Intel® Core™ i7 Custom Desktop Challenge Winners Announced

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Intel® Core™ i7 Custom Desktop Challenge Winners Announced With the Intel® Core™ i7 Custom Desktop Challenge Contest, Intel Corporation challenged PC enthusiasts around the globe to build desktops powered by Intel® Core™ i7 and… Go To Full Article

VMware Workstation vs. VirtualBox vs. Parallels

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Desktop virtualization is one of those technologies that confound the experts. Just when you think you've got it figured out, along comes some interloping development to upset the apple cart. Most recently, that role has fallen to Sun's VirtualBox, the… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 9.12 Planned For Release Tomorrow - Promises Boost for HD 5xxx Series

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Finally we can all enjoy the official 9.12 release. From what I can see, the performance boost is significant. I am curious how multi-card performance has impproved.src: & Lab501 Go To Full Article

Asus P7H55-M Pro to cost €112

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This segment's object of focus is Asus' P7H55-M Pro, a micro ATX board boasting support for 45nm and 32nm LGA 1156 processors and featuring 4+2 phase power backed by an EPU (Energy Processing Unit), the ExpressGate instant-on OS and TurboV… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte’s Controversial “USB3.0 Turbo” Mode

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As I mentioned in my initial testing, there seems to be a lot of debate concerning Gigabyte’s design decisions. Let me refresh your memory briefly. Both the SSUSB controller, and the SATA3 controller can communicate with the CPU in two… Go To Full Article

Google Phone: $199 unlocked - $100 rebate if you have Google Account

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Here’s the price: $199 unlocked in stores. $100 rebate online if you have an active and old Google account. That $100 rebate is either to buy it $99 online from Google’s online phone store, for using on Android Marketplace or… Go To Full Article

[M] MSI Geforce GTX 275 Lightning Video Card Review

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The previous Lightning model based of a Geforce GTX 260 by MSI was a big success within the overclocking/gaming community. Can MSI pull it off again with the higher rated GTX 275? What did MSI change to declare this card… Go To Full Article

MSI working on Radeon HD 5870 Lightning edition

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Tier 1 board maker MSI is cooking up a special Cypress-based treat for next year in the form of the R5870 Lightning, a custom Radeon HD 5870. The upcoming graphics card will feature a proprietary cooler (probably a 2-fan solution),… Go To Full Article

Arrandale Core i5 / i7 IGP Graphics Dubbed "Intel HD"

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Arrandale, the dual core CPU with a 32nm core and 45nm stitched graphics will ship under the Core i5 and Core i7 brands, but in some cases it will even sport a Celeron brands. The first of them should arrive… Go To Full Article

"Cygnus X1" Case Mod

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When Attila dropped us the 200+ photos, he didn't just provide a project log; he gave us a how-to guide for making your own Cygnus X1. If you take your time to read over the next 14 pages of this… Go To Full Article

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