Leaked slides reveal ATI RD600 chipset features

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HKEPC has posted (in Chinese, translate here) what appear to be ATI slides describing the company's upcoming RD600 chipset for Intel Core 2 processors. Built with 90 nm process technology, the RD600 is said to enable front side bus clock…

New AMD mobile CPU core revealed

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Other features, including those AMD cites as mobile-specific ones, are familiar from AMD's stated plans for its next-gen quad-core desktop and server CPUs. Those include separate power planes for the two execution cores and the memory controller, the ability to…

Sensible Soccer 2006 Demo

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Codemasters has released a playable demo for Sensible Soccer 2006, a game by Kuju Entertainment which takes football to the extreme. Developed for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, the game features a zoomed out camera and an intuitive control… Go To Full Article

AMD opens socket, architecture to third parties

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AMD will open the socket and the architecture to third parties. Accelerator cards can be linked to AMD architecture tighly coupled to core silicon, he said. A two socket design could use one socket for microprocessing, and the other for…

Sony claims that PCs will be rendered useless by the PS3

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Sony Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison feels that the PS3 is flexible enough to double as a gaming machine and a machine to handle all of your day-to-day PC-related chores. Sure, the PS3 has a powerful processing platform,…

AMD Promises 45nm Processors By Mid-2008

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AMD is expected to increase production capacity at their Dresden Fab by four times within the next three years. The details revealed in today’s AMD Technology Analysts Day emphasize the previous announcements of upgrades and transformations of Fab 30 (soon…

AMD Announces 4x4 Enthusiast Platform

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The new 4x4 platform will feature two dual-core chips coupled with a dual-socket capable motherboard. AMD will also be releasing a new enthusiast focused chipset for the market, which is designed to take non-ECC unbuffered DDR memory. The new motherboards…

AMD Announces More K8L Details

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A major push for AMD’s K8L design is in “modular” component design – meaning everything from L3 cache to memory controllers are developed as individual components and linked together with reusable, robust designs. To some extent, processor design is already…

Intel Power Efficient Strategy Explored

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In July 2006, the chip-making giant will release a new microprocessor, called Core 2 Duo, designed for laptops and desktops. The new chip is based on Intel's current chip architecture, which replaced traditional single-core processing with two processing centers on…

ASUS A7J 17” Core Duo Notebook

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The Asus A7J 17 inch laptop we are reviewing today is marketed as a media laptop, but goes much further than that. With a Intel T2300 Core Duo CPU and dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon X1600, you can certainly do a…

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