ATI leads Nvidia in GPU price/performance

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Markham (Ontario) - In the first test results compiled using Tom's Hardware Guide tests of relative graphics card performance, and average sale prices sampled yesterday by PriceGrabber, ATI-brand graphics cards led Nvidia across the board, with a few noteworthy exceptions.…

Black Silverstone houses flashy water cooled Opteron System

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here's my watercooled opteron box (175@2,84gig) with copper power rails which are in fact the main 12v, 5v, 3.3v and 0v lines for the mobo. all the other atx rails are soldered to the back of the mobo. i went…

Image Quality Showdown: ATI vs NVIDIA August '06

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Evaluating today’s latest graphics cards can be a difficult, time-consuming process. There’s a lot that goes into a graphics card, no one metric can be used to determine the performance of a given product: the number of pixel/vertex shaders, clock…

Core 2 Duo powers Xeon 3000 series

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Intel plans to launch versions of its Core 2 Duo desktop parts, branded under the Xeon banner and aimed at the server market. The higher-end Core 2 Duo chips will form the basis of the new 'Xeon 3000' series. An…

HIS 1900XTX 512MB CrossFire Video Cards

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The HIS X1900XTX and X1900 CrossFire Edition Video Cards make an unbelievable combo for the hardcore gamer. They both come with a 256bit memory interface, 512MBs of GDDR3 memory, 16 pixel pipelines, 8 vertex engines, 48 pixel shader processors, and…

ASUS Geforce 7950GX2

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Coming from running a Crossfire X1900XTX system for the past month or two, I was quite concerned when I first fired up my system with the 7950GX2 installed - concerned because the system was almost dead silent in comparison, even…

Razer Copperhead Mouse

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It's all about the tools of the trade, and when it comes to competitive gaming, one of the most essential tools is the mouse. No, a rodent can't compensate for an underpowered rig, but it can offer a…

HIS launches new ATI based products: X1950XTX, X1900XT, X1650Pro and X1300XT

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<font size=+1>HIS launches X1950XTX, X1900XT IceQ 3 256MB, X1650Pro IceQ Turbo and X1300XT IceQ Turbo, featuring the latest technology, bringing the gamer cards you’re waiting for.</font> Hong Kong, Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006 – HIS (Hightech Information System… Go To Full Article

Inno3D 7600gs AGP 256MB Graphics card

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As mentioned earlier a lot of users are building MCE systems and most are using there old parts from AGP for these builds. What was missing was a good midrange GFX card that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t come…

OCZ Technology Tempest CPU Cooler

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OCZ Technology's latest entry into the CPU cooling market provides an excellent option to enthusiasts with any of the latest processors from AMD or Intel! It represents what we expect from OCZ; high quality and high performance. I hope OCZ…

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