U—HPL-815. Four 6mm heat pipes connect directly with the CPU and supports… Go To Full Article

Noctua presents NH-C14 premium cpu cooler

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Noctua today officially introduced its new NH-C14 CPU cooler. Sporting an exquisite, uniquely flexible 140mm dual fan setup of two Noctua NF-P14, the NH-C14 is a highly customisable, premium-class top-flow solution that further boosts the renowned quiet cooling performance of… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master GX 650W Power Supply

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The Cooler Master GX 650W is a mediocre power supply for couple of years ago, and an outright failure today. The Build Quality of the unit is nothing to write home about (unless it is a warning), the topology is… Go To Full Article

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